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  • Health Care Changes - The Choice is Ours???

    Love it
    18 posts, 10 voices, 736 views, started Jun 13, 2009

    Posted on Saturday, June 13, 2009


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      In his latest speech about healthcare reform, Pres Obama told the audience that the government will now provide healthcare. He also said that no one will be forced to move from their current healthcare plan to the governments.

      What he did not say was that he is eliminating incentives (financial breaks) for companies to provide healthcare to their employees - which would result in employees not being able to afford their companys healthcare - ultimately forcing them to go with the gov't sponsored healthcare.

      I prefer choices. I am against monopolies (esp govt monopolies). I am especially concerned that the govt is slowing taking over everything! The job market is down in all parts of the country except Washington.  

      Is anyone else concerned about this?

      Once again, this is not change that I believe in.

      I know that some people are hesitant to talk about politics - but this concerns the way of life as we know it. I’d much rather discuss politics and educate one another than be a bunch of sheep that just blindly let’s the govt do what it wants. That’s not what this country is about.

      Love it


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          Mary Clark wrote Jun 13, 2009
        • All we have to do is look to those countries whose healthcare is run by their government.  There you will see how that system has failed.  So...with that said...why would we do such a thing as this?  I’ll tell you why.  Our government is slowly taking things over...they are taking YOU over.  I’m all for helping those who need help, but dont’ force me to go on your system when eventually your system will fail.  

          I want a choice...not a mandate!!  I’ve just about had a gut full of this administration!  I want a democracy...not a socialistic government!!  

          And you see Annie...that is how this administration works...they tell the people what they WANT to hear..but slide in the part they don’t.  And then before you know’s too late to do anything about it.  All I can say is...we  are doomed!

          And furthermore...why are we not trying to REDUCE the cost of HEALTHCARE?  

          My question is:  why invent any drug or procedure that is life saving if no one can afford to get it or have it...thus...they die.  So why do it if you going to make it so atronomically expensive that no one can afford it.  

          There is no reason for a drug or a procedure to cost what it does these days!!  Bottom line...someone is lining their pockets. And this my friends is what we need to stop!!!

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          Mary Clark wrote Jun 13, 2009
        • This is ONE email that I received just today on the very thing. Just read some of the comments people have made concerning this. I felt it was definitely worth sharing...people need to know. Don't look at what it's going to do for you better to look at where you will be in a few years from now..or when you are a dang senior citizen. They will just leave you alone to die. Shame to Washington is all I can say.  

          Here it is:

          Like most Americans, I am definitely in favor of  affordable health care for all Americans.....however ask your friends  who have lived in countries with government-run health care what they think about the quality of care!!

          Our government promises that our health care plan will not change under a proposed National Health Care Program – Ask yourself do you really trust the government on  this? Do you think the private sector can compete financially with a government-run health care... NO....Eventually......the private sector will not be able to compete financially and as a result your current medical coverage will be cancelled  resulting in being  forced to  accept a government healthcare program.  According to Rasmussen Polls, only 25% of Americans support Health Care Reform if they have to change their own health care coverage.  

          Quality of healthcare will decline.......SEE  e-mail below from my friend Chris whose wife lived in England and her family still does.


          Subject: Fw: Fwd: What our govt. wants for our seniors

           Take this to the bank folks!!!!!!! I have had the chance to see first hand how well ( ha ) government run health plans work ( not ). The truly sad aspect to it is as this letter states, once you reach senior status and are no longer a "productive " citizen, how much your health is worried about is totally in your own hands. If you expect to receive proper care you have to have your own insurance! DUH!!!!!! Why not just leave me alone and let me carry my own insurance ????????????


          Subject: Fw: What our govt. wants for our seniors      —-



                         WHAT A SHAME



          In England  if you are over 50 years old and have breast

          cancer you cannot get chemo or radiation treatment.  The  

          government has decided that it is too costly!!  If you are  

          lucky enough to have money of course you can still get

          treatment.  In  Canada  they do not allow people with money  

          to get private treatment so they all come to the good old USA.

