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  • I got this from Machelle...and..

    5 posts, 4 voices, 526 views, started Nov 8, 2008

    Posted on Saturday, November 8, 2008


    • inactive

      why isn’t she here yet? Apparently she has been reported by SOMEONE from the private group(now who would report Machelle from the private group?...I have my suspicions and so does she)..OR STORMY..nazi bitch that she is, is trying to make sure my name is erased from history...good luck with that dumb ass!

      But the rest of careful about mentioning my name if you value your membership there. I obviously didn’

      And for the record..I wasn’t banned...this time. They restricted my posting priveleges and told them to cancel my membership..all 18 days that were left..oh my what a loss...ASAP. So someone has some misinformation. Could it be that the newest FF Host is on a power trip?

      Dear Stormy:

      For the record, I did not know that Teresa was banned. I was made to believe
      that she was not renewing her membership.

      I can no longer access the thread in question as indicated by the message I
      received today. I can only assume that the report was for the thread where I
      passed on the message from Teresa that she was not going to continue on FF.
      I don’t know who would have reported me for saying goodbye for her or why
      this in and of itself would be considered to be an offence worth of deletion
      of a community credit. With all due respect, some of these policies really
      appear to be overbearing at times.

      As PhD in clinical epidemiology and someone doing my post-doc in
      reproductive health sciences, not to mention a caring individual who takes
      the time to lend an ear and a shoulder to cry on, I think my value to this
      board is worth taking into consideration before doling out undue punishment.

      You should be aware that I left the main board because of bullying by some
      truly mean spirited individuals which was apparently going un-checked by the
      moderators. Although I myself wasn’t being targeted at the time per se, I
      was horrified that certain members (and by that I mean Mindy and Connie)
      were gunning for women who dared to disagree with them in public. I spoke
      out in a thread to indicate what I believed to be an injustice (feel free to
      bring up the threads) and as a result she and her friends began looking for
      my posts and began reporting me whenever they thought there might be a
      violation. And now someone reported me today on this private board.

      While I have never lodged a complaint in the past about any of this, it just
      seemed to me that this situation has gone somewhat out of control. I hope
      that in understanding the whole picture, that you might reconsider some of
      the past recent events. Please feel free to contact me if you have any
      questions or comments in this matter.


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          Mirandazmom wrote Nov 8, 2008
        • Someone in our private group is reporting people? What’s that about?? Jeez...


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          Iamlisa wrote Nov 9, 2008
        • hmmm... well I found out through a PM from Catherine, but our previous conversation in the PM had been about the new password... she, also, sent me the link to this site in a PM.. that means she probably got in trouble too.  When I replied to her I told her how petty and childish the FF people were, but I guess that was not “severe” enough to land me in any hot water.
          I went back to look at the locked thread to see why Machelle got reported (since I missed all that drama last week) and the only thing I saw was where we had been talking about the rates to renew and she suggested that Teresa let her membership expire and then come on under a different name with the cheaper rate - that would not even come close to what they are accusing her of. I think we all ought to go on there and make some really hellacious subject lines for PM’s or threads and then just type in total nonsense. Make them think we are talking in some code or something and let them spend hours and days trying to figure it out. LOL
          Hope everyone has a good day - I’m off to get some chores done.

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