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  • Introductions

    Love it
    14 posts, 7 voices, 3390 views, started Mar 19, 2009

    Posted on Thursday, March 19, 2009


    • inactive

      Please use this thread to introduce yourselves and tell a little bit about the martial art style or self-defense technique you practice.

      Love it


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          Wookiemom09 wrote Mar 9, 2010
        • I practice aikido for 5 years with cross training in aiki judo, grappling, Brazilian jujitsu in a very small couple of lessons.

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          Max0125 wrote Mar 10, 2010
        • Ladies,

          I admire you for your martial arts practice. Can you make any recommendations for a beginner?

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          Dawnkaren wrote Jul 19, 2010
        • Hi Bernadette, I enjoyed reading your post about the different styles of martial arts, I didn’t know there were so many.

          I took a womens self defence course at my local karate school 2 years ago - and it was a fantastic experience.  We got to work one on one with instructors who taught us some great techniques.  I came away from each class exhausted and empowered!  I did get a lot of bruises during practice though.

          I passed on a couple of moves I learned to my nieces, I’d love to see all girls taught self defence in school.

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          MaryAnne Carrier-Harrison wrote Jul 21, 2010
        • I agree, I think self defense should be taught in School.
          I put my daughter in  Jujitsu she was 4. She loved it.

          She took it until we moved half way across the country and they said she was to young for the classes here..tongue out


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          Max0125 wrote Jul 21, 2010
        • Bernadette,

          Thanks for the awesome advice. I will check out the schools in my area.

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          Msj wrote Apr 21, 2011
        • First I would like to say THANKS to Bernadette to have this forum. How wonderful to find like-minded women.
          Also, I had to post because I am very excited to read the posts from all of you (I must admit I speed read through so if I missed anything sorry! I will re read all later)
          I have been in MA Since 1997.
          My arts:

          *Wing Chun  

          *JKD (I know, I know it is a concept)

          *Shaolin 5 Animal Style - Tiger, Dragon, Crane, Snake,    Leopard

          *Tai Chi Chuan (Yang and a bit of Wu, a bit of Chen)

          *Chi Gong


          My main TCC Teacher Is Grandmaster Wen Mei Yu, she hails from Sanghai and is one of Inside Kung Fu Woman of the year and Writer of the Year, She is retired now, only works with special students...She has branch schools all over the U.S. Hawaii, Greece.  

          She worked at UCLA with the Oncology Department, lecturing Doctors and I had the priveledge to assist her in teaching the Patients... UCLA did a study and found the special QIGONG (Wild Goose) was proven to rduce or stop the cancer cells. Her KF Brother (In his 60’s now) has taken over that class and lectures)

          I have been blessed with studying different forms from her KFB Master Tang, Wei Zhong.  I can’t post a link but if you find him it’s worth it!

          Now I amr ecovering from car accident from 3 yrs ago and PT says I am ok to get back into MA. So, I am studying  



          and of course practising my TCC

          I am a bit wobbly and am only allowed by PT to practice for 20 at at time...

          My weopon of choice is the Escrima,(I forgot almost all I knew on Escrima but learn fast)

          I Love WC Butterfly knives (swords) I have a pair but PT says NO NO NO I say hehe - uhm ohhhhkay.

          I have taught classes and plan on relaunching my nonprofit organization this year....
          Using the teachings of Martial Arts to help survivors...(domestic violen, rape, drug addiction, life in general!)

          I wrote an article about my NP and it was published in Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine.

          Well, that was quite the introduction. I look forward to chatting with you ALL and so happy to have my love of MA reignited!

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          Msj wrote Apr 21, 2011
        • I would like to expound on Bernadettes intro to Tai Chi. I have learned that when people study TC for health,while they get some benefit they miss the main benefit as it is meant to be taught as a martial art, from the Chinese Perspective as Tai Chi Chuan meaning Ultimate Energy Fist.  

          When one studies it as a health class without the martial instruction, it is like  any type of exercise where one would stretch and wave about the arms.

          The difference in the Chi Chuan (Energy fist) is students learn why they are moving this way (every movement is a strike, block or transition).

          Also, In TCC we learn to control our chi (energy) we use Chi before muscle strength, the Energy is stronger.  

          Also there is a saying, “Where Mind Goes, Chi Flows“.

          I would like to know more on Silat and Hubat!  

          If ANY of you hav been studying and know more history (I have yet to learn that as I have had only one class from my friend and we did not talk that much)

          I mostly had a bit of workout with sme physical therapy, lucky me, he is also getting Doctorate degree in PT happy- then lectures on muscular movements that are affected by each move.
          I know this is long but I am so happy to have this thread! and with the wonderful FAB Ladies estaticheart

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          Msj wrote Apr 21, 2011
        • Bernadett!

          Could we have a chat room? like a live chat ?  That would be fabulous!happy

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