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  • Conversations between husband and wife

    Love it
    9 posts, 8 voices, 1653 views, started Jun 11, 2009

    Posted on Thursday, June 11, 2009 by (華娃娃) ChinaDoll


    • Diamond

      I have to translate this... hope my translation work and yet still preserve the humors...


      Husband said to his wife “Why God created pretty women and yet they are so dumb?” Wife answered “God made us pretty women so men would love us; He made us dumb, so we would love men.”

      夫妻二人吃飯時,妻子說︰“你現在怎麼盡挑魚背上的肉吃?記得我們談戀愛時,你最愛吃魚頭魚尾...... ”
      “情況不同了嘛!” 丈夫說︰“現在我的目標是吃魚,當時我的目標是釣魚。”  

      A couple was having dinner.  Wife said “Why nowadays, you eat only the meat from the fish?  Remember, when we were dating, you said you would only eat the head and tails and leave me the good part?”  Husband said “Situation changed now.  My purpose is to eat fish, back then, I was fishing”

      一天,他老婆又當著客人的面和他吵了起來,並打了他一耳光。為了面子,男子壯著膽子 大吼︰“你敢再打我一下?”
      他老婆毫不猶豫地又打了一下。男子看嚇不住老婆,只得說︰” 既然你這麼听話,我就饒你一次吧。”  

      This man is very afraid of his wife.  One day, his wife argued with him in front of guests.  She also slabbed him on the face.  To save his face of being a Chinese man, he took a deep breath and yelled “Slab me once more?” His wife did not hesitate, slabbed him again.  He realized his yelling was no use, he then said “since you obey me so well, I will forgive you this time!”  


      Wife was standing in front of the mirror and fully examine herself.  She cried loudly for she thought she was ugly looking.  The husband was observing for awhile and then said “You rarely look at yourself and now you are said.  How about me?  I look at you everyday?”

      ” 就跟在家一樣,哪兒也不讓去,伙食也糟透了...... ”  

      Wife was visiting her husband in jail.  She asked “Dear, how’s this place here?” Husband said “same as home.. I am not allowed to go anywhere and the food is horrible.”


      丈夫︰” 另一個乘客也看見了,我和他平分...... ”
      妻子︰” 那你不是還有100元嗎?”

      Mr came home unhappily.  His wife was concerned and asked “do you encounter something unpleasant today?”
      Mr. “I found $200 on the bus.”
      Mrs. “You should be happy then”
      Mr. “The other passenger saw that as well, so we split...”
      Mrs. “Then you still have $100.”
      Mr. “After I came home, I realized that was my $200 originally from my own wallet”


      Mrs. asked with concerned to husband “dear, lately you dream talking a lot.  Would you like me to accompany you to check this out?”
      Husband answered in fear “no need.  If the MD cured my dream talking, then I have no place to vent at home”


      Once, a man complained from day to night about his wife insisted to Jerusalem for vacation.
      During that vacation, his wife passed away suddenly.
      The funeral director told him “You have a choice of spending $5000 to ship her remains home or spend only $150 to have her buried here in this Holy City.”
      He thought for a bit and told the director, he would prefer to ship her body home.
      The funeral director just wondered and asked “Why would you rather spending more money to ship her home than spending less yet she would be in beautiful land for good?”
      That man answered “many years ago.  A man died and buried here.  After 3 days, he resurrected. ... I rather not risking this chance.”

      Love it


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