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  • Europe 2013

    4 posts, 4 voices, 1117 views, started Jul 31, 2011

    Posted on Sunday, July 31, 2011 by June672


    • Amethyst

      I would love to go but not sure what to see..
      I am to genealogy and would love to do research while there..
      Here are places I’d like to visit..
      I have family from Poland,Austria and Germany so like to go there for research.
      Has anyone gone Solo and about how long did you stay?
      About how much was the whole trip?


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          UK Girl wrote Jul 31, 2011
        • living in the UK and travelling frequently to Europe alone it’s very easy.
          If you have family you can stay with them but the other countries they have small family hotels or bed and breakfast places which are very cheap - you can’t ask a price this is 2 years away and we have currency fluctuations to consider and wild ones as this is the Euro and the $$$ here.

          you need to decide what you want to do and then ask again you have left this to  open ended for anyone to answer and be helpful also look at a map to think about your route as my suggestion would be Ireland first as this is nearer for you and then travel across Europe that way with France next.

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          Jen Sams wrote Jul 8, 2012
        • I have gone alone to Paris and Florence Italy.  I have gone to Canada with my mother and daughter for 2 weeks.  Paris was I think the easiest because it has the RER which for me was like the subway systems in the US and even though they were slightly different, I got the general understanding. Florence was more frustrating transportation wise both with the airport and to and from the airport.  Canada where I went in Ottawa and Quebec had really iffy road signs and conditions, Toronto was $$.

          When going alone, I would say never let any vendor, stranger, ect. know you are alone - it is not their business.... it is safer to keep some information to yourself. I researched before I went and had my iPad with International Plans for both France and Italy so I could mapquest and Navigate if I got lost. Also it helped when I needed a verbal translation because the speaker was going faster than my brain (didn’t take much).  No matter what, don’t carry a lot of cash or credit cards but have it.... Who knew I would need 50 cent Euro for the bathroom so much. Watch your change! They may give you different currency or the wrong change.

          Best things I did:
          - Booked all activities beforehand and paid ahead (tips too)
          - mapped out routes and printed maps (if internet not working)
          - Made copies of my vital documents and locked up my originals in safe at hotels
          - Checked myself in on Facebook often so people knew where I was! and if I didn’t check in they knew to call
          - Got City passes for Paris!
          - Allowed time to just BE in the city....

          Things I should have done:
          -Booked transport to and from hotels ahead and paid ahead
          -Known how to call from a landline in a foreign country and had country codes
          Rented an apartment for a week instead of a hotel in Paris....
          READ medical coverage for abroad - I had to pay upfront and then MAYBE get 1/2 back in 6-8 weeks

          I was in Paris 10 days and supposed to be in Florence 6 weeks.... I got E-coli and had to fly home... I lost 18 lbs in 4 days.... drs I could find in Florence were not helping.... I would go back... it was a fluke and there was an outbreak.... not anything that could be done.

          In Paris get a City pass, GO to Moulin Rouge but get a deal where they drive you and bring you back with a bottle of wine at your table; if you go to Versailles opt in for the early semi-private tour for the extra Euros you won’t feel like cattle herded to the slots worried ; go get some baguettes, cheese, and wine and sit on the Seine for dinner one night (not the bridge only along the river can you have alcohol) and skip the dinner cruises... OY; take a lock for the Lock bridges in Florence and Paris or other places and a sharpie so you will return... even if it is that your love to return for is YOU; and get ready now because the stairs at Notre Dame are worth each one to climb to the gargoyles!

          If you go to Florence, stay outside the city just a tiny bit and walk in... the sewers smell.  The locals are not fans of Americans but who can blame them... most of us are jerks. (I hope I am not) Spring for an apartment with a fridge or a room with a small fridge and do eat some meals on the go or find a good inexpensive “local” and eat for less.  If you like cola... ditch it now... it is crazy expensive.  Wine is less - darn tongue out - In Rome, it is crowded and again pay the extra for a semi-private tour of the Vatican if you are going..... this cannot be expressed enough as going abroad/on holiday should be amazing but some tours I wanted to scream and I did just get out of the group and catch up to the bus at the end, which by the way - DO if you NEED! There is being nice and taking care of yourself.... Be good to yourself!!!  

          Walk a ton now, find shoes you like now, break your shoes in now, buy a backpack that is slashproof & scan proof (microchips in creditcards and passports), if you drink sodas stop now.... I changed my time to 6 hours ahead long before I went to Paris so when I got there I wasn’t jet lagged... if you cannot go the full time ahead, work on moving your schedule some ahead.... Research, get excited and find out hours of places you want to see, cost of places/do they have free days, make a schedule, check places like Expedia (I booked a ton thru them) for pre-planning and paying for tours and passes, ect.

          It is so wonderful and I have to say that going alone was soooooo great cos then I didn’t have the whole “well what do you wanna do/eat/go/ect” ALL THE TIME.....  

          Enjoy and ask any questions you would like.... jen but I go by fred

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          Trudeeblue wrote Aug 11, 2012
        • For my 40th birthday, I traveled solo to Ireland, and never once did I feel unsafe.  I stayed in a B&B, which I would highly recommend, not only because they are affordable, but the B&B owner will also be a tremendous fount of local knowledge, letting you know what to do and more importantly, what NOT to do.

          I stayed primarily in Dublin and took day trips out to neighboring counties, returning to Dublin for the night.  One thing you will love about Ireland is that you can hop on a train and get to loads of wonderful places around the country.  I regret that America abandoned rail travel, because it is fun and efficient and a relaxing way to travel.  

          I would love to talk more about this, and if you would like to do so, e-mail me.  Ireland is fabulous, and I love to share my enthusiasm!estatic

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