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  • Deny Yourself Pt.4

    3 posts, 3 voices, 391 views, started May 21, 2009

    Posted on Thursday, May 21, 2009 by Denise Richardson


    • Diamond

      Deny Yourself, Pt. 4

      Rom. 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love
      to them who are the called according to his purpose.

      God gets tired of trying to lead people that do not want to follow him. We
      are being taught constantly by many TV preachers and conference speakers that
      and everything we do bad will one day be turned around for the good or used
      by God for our ministry, but these are lies! God never said that he would make
      misery our ministry. He never said that everything bad that we do will work
      for our good. He said that all things work together for the good of them “THAT
      GOD AND ARE CALLED ACCORDING TO HIS PURPOSE!” This is not talking about
      disobedience because he also said, if you love him, you will “KEEP HIS
      And you also have to be “CALLED ACCORDING TO HIS PURPOSE” or in other words,
      you have to be in his will, following the God ordained purpose that he has
      A person that follows their own way is not called according to his purpose! So,
      you go your own way, do your own thing, follow your own agenda, it’s not going
      to always work together for the good, but many times, it will end up in
      destruction, turmoil,
      and in some cases, spiritual fatalities.  

      We have to stop quoting scriptures that do not apply to us. We get so hyped up
      by these
      money/prosperity messages that we forget to use common sense and understand what
      the bible is saying and who it is saying it to. We constantly hear things like,
      “no matter
      what you are into, God will turn it around for the good” or, “that thing that
      you can’t
      stop doing is gonna one day be the thing that you minister
      to others about!” And then you have attention seeking folks, confessing all
      their business
      before the whole world on television because they think that if they do that,
      they will
      somehow minister to the people that are still in bondage to it, yet they
      themselves may
      not be truly delivered and all they end up doing is opening up the issues of the
      but offering no real solution. They say, “I was homosexual” or “I was a sex
      trying to turn their misery into some kind of ministry, but this can be
      dangerous for some!
      Everything that you were into is not for everyone to know! In the bible, Paul
      revealed his struggle. He just called it a “thorn in his flesh“. And also, when
      he was
      delivered from being a Pharisee, God sent him to the Gentiles to preach and sent
      to the Pharisees (who was never a pharisee)! God outsmarts sin by sending you
      into a place
      where you have not been so that you can remain strong and not be tempted over a
      measure that you may not be able to resist. God will not send a former crack
      head to
      the crack house. He does not have to. He will raise up a person that never
      crack to go there because he is not trying to tempt anyone! And once they come
      the church, sure you can share your testimony with them, but make sure you are
      delivered and God is leading you to. Make sure you are strong enough! Don’t
      just because you used to do it, it is your ministry now! The bible clearly says
      God tempts no man. These are the desires of oneself, to go back and reclaim what
      feel they messed up, but God is not concerned with that. He wants you healthy
      and wise!
      Sure, some people want to go back and win friends, family, and loved ones that
      are bound,
      and there is nothing wrong with that. But everything you were into is not your
      new found
      ministry once you feel you have overcome it. And everything you used to do
      should not be
      broadcast to the world just because you used to do it. You must be lead of God
      and know
      what his purpose is for you. And you gotta stop thinking that whatever you used
      to do or
      are doing now, out of disobedience, is gonna one day be turned around for the
      good of
      the Kingdom. If you are not keeping his commandments (loving him) or if you are
      called according to his purpose (following him), then it may never work for the

      Suggested Reading: Prov. 1:31, John 14:15 , 2Cor. 12:7, Gal. 5:1, James 1:13


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