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    1 posts, 1 voices, 276 views, started Feb 4, 2009

    Posted on Wednesday, February 4, 2009 by Denise Richardson


    • Diamond

      Learning to Love - Pt. 3

      1Cor. 13:6 (Love) does not rejoice in unrighteousness, but rejoices
      with the truth
      The truth hurts sometimes, especially when it comes to love. When you
      really love someone, and they lie to you, it really hurts. First of
      all, the trust is broken and you have to build trust back up. You may
      have had years of trust in a person only to find out that you were
      being lied to. That’s a hard thing to live with, but if you really
      love someone, you will allow time to heal and get past things like
      that. Even though lying is a horrible trust breaker, love is worth
      bearing it. And because the Word says the truth makes you free, even
      though you may have been hurt because you were lied to, once the real
      truth comes, you can rejoice in the freedom that the truth brings.

      The same goes with the truth of unrighteousness. When truth comes
      through Jesus Christ and his Word, sometimes it hurts, especially when
      you have lived a lie for so long. But you have to get past that hurt
      and move on in the love that Christ has shown you by giving you the
      truth. You see, you can believe in something, and it can be a total
      lie. And when the truth comes, it will sometimes hurt to change your
      mind because you become angry at the people that lied to you in the
      first place. We have to make sure that we act on the truth of God and
      not just stay hurt. When the preacher unknowingly preaches against
      some of our secret things, we cannot get upset, but we must rejoice
      that opportunity has come for change. When you are hurt severely by a
      church or minister, you must rejoice because God is showing you that in
      this flesh, we all fall short and no man is above error. When you are
      hurt by a loved one and you can’t believe they did the thing that they
      did to you, you must rejoice because they have revealed to you their
      weakness and you can rise above that action so that you will not do it
      to anyone. Real love does not enjoy seeing you mess up, but real love
      rejoices in the truth! Love wants you better but you can’t be better
      unless you learn to accept the truth. Even though it may be uneasy to
      bear, it will definitely change us for the better. Always remember
      that the truth is the enemy of the devil and as long as you are living
      a lie, you are living with the devils words. When the truth comes, we
      don’t have to follow the lie anymore, so it is liberating and really
      does make us free. So, talk to your love ones directly and always be
      honest and true to the ones you love. Real love will always embrace
      truth and rejoice in it.

      Suggested Reading: John 8:32, Col. 3:9, James 5:20, 1Cor. 13:7, 1John


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