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    5 posts, 3 voices, 916 views, started Dec 13, 2009

    Posted on Sunday, December 13, 2009 by Dana Arcuri

    • Was anyone diagnosed with ADD/ADHD during their childhood?  The average adult diagnosed with ADD/ADHD usually grew up without knowing about this condition.  

      How old were all of you when you were first evaluated and diagnosed with ADD/ADHD?

      I was 33 years old, married for about 6 years and I had a little boy who was 4 years old.  My son was diagnosed with ADHD BEFORE me.  It was after he was in treatment for ADHD that I began researching everything and anything pertaining to children & adults with ADD/ADHD.  

      Thankfully, gaining more knowledge and facts about this condition led me to suspect that I had ADHD.  It took many years for me to actually find a professional who specialized in this, but once I received an evaluation, I was eventually diagnosed with ADHD.

      After you were diagnosed, how did you feel about it?  Happy, relieved, angry, depressed, thankful or confused?

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          Anonymous wrote Mar 22, 2010
        • I was 47 when I got my diagnosis and began medication.  It was one of the best days of my life!!!  The focus and energy it brings me is amazing.  I had joked for years that I was ADD or ADHD because I frequently had difficulty focusing on anything for a prolonged period of time.  I just couldn’t figure out how others did it on a regular basis.

          I am relieved but I don’t really tell anyone.  For one thing, the medicine is in such high demand and I have teenagers.  I don’t want their friends finding out.  It also curbs my appetite which is a plus.  

          Wish I’d been tested YEARS ago.

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          Linda James-Laville wrote Mar 22, 2010
        • I suspect my ex husband is and both my children are but no matter how much I mention this there is no interest. I’ve had friends who were diagnosed much later in life.  I say, better late than never.  Do you find that your relationships improved once you were on medication?

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          Catkey88 wrote Mar 22, 2010
        • I didn’t mean to be anonymous before.  Hit the wrong button!  

          My family relationships seem to have improved as I stay focused on what they are talking about and can finish a task more easily.  I’m still not perfect!  My brother had a later diagnosis and his wife says he is easier to get along with simply b/c he follows through and listens. I think that’s the biggest part - being able to listen and remember what you heard.  It’s embarrassing when you‘re told that you were reminded of something several times and you still didn’t remember to do whatever task.  It feels like you‘re 10 years old again.  

          My screening came about by accident and I think it was a God Thing.  

          Keep mentioning it.  You never know how many times it will take until it “sticks.”

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          Linda James-Laville wrote Mar 22, 2010
        • I will.  Over the years I was with my ex, it was a tremendous struggle for him to stay focused on what I was saying, especially stay focused on me.  I could see he was thinking about something else or was distracted by something else every time I talked. My son is the same way.  If there is a tv in the room...forget it, you don’t exist any longer.  It’s difficult.

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