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  • I've Been Challenged To A Weight Loss Contest

    Love it
    9 posts, 8 voices, 783 views, started May 14, 2010

    Posted on Friday, May 14, 2010 by Cynthia Schmidt


    • Diamond

      Well, it’s actually a bet. My friend Lyn and I were having coffee this morning with a mutual friend, Judy. Lyn lost her husband last year and she lost a lot of weight afterward. She’s kept it off throughout the year. I lost weight when I was sick with pneumonia in February. I’ve managed to keep it off for the most part. But we both want to lose 20 more pounds. At least for me I think it’s 20. I don’t weigh myself. I use clothing as my guage. Well when she said “I’ll bet ya.” I couldn’t resist the challenge. So we made a wager but we gave it until November 15th. She’s going to be doing a lot of international travel this summer and I’m going on a cruise to Alaska in June so we wanted a little wiggle room for this to work.

      This means I’ll have to get on the scale in the morning to make this thing legitimate. Not looking forward to it but I’ll do it. We took a photo for the “before.” That’s Lyn in the middle.

      Have you ever had a weight contest with anyone?

      Love it


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          Cristina Corral wrote May 14, 2010
        • only with myself and when I am in the mood to be dedicated! worried

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          Hbrose wrote May 14, 2010
        • Yes, we did one at work once. It helps motivate you to really do it since you see others trying hard and progressing, so you push yourself more. But I think it works better if you see each other throughout the contest, at least for me it was.  Cause I did one with my brother once too, but didn’t see him often, so I wasn’t as motivated.

          But maybe you and your friend can do periodic photos of each other between now and November to help keep yourselves motivated and challenge to out-do the other! estatic

          Oh, I lost $500 to my brother by the way!  Ouch!

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          Max0125 wrote May 14, 2010
        • What a great idea! I have heard of personal trainers having contests between clients.

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          Cynthia Schmidt wrote May 14, 2010
        • Swapping photos along the way is a great idea, Rose! I have a thought about it - I’ll send her photos of me with piles of food in front of me - then I won’t eat it!!! hehehehe(evil little laugh)

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          Vikki Hall wrote May 15, 2010
        • Oh Cyn that IS evil! But I like it too....hehehehe

          I have never done a weight loss contest and doing this summer challenge has been the closest thing to a contest for me.

          I am looking forwards to hearing about your progress.

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          Cynthia Schmidt wrote May 15, 2010
        • I weighed in this morning. Not pretty. And I can’t believe I’m going to say this but, here goes......153.5 pounds! Yikes. Ok, I was heavier before I had pneumonia in February, over 160. I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d be that heavy on my 5‘3” very small frame. But alas it happened.

          So this is the first day of our contest, Lyn and I.

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          Lee McCaskill wrote May 15, 2010
        • If you would like to beat her, you can lose 3-5 pounds per week on my program, the Belly Buster Diet, guaranteed and I will coach you! Just fill out your health profile at my web site for a free metabolic assessment and I will help you.  

          Lee McCaskill
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          ***Our meal plans have four phases:  


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          *** Our executive director, Lee McCaskill, a microbiologist and    

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