          This is only one example of why I do not want us to follo

          in the footsteps of these two countries healthcare system.

                         Tuesday, April 21, 2009

          Subject: WHAT A SHAME—tongue outLEASE READ“Senior” status is

          something we all face (IF we‘re lucky), so read this.

          Especially note Daschle’s statement about the elderly! Then

          forward, like I’m doing!  Guess we’d best start praying that  

          this health care plan  fails like Hillary’s


          WHAT A SHAME  

          Everybody  that is on this mailing list is either a  senior

          citizen, is getting close or knows somebody that is.  Most  

          of you know by now that the Senate version  (at least) of  

          the “stimulus” bill includes nprovisions for extensive  

          rationing of health care for senior citizens.

          The author of this part of  the bill, former senator and tax

          evader, Tom  Daschle was credited today by Bloomberg with  

          the following statement.


                       “Daschle says health-care reform will not be pain free. Seniors should be more accepting of the  

          conditions that come with age instead of treating  them.”

          If this does not sufficiently raise your ire,  just remember

          that Senators and Congressmen have their own healthcare  

          plan  that is first dollar or very low co-pay which they  

          are guaranteed the remainder of their lives and are not  

          subject to  this new law if it passes.

          Please  use the  power of the Internet to get this message

          out.  Talk it up at the grassroots  level.  We have an  

          election coming up in one year and seven months.  We have  

          the  ability to address and  reverse

          the dangerous direction the  Obama administration and its  

          allies have begun and in the  interim, we can  make their  

          lives miserable.  Lets do it!

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          (華娃娃) ChinaDoll wrote Jun 13, 2009
        • I know my friend who lives in Canada can only get a bi-annual physical exam vs. annual here.  As for me, I want quarterly physical if I can and the more I age, I would want monthly physical.

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          L J wrote Jun 14, 2009
        • i am one of the people right now on cobra insurance, and i asked about the new stimulus package on insurance price cut that was supposed to start in march09‘, the one OBAMA talked about and the insurance company said they did not know anything about it!
          i think we have been promised alot and are not getting sh##! and i am sorry for the way i feel but socialist will eventually turn dictator, if we live to see it!
          i have heard recently that OBAMA has been apologizing for america’s actions on war and also has given $200 million to pakistan to help them and i am sorry to say that he needs to be helping us first!!!!
          i am beginning to see that this is not a free country anymore, but a FEE country....

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          Shopgirl1960 wrote Jun 14, 2009
        • Thankyou for your blog Annie.

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          Carolnphil wrote Jun 14, 2009
        • I was so afraid that people would vote for Obama only because he was a black man.  I voted for Alan Keyes years ago.  

          I’m not against having a black man, or a woman, in the White House.  I was hoping people were actually listening to what Obama was proposing.  He is a socialist, as is Hillary Clinton, and I thought people would be against that.  No.  They want everything free.  What they don’t understand is the actual cost of this “free” stuff.  

          As someone who has had cancer I will tell you that under the proposed healthcare agenda I would have died waiting for treatment by a government run health facility.  I prefer having my choice of doctors and hospitals even if I have to pay out of pocket.  

          I am one of those people who is totally against anyone telling me I HAVE to do SOMETHING!  It makes me do the opposite.  

          I am the same as my ancestors who fought in the American Revolution.  I will fight for what I believe in.

          If [Link Removed] runs for President in the next election he will get my vote!

          Carolnphil, Your links have been removed, please consider upgrading to premium membership.

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          Mary Clark wrote Jun 14, 2009
        • And I too am OUTRAGED by Obama apologizing to other countries.  Who is HE to be apologizing for anything!!!!!! A man that never ever served his military.  And now he is the Commander in Chief?????  Pleaseeeee.... What really ticks me off about him...(Obama) is that when talks to people...he TALKS DOWN TO THEM..he is the most arrogant man I’ve ever seen.  And I mean that!!  And yes.. he is the president of the country in which I was born in and have lived in all my life   unlike him...but he is NOT MY PRESIDENT!!!  He represents nothing that I stand for.  

          He will let your grandparents die...your parents die...just because they are his’s just part of the aging process...let‘em die.

