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  • Cleansing Ritual for the Home

    Love it
    4 posts, 3 voices, 1169 views, started Jun 7, 2009

    Posted on Sunday, June 7, 2009


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      When we moved to this house we live in now, I did cleansing rituals. I used to see this woman named Kathy Florida. She was a psychic - a real one! I did the cleansing of my house and in a reading with her she said the cleansing worked. I hadn't told her that I did a cleansing - she just knew!  

      At the time I used incense, but I'm allergic to incense now and don't use it any more. Ringing a bell is a good substitute. But if you're not allergic, then go ahead a use a little incense or sage. Sit in the most central part of your home. Ground and center yourself with some deep breathing. Pray to whatever deities, spirits, ancestors and guides you believe in and ask them to be with you and help you cleanse the house. Take your incense or bell and some salt. Go out the front door and walk around the perimeter of your yard with the incense/bell and sprinkle the salt as you walk. If you don't want the neighbors to think you're odd, do this at night when they're asleep or during the day when they are away at work. Imagine a pure, white light along the perimeter and visualize this light sweeping through your whole yard as you walk.  

      See the incense carrying away the energies of the previous occupants. Don't just clear away the negative energy, but clear away ALL the previous energies. If you just cleared away the negative, you could get entities or spirits that still want to hang around, clinging to those happy memories they had when they lived there. It's time for them to move on. If you sense any presence that doesn't belong there, politely but firmly tell it to move on, you live here now, things have changed.  Ask your deity/guide to help the entity move on and find peace and its loved ones.  

      In addition to the incense/bell carrying away the unwanted energies, sprinkle the salt to keep unwanted energy away once it is removed. The incense is like sweeping the floor; the salt is like washing the floor after sweeping. Plus, it helps keep unwanted energies from wandering in after the cleansing.

      Some entities that you sense will belong on your property - nature spirits or genus loci - however you want to call them. They were there long before you or anyone. Tell them you'll do your best to work in harmony with them and plant a garden or at least a few pots of flowers for them.

      When you get that feeling that things have been cleansed outside and are starting to be more balanced, go back inside your house and go through every room, including the basement, if you have one. Start on the lowest level and work your way up, imagining the incense/bell carrying away all unwanted energies (unwanted by you, that is), and sprinkling the salt.  

      You'll get a feel for each room. When I cleared my kitchen, I had a feeling that someone had been enraged and that there had been bad arguments. I looked at the cupboard door and saw marks that looked like they were made by a plate or dish being thrown. I didn't want that sort of energy lingering! I spent some extra time there, visualizing all the unwanted energies being carried away and converted into positive or at least neutral energy.

      After you have gone through every room, go back to the center of the house. Visualize the white light pouring through your house and yard, cleansing, purifying and protecting. Imagine the light surrounding the yard and forming an "X" over each door and window to keep out intruders of all kinds. This is the prayer I say:
      (Insert name of deity/spirit/ancestor), please protect my home and everyone in it from all harm in all times, ways, and places. So mote it be (or you can say "amen"; whatever you are comfortable with.)  

      Thank your deity, guides, ancestors, and spirits who you called upon earlier. Remember to properly extinguish the incense.  

      Now go through and do a physical cleaning of the entire house to reinforce the cleansing on the physical level as well as the spirit levels. What you do on one level or plane can carrying through, or ripple, through another, so it's good to back up your spiritual work with a physical cleaning.

      Love it


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          (華娃娃) ChinaDoll wrote Jun 7, 2009
        • I always have my house and new car blessed.  I buried tons of St. Benedict medals all over, including the walls before they were put up (during my remodeling).  I have the salt blessed and during winter time, I need to salt my driveway and here comes my blessed salt.  

          I put holy water in a spray bottle and spray here and spray there.

          My cooking oil and table salt are blessed.  

          Oh, not to mention how many crucifixes, rosary, holy pictures and statues I have in my house - more than a church.

          I probably need a sign saying “Satan, beware!”

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          (華娃娃) ChinaDoll wrote Jun 7, 2009
        • Funny thing is: I asked a priest to bless the water purifier and the faucets, thinking this way, all water will be holy.  He said “Good idea, Bad Theology!“frown

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