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  • In The Spirit Of Valentine’s Day: A Couple Of Love Spells

    5 posts, 3 voices, 517 views, started Jan 29, 2009

    Posted on Thursday, January 29, 2009 by Rena Bennefield


    • Garnett

      Casting Simple Love Spells: Spell number ( 1 )

      If you're having trouble finding true love, try casting a simple love spell and let a little magic guide the ideal partner into your life.

      Casting love spells isn't about turning frogs into handsome young men. Nor do you simply pick out Mr. Right and then bewitch him into your arms. Instead, real love magic helps you to focus on the qualities you would like to attract. The right person – whoever that might be – will then come to you.

      Draw Love Into Your Life:
      Love magic should not be used to bend someone else to your will, or coerce them without their knowledge or consent. If you bear this in mind when weaving your spells, you can be sure that the partner you find is truly destined to be your soul mate.

      Note: Many love spell ingredients are things associated with romance, such as roses and pink candles.

      A Candle Spell To Attract Love:

      To attract a new lover into your life, you will need: A Pink Candle, Lavender, Neroli and or Ylang-ylang Essential Oils, A Sheet of Pink Paper.  

      (1) Describe Your Ideal Lover: When you wish to attract a new lover into your life, make a list of their ideal qualities, on a sheet of pink paper. Never name a specific person, however, even if you do have a dream lover in mind.

      (2) Anointing Oil: Mix together sensual essential oils such as Lavander, Neroli and Ylang – Ylang and rub these into a pink candle over the piece of paper on which you wrote your desired partner's qualities.

      (3) Focus On Your Love Wish: Light your candle every evening, starting on a Friday when the Moon is nearly full. For a minute or so, think of kind of person you would like to attract.  

      (4) Wait A While: While you wait for your lover to appear, keep health and be patient. Your wishes can take time to reach the man of your dreams but if it's going to be good, it's certainly worth waiting for – we sometimes have to kiss an awful lot of toads before we find the magic frog!

      Note: Be careful how you word your list – a rich, handsome lover may not necessarily treat you well.

      A Full Moon Spell For Love: ( 2 )

      When the moon is full it is at the height of its power. This is an excellent time to perform love spells concerning fulfillment and abundance.

      You Will Need:
      1 red apple (preferably organic)
      Pink and/or Red Rose Petals
      Red Pen
      Large Sheet of Pink Paper
      Red Ribbon

      Red and Pink are the colors of love. Use these in your spell to guarantee the best results.

      (1) As in the previous spell, write down on Pink paper the characteristics you're looking for in your ideal love match.
      (2) Hold your apple up to the Moon and say "Lady Moon of sky above, grant my wish and send me love"
      (3) Take your knife and use it to carve into the apple an image of two hearts touching.
      (4) Sprinkle the rose petals over the paper and use it to wrap them and the apple up, with your writing on the inside.
      (5) Bind the package with the ribbon, knotting it three times as you speak your wish aloud.
      (6) Take the package to a natural place such as a park or the woods. Put it someplace out of sight..Even a place in your back yard garden will do.  Bow to the Moon three times as you walk away. You will soon fide the love that you desire.

      The Ingredients Of Love:  

      Remember that there is more than one kind of love. Be careful to choose the right spell ingredients for the kind of relationship that you are hoping to initiate.  

      A Gentle and Loyal Lover:  color Pink + scent Lavender, Rose + flowers Violet, Pansy = characteristics Romantic, Caring, Honest, Generous.

      A Passionate Lover: color Flame Red + scent Ylang – Ylang, Geranium + flowers Red Roses, Carnations = characteristics Fiery, Exciting, Adventurous.

      A Long-Lasting and Fertile: color Green + scent Patchouli + flowers Jasmine, Iris = characteristics Loyal, Sharing, Loving.  

      In The Spirit Of Valentine's Day!! “Wait N 4 Love”


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          Clyn wrote Feb 2, 2009
        • I wish more people would realize that you never want to do a love spell on a person. That is effecting their will(bad). like you pointed out, tell the universe what you want.
          young girls especially seem to get this wrong and it doesnt help that some womans mags have actually printed up spells "To make him love you". My daghter brought that one to me  

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          Clyn wrote Feb 2, 2009
        • I really like the love spell Sandra Bullok does in “practical magic“.

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