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  • I want to bitch about my co-workers!!!

    2 posts, 2 voices, 1177 views, started Oct 1, 2008

    Posted on Wednesday, October 1, 2008 by Rene' Grandon


    • Hey Girls,

      What a fantastic ideal!!!
      I say co-workers in the most liberal terms!!! LOL  

      I have many bitches in life. My biggest is people at my job not working. See I am an Assistant Apartment manger. In this industry Managers have a true diva complex. They think and do whatever they like. Mine comes in at 10:30 am – 4:30pm Mon -Fri. She puts in time sheet 8am-5pm. BS,
      more often than not she comes in later and leaves earlier. On top of all that she looks at craiglist all day, and when he reports are due or what ever little crap she is expected to do she starts bitching. I told her this is only business that managers don't have to do there job.
      Then on top of that the other lady that works in office is older 60s and worked for company over 10 years. She does whatever she wants to, sits on back porch smoking and talking to another lady who lives here,and then she calls to come over. Then she bitches about us when we make her come in and do work.
      See she is the leasing person,and it her job to be recepitionist, show apartments,file,run leases,and other duties. But she sits all day reading the dam paper and outside smoking while phone rings off the wall.
      I am so pissed I could just spit!!
      Yesterday the old woman ( no disrespect to older people) she was yacking and smoking,phone ringing, and my dum ahole Manager actually apologized to the two of them for distrubing them,so she could do her job!!! she doesn't even have to work on Monday. the other leasing ladies for my sisiter properties only take the week off 2 days on their weekend to work, but because she is set in her ways ,per the Manager when I gripped about Barb, she is off every monday. Such BS!!
      What a freaking crock!!! I don't mean to offend you ladies but I am truly upset, This job, these idiots I work with are making me crazy and making me ill.
      i hope that this was ok,because this is what I call bitching!!! Thanks I even feel a little better. Any Help out there fire away, because between this BS and my little depression  am in I think I am going to go talk to someone!!!

      Thanks Ya'll are The best,


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          Mksactown wrote Oct 1, 2008
        • Okay..I’ve got Sooooooo many bitches to get out, but will start with this.....oh before I period is due TODAY..Yay, me....NOT....let the PMSing begin!!

          Okay..I work for a large company, but our Sacramento office is just a small part of the company (small office). I am the Office Manager, there’s a District Manager here (my boss, kind of, a man), another girl from our San Ramon office and a couple guys in our Lab. But we have about 20 engineers out in the field. So, just 2 women here in the office

          ANYWAY....NOW the owner wants to send the other girl BACK to San Ramon because the Sacramento office is not making enough money. Soooo that means...I, once again, will be the ONLY female here. I will be the ONLY one to answer the phones (cuz answering the phone is just too damn hard to do for the men that work here!!)I have to order supplies, type all reports, enter lab info, and help out with WHATEVER crap the men throw at me to do, etc.... UGH!!  

          They sent the other girl here FROM San Ramon in the first place to help me out, cuz I’ve ALWAYS been the only woman they want to take her away??? I TRULY feel that they are going to close down this office. The BIG GUY (owner of the whole company) is coming in today to have a meeting with everyone from the Sac office...which could mean.....CLOSING. I don’t know for sure, but ....DAMN!!! I don’t want to look for yet another job at 44 fricken years old!!!!

          Thanks for listening ladies....LUV U ALL.  

          PS. Will keep you informed after the meeting to see if I have to go JOB HUNTING again......UGGGHHHHHHHH.

          Sactown Michelle

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