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  • I think I am going insane

    Love it
    5 posts, 5 voices, 1963 views, started Aug 20, 2010

    Posted on Friday, August 20, 2010 by Kisbel65

    • Amethyst

      I am 45 and believe that I have started perimenopause. I am going insane. I have dealt with anxiety my entire life and I have managed very well with therapy, yoga, deep breathing and accupunture. I lost my job and my insurance in may 2010, so I can no longer afford therapy and accupunture and now I am in perimenopause and I am experiencing extreme, extreme anxiety. I am not able to sleep and have heart palpitations when I try to sleep. I am sensitive to hormones (cannot take birth control), so not sure I could benefit from HRT. My doctor wants to put me on zoloft. I have tried it before, but hate antidepressants. I have tried plenty of the natural alternatives, but have not been able to relieve the anxiety. PLEASE HELP!!!!

      Love it

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          Amy L. Harden wrote Aug 20, 2010
        • Have you been allergy tested?

          When I had increasing anxiety at menopause...guess what?  I had allergies to EVERYTHING...dust, mold, pollen, Food(yeast, milk/dairy, soy) I never had this problem before or at least I didn’t think so...what was thought to be anxiety was really allergies and sleep apnea/sleep deprivation.

          Maybe the reason why you have anxiety/heart palpitations is because your bedding has dust mites OR animal hair or goose down???  When I increased changing bedding, dusting/vacuuming my bedroom, allergy free bedding and air purifier in the room, I no longer had the symptoms you describe.

          The natural alternative may be figuring out what exactly, other than stress and overwhelm is causing your anxiety.  I have been amazed what allergy shots, change in diet and sleeping with a c-pap has done for my life. I am not the sexiest chick at bed time but at least a have some of my life back.

          When they tell you that menopause is “The Change”  well, in my case they weren’t kidding... EVERYTHING has changed!

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          Kisbel65 wrote Aug 21, 2010
        • Amy,

          Very interesting post. I have also suspected the allergy connection. I told my husband that I thought I could be allergic to dairy. I don’t have insurance right now, so I am not able to pursue the allergy testing. I have tried allergy medication, I was using benadryl to sleep, but the anxiety persisted. I have also thought about sleep apnea.

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          Vikki Hall wrote Aug 21, 2010
        • I would love to hear what you find out! The ladies on here are awesome when they share their info...very helpful!

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          Cynthia Schmidt wrote Aug 21, 2010
        • Oh, how I remember the heart palpitations! I had them so badly it woke me up at night. I could also hear my heartbeat in my ears which kept me awake. Since you are without insurance right now one thing I recommend is to pare down your diet to really really healthy, natural, organic if possible, basic foods. I know this isn’t very much fun. As for me, I love to cook and I love to eat. But lately I’ve really cleaned up my diet, avoided anything with corn syrup, bought organic veggies, cut way back on meat, include some but not a lot of whole grains.

          there are also some wonderful books out there on perimenopause and nutrition. It’s the most cost effective way to combat menopause symptoms. And, looks like you already have a great foundation for your health with all the yoga, meditation and such you do.

          I hope this helps. Keep posting on this topic and we’ll all pitch in and help as we can.

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