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  • If success was gauranteed...What do you dream of doing? How do you get there?

    5 posts, 3 voices, 446 views, started Apr 14, 2008

    Posted on Monday, April 14, 2008 by Amy L. Harden


    • Garnett

      Fear is the number one reason people never reach/achieve
      their dreams

      I have been reading and hearing alot about the fear of failure on various blogs, books, magazines and television talk/news shows.  Most experts believe that it’s the fear of failure that keeps many people from stepping out of the box, taking the leap...moving forward toward achieving their dreams.

      This is NOT my problem...I do not fear failure...I fear success!  

      Success would change my life dramatically, while failure would keep me right where I lifestyle wouldn't change, my time would be filled with the same would still go on at the same level...same old, same old!  

      Fear of failure is an ego or self-esteem issue.  If you beat yourself up for not achieving...the risk may be far too great in light of your own self image and the image you project to others.  If you fail, you risk your lovability...your perception of yourself or from others will be negatively changed.  How many times have you heard that “No one likes a failure“? It all depends on how you percieve the is a growing experience or it knocks you back into last week...depending.    

      The fear of primarily logistical matter or a fear of change...success will change how your life works.  Sucecss means that the whole family would have to change, make adjustments...accommodate the pursuit of your dream.  Yet at the same time, you would achieve the things you have always dreamed of doing, set an excellent example for your children, created something that your husband, family and yourself could be proud.  The logistics shouldn’t matter...the change will be for the good.  

      At the end of the day or your life, you could look back and say...“I did that!...I made an impact...I used the gifts and talents God gave me...I didn’t waste my time in “woulda, shoulda, coulda-land.”

      So....If success was gauranteed...What do you dream of doing? How do you get there?

      AWE-A Woman oof Elegance©


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          Amy L. Harden wrote Apr 14, 2008
        • Forgive me ladies..I was typing so fast...I spelled guaranteed wrong.

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          Amy L. Harden wrote Apr 30, 2008
        • Ladies:

          I guess the way to describe this excercise is....this is a verbal “Vision Board“.  So, I will kick it off, since no one is nibbling at this question.

          If success could be gauranteed, I dream of doing:

          1. Writing best selling book/s; self-help and fiction.

          2  Writing a screenplay/s, directing a film.

          3. Have a conference geared to women who are in MLC with various speakers and workshops that will offer the needed tools to successfully navigate and celebrate this time in their lives.  The event would culminate in a beautiful “Gold Dress Gala“.

          4.  The dream that most authors or speakers appearance on Oprah..I would settle for GMA, Rachel Ray, The View...but Oprah would the big one.

          5.  All the above happening with one goal in mind to help those in need in some way or another.

          5. Leave a Legacy for my children!

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          Loretta wrote Apr 30, 2008
        • I’ll nibble.

          1. Open a cafe for parents and children. A place where children can enjoy themselves is a safe environment and parents can chat and enjoy a cup a coffee or tea.

          2. I like the conference idea. I’m thinking of something along the lines of, “Where Do I Go From Here?” A conference for women who are not happy in their careers and would like to learn more about alternative opportunities. I’m always reading posts about women not being happy in their present situation or being desperate for an income. I wish there was some way to help before desperation set in.

          That’s me.

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          Amy L. Harden wrote Apr 30, 2008
        • loretta:

          What great ideas!  

          Number 2 is along the same line as mine...but I have found so many women aren’t at a place emotionally or physically where they can make a good decision about an opportunity even if it was starring them in their faces.  Many women who are in Mid-life crisis anwser your question “Where Do I Go From Here?” with some crazy things and it has nothing to do with a changing careers or pursuing their has a lot to do with depression, acting-out, having an affair, leaving their marriages and their children. Is this what you meant by “not happy in their present situation“?  

          I agree with you that there is a need to provide women with help before the desperation sets in...let’s talk sometime about this...maybe we can combine our efforts.


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