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  • Do your children walk your talk?

    10 posts, 8 voices, 1026 views, started Dec 7, 2008

    Posted on Sunday, December 7, 2008 by Beverly Mahone


    • Garnett

      On Friday, I went to visit my daughter in college.  Actually, it wasn’t a formal visit.  Her step-dad and I went there to bring her computer home in advance of her returning home next week for Christmas break.

      One of the things I immediately noticed was her snack ration was seriously depleted.  Since the beginning of the school year (August), we have spent a few hundred dollars in keeping her supplied with lots of goodies for her late night munchies and those days when the cafeteria food “sucks” as she says.

      When I inquired about where her supply was, she told me she had been sharing her food with others in her dorm.  Of course, my first reaction was, “Why are you sharing YOUR stuff?  These kids have parents!  Don’t they send them anything?  What makes you think it’s your responsibility to feed everyone else?  Besides, they have a meal plan—just like you!”

      My daughter, very calmly said, “Mom, I don’t see what you‘re getting so bent out of shape about.  Haven’t you been teaching me all of my life to share?  I thought I was doing a good thing.  I feel blessed to be in a position to share with others who are a little less fortunate.”

      OK...this was MY DAUGHTER talking.  This is the same “only child” who cried when we gave her leftover food to a homeless man while we were on vacation—-food, we knew she would never eat.  This is the same person who would had a job (in high school) but preferred you spend your money on her.

      But then I got to thinking:  I spent 18 years doing my best to “train up a child in the way that she should go...” (Proverbs 22:6) and many times I thought I was just talking to myself.  But lo and behold, she was listening.

      Is your child walking your talk?  The better question might be:  Are you saying anything worth listening to?


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          Robinesque wrote Dec 7, 2008
        • You have every reason to be so proud, Bev!

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          (華娃娃) ChinaDoll wrote Dec 7, 2008
        • My son is the same way.  I bought him clothes and next time I know, was not on his body but his friends.  Then he worn some other’s clothes and watches - that’s part of their exchanges.  Kids!

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          Linni wrote Dec 7, 2008
        • yes Bev, what a great testamony of YOU she is giving to others by giving!  be very proud of her! what a great Mother you are!

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          Beverly Mahone wrote Dec 7, 2008
        • teeky3,

          I can truly understand the position you took with the phne bill.  Teaching children responsibity takes on many forms—some of them could be considered cruel and unusual punishment (by their standards).

          When my daughter became a teenage mom, I felt I had to put my foot down and make it perfectly clear that it was HER responsibility—NOT MINE.

          We worked out an arrangement for his care while she’s away t school but I told her if she expected me to assume the primary caregiver role, there were mandatory things she was going to have to do.

          POTTY TRAINED—I insisted because I was not about to be changing diapers again.  She potty trained him before he was two and the fact that he can talk makes it all the better.

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          Mz. Queen wrote Dec 14, 2008
        • Is your child walking your talk?  The better question might be:  Are you saying anything worth listening to?  


            I can proudly say that my children have walked and are still walking my talk, also I live before them the talk as well. My children are givers from early childhood, our house was that house that all their friends wanted to hang out and spend the week,(lol) never just one night!

          much love

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