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          Deb Darby wrote Jun 14, 2009
        • Here’s my weigh-in, Annie...a little late.
          We, the people, WILL NOT let this go on too much longer. We are NOT stupid, we are NOT sheep, and we are willing to work, to take personal responsibility and to care for our neighbors in need. We just need to spend ALOT more time familiarizing ourselves with history, the true history of who has been running things off and on for a long time, and then we will put the right people in power to REPRESENT us, NOT control us. We also all need to get VOCAL by at least writing our elected officials if we can’t visit them. I’ve heard that emails to Congress don’t help much, but I beg to seems that even the President is moving center on alot of issues. Still, pay attention to the little news, not the big stories on mainstream media. If something sounds far out, CHECK IT OUT. We also need to get busy more locally. Google Sheriff Mack and Oath Keepers

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          Vikki Hall wrote Jun 14, 2009
        • I agree with some of what has been said. And I still believe we need change.
          What I still don’t get is this..... there were problems before, and we let them go, we didn’t watch the people we elected close enough and things happened, Republicans, Dems, Liberals and others, they all did it. So why are we blaming 1 man for the sins of OUR fathers? The people we elected are in office and they‘re not stopping the things from happening.
          So if we all know there is a problem, and we all agree that something needs to be done. What IS IT EXACTLY that we need to do and WHEN should we step up and take action?

          I’m a big believer of not looking back but moving forwards. And I get from reading things on here that most of you are like that as well. So WHY can’t we be on opposite sides but still stand together for action?

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          L J wrote Jun 14, 2009
        • the reason i believe, and this is just my opinion, that the reason we can’t stand together in anything in this country anymore is because we always are fighting against each other , and racism comes into it every time someone tries to speak... i think no matter what color a person is they should all be treated the same as a human being until they are out of control!
          he president that was elected did not get my vote
          [because he talked out of both sides of his mouth] and he has made alot of thin air promises that has not been put into motion ... i know he has only been into office a short time, but the insurance package that he promised was supposed to be in effect for everyone on cobra,*march09'',* but the insurance companies have said they heard the promises too but they have not been authorized to put that thin air promise into effect!!!
          that to me is only one of the thin air promises i am talking about,... and people r still loosing jobs everyday and i have friends that r going hungry and having to move everyday, but he is getting a big salary$400,000  and going on trips and giving taxpayers money away still... to other countries that would kill us in a skinny minute if they could!

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          Vikki Hall wrote Jun 15, 2009
        • Annie I have never been one to argue for the sake of arguing. I hate that. I always appreciate different views and thoughts on everything.
          My frustration usually comes in with people who just want to talk but take no action. I usually back up my talk with action.
          And I just think it’s sad that we all can’t stand together to make OUR country better. After all along with the debt we leave our children to inherit we also leave them what we did or didn’t do too.
          I guess I’m just a dreamer....

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          Vikki Hall wrote Jun 15, 2009
        • I also meant to mention there is a book out there about how little we have to do to make a difference.
          The title has something to do with the difference between boiling water and non boiling water is 1 degree.
          1 degree is all that is needed to change the shape of something.....

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          Mary Clark wrote Jun 20, 2009
        • What about Obama saying “NO“to caps on what people can sue doctors for!! Needless to say...this is just another way for him to make sure all of his lawyer buddies are looked after.  Who do we see on tv encourgaging people to sue?  LAWYERS!!!  What is Obama?  He’s a lawyer!  Why do you think dr’s have astronomical mal-practice insurance?  Because the lawyers are out there...encouraging others to sue these doctors for this and for that.  Now I know there are some bad doctors out there...but ...the lawsuits these people and lawyers are winning...some are ridiculous.  Therefore...why do you think your health costs are so high?  They are high because...that doctor is going to pass the buck on to help him pay for the insurance to protect him...from YOU.  I’ve always said this was a major problem in health care.  It’s ridiculous.
          So now...we all get to enjoy “expensive” healthcare thanks to the lawyers.  

          I didn’t expect anything less from Obama.  Good ole boy system ...hard at work!!

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