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  • How did you come to your faith?

    5 posts, 5 voices, 734 views, started Jan 26, 2009

    Posted on Monday, January 26, 2009 by Martinilush


    • Aquamarine

      How did you currently come to your current faith? Were you born into it? Did you convert? If you converted, what drew you to it?


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          Mztracy wrote Jan 27, 2009
        • hmmmm, this is a tough one for me.
          Faith, I have faith in a higher power.
          I am not religious, but spiritual.

          I was raised to have an open mind and was allowed to participate in the ‘religion’ I felt was right for me.  

          I have read the bible, and chose to not be religious in a group sense. What I got from the bible always seemed to be different than what the ministers were saying.

          We all interpret what the bible says in our own way. In high school, I joined a group, Surfers for Christ‘. It was great to see how we all got something different from the bible.

          Think i have gone off the question, lol

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          Laurabeth wrote Jan 27, 2009
        • I am not ignoring this question, as it is a very good, thought provoking one. I am just not sure how to put it all into words.  

          I did not have any religious education growing up and have nothing to base anything on. Even the RCIA class I took in 2002, didn’t teach me what I was looking for. I do not really know what I believe, or if what I believe is a belief in a God.  I believe everything happens for a reason, I believe we have a choice as to what path to follow, I believe in being kind to all human beings and treating nature with respect. I know right from wrong, from a social stand point, as in I won’t go killing anyone or stealing. I believe in treating others as I would want them to treat me. I believe everyone has their own set of beliefs that fit their life, their situation, and I don’t judge anyone for those beliefs.  I don’t pray, but sometimes I find myself thanking God for certain things - am I just saying that because I don’t know what else to say? I don’t know.  

          Society makes me feel that I have to “fit” into a specific religion, when I don’t think any one particular religion fits me. and I have given up trying to fit in, and just try to be me.

          Did I answer the question at all with this?

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          3sa wrote Jan 27, 2009
        • I’m more like MzTracy a little.  I believe in God as THE higher power, but I am not religious (a member of a religious order, congregation, etc.), but spiritual. I was raised as a minister’s daughter with christian parents.  Raised understanding and learning the bible, therefore I have a foundation in christianity.

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          Martinilush wrote Jan 27, 2009
        • It is funny - I posted this question and then had a near panic attack, because I realized that I had no idea how to answer it myself! ohhhh

          I was raised in both the Jewish and Christian faiths, but don’t really feel that I am well-versed in either, to be honest. My husband is a Muslim, but doesn’t really practice. When I ask him to explain things to me, he gives very cursory answers, so I don’t feel that I understand Islam very well, either! Add to that mix the fact that I feel strongly about raising our son with a good foundation in all three faiths, and a respectful understanding of others’ faiths and you have a very confused me! LOL!  I have been reading quite a few books lately, but would love to get some dialogue going with others about their beliefs and practices and what is important to them.

          I am at a point personally, where I am feeling rather “torn” about my faith lately. I am a feeling a strong pull from Christianity and Judaism. I don’t currently attend church or synagogue, I am in searching mode right now!

          I hope we can all bring our insights and beliefs to each other and understand each other better through that sharing!

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