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  • James 1:25-3:18 Week Two

    1 posts, 1 voices, 788 views, started May 8, 2009

    Posted on Friday, May 8, 2009 by Laurie Zieber


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      James 1:26-3:18
      In Uncategorized on May 9, 2009 at 6:33 am

      Chapter 1:26-27

      vs. 26 – 27  Anyone who claims Christianity but is not sensitive and responsive to the needs of another in a practical way is blowing smoke. Jesus was a practical responder to the needs that accompany the human condition.  No friend of Christ would offer a quotation of Christian-ese in the face of a person who has a need.

      Chapter 2

      vs. 1-13 Are you concerned about the friendship you made with another follower of Christ or with a person who needs to witness His power through your life?   Is there even a hint of nausea when you think of a particular person, whom you admire,seeing that you are having coffee with a person not quite at the same wrung of the ladder as the people with whom you share lunch after Sunday service?  Where do you meet people filled with power and grace of the Holy Spirit? Do you have the addresses that are excluded from approved dwelling of the Holy Spirit? Can you google map where you are comfy and where you're not? Oh, of course you would never show cruel prejuduce against a person of  another color or a person of lesser means.  You're not that kind of person. But would you make the assumption that some other plan exists for the divorced woman with those out of control teenagers who live on your street- you know the one that just doesn't keep the lawn as nice as the rest of your neighbors?  With whom do you share your strolls around the block on a spring evening? Are you keeping an eye out for the loneliest of your neighbors or do you only walk with the ones with whom your children play?  Check yourself for your comfort level here: you may be picking and choosing those who are worthy.  No, you don't believe they're not worthy of God's grace but are they worth of your willingness to make the grace shown to your sinful self transparent at every opportunity without regard for how the association may reflect on you?

      vs 14-26  Are you speaking the lingo of all of your clubs? Do you tweet, follow, write on walls, blog and speak the language of Christian-ese  heard and spoken in Sunday school and  bible studies ? What does the lingo say to the visiting woman who has no church in her background? Do you know that she was already  isolated from the love of Christ?  Do you know she already sees that her life is not the same as those in your group?  What have your convesrations communicated to the seeker but that she is ill equipped to participate in your group for she does not even share the language?  Should your experience of abiding in Christ and He abiding in you not cause your mind and your heart to search desperately for the words that will  describe?  The knowledge of this Jesus does deserve more than the repetitions of  the catchy and the cute, does it not? This is no club, this is no social association we have here.  Jesus is no respecter of  positions or will he tolerate positioning within His church that excludes even one who seeks Him.

      Chapter 3

      vs. 1-18 Stop talking with the intention of telling people how much you know.  And don't gaze at that podium with ambition in your eyes.  If you want to tell someone what you know of Him- tell Him.  And then listen.   The filter of your experience sometimes skews your understanding. Tell Him and then ask Him to show you how to live it.  You don't know what you don't know- that's the case with your mouth.  Of course, you  wouldn't scream obscenities at another person or call them ugly names.  But when you talk as much as you do, when you have an opinion on every single subject, when you have appointed yourself the provider of wisdom for those you say you care about  but they see that you show respect and shut your mouth around those you consider your equals, your peers- what does that say about this Christianity you claim?  It damages the reputation, that's what it does. And it doesn't take long.  Let the Holy Spirit do the teaching and you do the serving.  Your service to all people is a reflection of your faith.  They go hand in hand.  If your eyes are on that podium and not looking around you for someone to offer authentic friendship- you missed the point.  And be very careful when you befriend someone and then share that person's story with another.  If, for one minute, you used that conversation to promote yourself-you better get serious about this business of being a servant.  Your self promotion has no place in this movement.   Think about this the next time your church elects an officer.  Was your eye on that goal?  Make sure you've checked yourself against the spirit of Christ.  If there remains one shred of selfish ambition in you- you're not ready.  If you recognize that ambition in the moment and ask Christ to remove it- you're on the right track.


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