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  • Is there something wrong with us?

    5 posts, 5 voices, 1081 views, started Mar 29, 2009

    Posted on Sunday, March 29, 2009 by Kim Jenkins


    • Amethyst

      I have been thinking a lot about “life coaching” the last couple of days because I notice an abundance of people offering to be a life coach. It made me start to wonder, why do we need them? Is there something so wrong with me, the decisions I make and the way my life is that I need someone to remind me I could always be doing better..and more? I think that’s why I was attracted to this be my OWN life coach and not expend a ridiculous amount of money for someone else to tell me or suggest to me a better way.

      This may be difficult to convey in a message like this. These are initials thought pouring out of my brain through my fingers so my thoughts could appear a bit scattered right now. But I’ve just been considering...hey! Maybe I like the way things are right now. Maybe the confusion of my life is helping me sort through what I want and what I don’t want in an appropriate manner and time. There is a very good chance I’m going to stumble upon something that will illuminate something to me that I’ve been searching for, but maybe wasn’t quite aware of what “it” was.  

      Maybe part of my personal coaching is learning to be content with the way things are. Because frankly, feeling as if I need to do more, be better, learn more, become more, have more, experience more, etc etc is quite exhausting. I would like to learn to be where I am (because the truth is...that’s where I am!!) and be content with that, knowing that new experiences and people and situations and circumstances will ALWAYS be on the horizon and I will experience them at that time.  

      I’m not sure this is making any sense. I have had coaches before and one day decided I couldn’t take it anymore. They made suggestions and I never did them anyway because they weren’t my ideas to begin with. What may have worked for others, doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for someone else too.

      I’d love to hear your thoughts. What are you doing to be your own life coach, on your own time?



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          Curlyhairedgirl wrote Apr 21, 2009
        • I actually think you‘re on to something. I think “learning to be content with the way things are” will definitely lead you to your next step in life. I’m working on that now myself.  

          There is nothing wrong with my life and I feel pretty fulfilled. I just need to find something that keeps me challenged. That’s my next task..... Work that’s challenging!

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          Jane Woods wrote Apr 23, 2009
        • I agree with lots of what you say! I resisted the term life coach for ages, although I now describe myself as one as it's aconvenient shorthand, but I never tell anyone what to do! And on all my training and seminars I tell everyone that it is about them being happy with what they do , what they are. It's their definition of success that matters, not mine or anyone elses.

          Re work, for example, I have just written a book which is a coaching guide but is full of questions for women to ask themselves to help THEM discover what it is THEY  want from life.

          But it’s a minefield and anyone can call themselves a coach...another reason I resisted the term. For myself, I did a first degree which incuded pyschology, then two years post graduate study in social work and group work followed by years of on the job training in the field of child behaviour and adult pyschiatry and mentoring and managing staff. I still try never to tell anyone what to do! That would be arrogant in the extreme, although if asked directly for my advice I will give it. We usually know, deep inside what we want and the best coaches will help us tease that out.

          I hope this group will be useful to all sorts of women who would never dream of using a coach. And I hope by sharing all our experiences we can support and develop eachother- just like the rest of the site!
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          Faye43 wrote Aug 27, 2009
        • Thank you Kim and Jane. I can not say I would never use a life coach, but will say I can not afford one so this group will sure help. I thank you for your expertise and willingness to share it, Faye estatic

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          Coachmombabe wrote Aug 28, 2009
        • Going through my training as a Life Coach was life changing for me! I learned to recognize my “limiting” beliefs, the ones that were keeping me stuck as a person that I had created by my impressions of the world around me, rather than who I truly am. I faced many fears, and started stepping into new and wonderful experiences. But I wasn’t alone, we trained as a group of 4 women, and together, we made these discoveries. We cheered each other, encourage each other, cried and laughed together. I think this group, and this site, offers much of the same kind of support.

          Am I using my training in the way I expected? Absolutely not. But I love encouraging women to be themselves, their real selves!  

          How do I coach myself? Funny, many times when I’m coaching a client, I hear the words and realize it’s exactly what I need to consider. But my best coaching comes from my Creator, who helps me to stay grounded in who I am.

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