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  • Journals

    3 posts, 3 voices, 769 views, started Oct 4, 2008

    Posted on Saturday, October 4, 2008 by Sherri Tarran


    • Amethyst

      Do any of you keep a journal?  I decided this year that not only would I start my own journal, unlike a diary, I decided to start at the beginning - write down all of my family history, childhood memories, bucket list, etc so that years from now my children, their children, etc etc could have a sense of who I was.  I decided to do this because I have some health issues (demylenation in my brain stem and possibly ms which is causing some memory loss) I wanted to get all of this stuff down in case I can’t remember them some day.

      Anyway, I also decided to write a journal for each of my daughters.  I want them to know all of the little things I remember from their childhood, how loved and wanted they were (are) and stuff like that.  I don’t know how long they will take to finish, but I just felt like it would be one of the greatest gifts I could give to them and also decided not to rush them (I originally planned on giving them to them on Christmas but my husband convinced me to take my time and that I could give them to them on any day, didn’t have to be a special occasion.

      After I get those done I thought maybe I should write one for my mom - she raised us as a single parent and there is so much I respect about her and the way she did things, always making sure we had what we needed and tried to give us also what we wanted.  Things I have never said to her.  I want her to know that I love her for all of the little stuff, I want to share with her the memories I have with her etc etc - kind of a “love journal to mom“.

      Has anybody else done anything like this?  I went to the bookstore and bought really beautiful journals - they had a great selection, but I have also heard from people who have done them on the computer.

      I am enjoying “reliving” all of those special little moments and it makes me happy and excited to write in them each day.


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          Amy L. Harden wrote Oct 4, 2008
        • I love the fact that you have decided to do this, especially since you are dealing with an illness that might steal these memories from you. I have also heard of people creating video journals in these circumstances....another venue for you to explore for your children...then they could actually see you telling the stories.  GMA or was it 20/20 featured a woman several years ago who had teminal cancer, who created a video journal for her daughter knowing that she would not be present at certain milestones in her daughter’s life, like her: 16th birthday, graduation from high school, wedding day, the birth of her children...the possibility that her father may want to remarry.  What a gift these video diaries must be to this young girl...probably instrumental in her growth and wellbeing.  

          So, yes...what you are creating is a powerful and wonderful gift to your daughters and to the mother that has raised you...really to the world.  You are building a legacy that will live long past your memory and even your life.  We should all do this sort of matter who we are...we all contribute to this world in one way or another...why shouldn’t those close to us know the details of the story?  The story is something that keeps on giving long after we are gone...we gain significance through it.

          This post has warmed my heart.  May God bless you sherri64 and keep you healthy and strong...may your family recieve your gift of words...they are priceless!

          You are in my prayers!

          Numbers 6: 24-26

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          Sherri Tarran wrote Oct 5, 2008
        • Thank you so much Shepherdess5!  Your kind words are encouraging and let me know that I am doing the right thing.  I don’t know how long it will take me to accomplish these journals, but I know they are important - I even went to the back of my 1st daughter’s journal and including my advice for her - just little things that I have learned a long the way that may be a help to her later on.  

          I feel so fortunate to have found this website - to see that I am not alone and it has renewed my spirit!!
          take care!!

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