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  • List the Top Three Things that Drive You Crazy!

    13 posts, 8 voices, 843 views, started Apr 5, 2008

    Posted on Saturday, April 5, 2008 by Amy L. Harden


    • Garnett

      1.  Low-rise jeans - they hit right where my muffin top starts...Mid-rise eventually slip down there too...High-rise jeans make me look frumpy because they cut the leg too baggy.  I don’t care what you call them...Drew, Marissa, Bridget, Boyfriend...give me an old fashioed pair of Fred Astaire pants and I’ll be able to hold everything up from my hips up to my bra!

      2.  Joy Behar on “The View” - Anything I could openly say about Ms Behar would not be nice....but give me a break Joy...your comments on most subjects are not funny, lean very much to the right AND you are definitely not informed.  Your quips are supposed to be funny, but end up coming out as just just being mean and bitter.  

      3.  The fact that my teenage daughters borrow my clothes now that I have revamped my wardrobe from “mommy-wear“: sweats, t-shirts and sweatshirts emblazoned with my kid’s school logo across the front and Target’s newest athletic footwear to classy, elegant and breezy fashions from The Limited or Victoria Secret and shoes from Macy’s or DSW.  Hey, wait a minute....the only thing that is hanging in my closet is those stupid sweats and t-shirts....GIRLS!!!!!!!


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          Yana Berlin wrote Apr 11, 2008
        • 1.Low rise jeans YAAAAAA, that had to be the worst invention EVER.....and yes, I’m well aware it was the best thing for some gals that don’t have a tiny waist, but for me it was a complete disaster.

          I rather hide my roll of “baby fat” tucked away than show it off for all to see.

          2. Tattoos - nothing wrong with the latest trend, but come on, let’s get serious besides having our loved ones around do we really want something that is forever????

          3. What drives me nuts is the fact that I really can’t keep up with everything that goes matter how hard I try....this information age is out of control

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          Amy L. Harden wrote Apr 13, 2008
        • OMG...I feel the same way about tatoos!  I served in the Navy for 16 years and not once contemplated a tatoo like my fellow female sailors...I don’t even like them on men that much.  Though I will admit there is some beautiful art in some tatoos...but not on me...or my kids and husband...thank you very much.

          One of my daughters has threatened to get one as soon as she turns 18 years old...“Not a big one, Mom...only a tiny one..on my hip or ankle.”

          My response:  “If God wanted you to have a tatoo, He would have put one there...oh, hold it...He does sort of give people tatoos...moles, birthmarks and people spend most of their lives trying to get rid of those. I spent nine months growing you...if I wanted a canvas I would have gone to an art store and bought one.”

          Let me add another to my list....

          Piercings...belly button rings, tongue rings, nose rings...nipple rings...OMG... all places that no way am I going to have anyone sticking a needle or earring into...all too senstive for me.

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          Yana Berlin wrote Apr 13, 2008
        • Couldn’t agree more. Belly button ring is so cute, that is until we get a little older, and the skin gets a bit flabbier,
          no THANK YOU.

          Glad we are on the same page.


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          Stephanie wrote Apr 13, 2008
        • 1. The man in front of me at Starbucks who constantly asks 10 questions every morning, yet always orders the same drink in the end. Does he not get it that the same 5 people behind him are so annoyed with his ridiculous, repetitive questions?arghhhh

          2. When women wear sweat pants with high heels. What are you thinking? If you are going to wear a sweat suit, enjoy yourself in tennis shoes! If you want to dress up- do it right, and wear clothes that match!

          3. Eyebrow piercings- what is the point??? I understand earrings, and am not a fan of belly button rings, but I can deal with the sight of them. However, what is the point of an eyebrow ring?Its certainly not an accessory- I don’t think so anyways... how about you? What do you think about pop artist Fergie who has a cute face, and this horrible hole in her brow?

          What do you ladies think? I love this question! I could go on forever.

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          Amy L. Harden wrote Apr 14, 2008
        • I had totally forgotten about the eyebrow ring...I agree...can’t understand the purpose of it and it looks like it might hurt or feel annoying or something.  

          I will say this about piercings though...if a nose piercing or another type is part of a culture’s traditional dress...such as, women from India have tasteful that I believe can be beautiful.

          It makes sense because we accept it as something that comes along with the culture, the meaning is cultural....while culturally here in the US the meaning is an act of rebellion or even attached to a certain group (Goths, punk-rocker, rebellious teens...etc.), to which we may hold a stereotype...having these piercings and even tatoos can say alot more then just having them...they send messages, having meaning for the person who has them(trying to make a statement about thtemselves, relaying a message)....AND...can create a false impression on those who are seeing the person who wears them(message received, whether it’s true or not).  

          In fact, ear piercing was a very radical thing to do back when I was young, unless it was part of your culture.  My straight-laced, raised in the Depression, mother and father just about had coronaries when they discovered I’d let my best friend pierce my ears when I was 15 yeras old.  I think my mother is still having “the vapors” over that one....but, in any case, the only piercing that I think makes sense...may be ear piercing, as long as it isn’t those corks or stud-things that make big holes...OMG...what are those kids thinking.

          In any case, even though I don’t like them or understand their purpose in relation to myself or my children...if someone else wants to do is just a shame when piercings and tatoos distract and make an otherwise beautiful person...well, not so much!

          Stephanie: you said you could go on forever...okay...what else do ya got?


          PS Who wears high heels with sweats?!! I have never seen that one.

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          Stephanie wrote Apr 14, 2008
        • I agree that piercings that are part of a culture, such as indians women who have nose rings, is a beautiful piercing.

          I also have found that people that want to classify themselves under a certain group outside of religion, such as the “gothicks”
          tend to do outrageous things to stand out from the ordinary.

          By piercing themselves all over their body in effort to be different from those around them, they are making a statement that screams
          original and different.

          Aside from my personal dislike of eyebrow rings, I am almost “freaked out” by the piercings that I have seen mostly on the younger generation,
          where an individual stretches their ear in a round shape, so that the  extra skin expands and after a while, remains permanent. I have seen this in some cultures in my early studies of tribes.

           I would like to find out if these piercings (ear strech & indian nose ring among a few) have a specific meaning, and how they came to be classified under a certain culture.

          ANy ideas?

          p.s. i have seen women wear sweats with heels...believe it or not!

          More to come....

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          Angie08 wrote Apr 14, 2008
        • Aside from the el natural unbearable sound of chalk on a blackboard, i can not stand balloons. My children love them, but they make me shriek. The sound is  horrific to my ears.

          Speaking of the man at starbucks who holds up the line, if you are going to pay with coins at a cafe, coffee place, or grocery store, that is fine by me, but please count your 50 pennies before hand, so that all of us in line do not have to suffer!

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          Dana Hall wrote Apr 14, 2008
        • 1. MEAN PEOPLE—life is too short to have to deal with them! And, since I hit 40, I simply won’t take it anymore!  

          2. Stupid people—if you cannot figure out what to do when the light turns green, or the fire trucks are blaring their sirens at you, PULL OVER, get out, and step away from the vehicle FOR GOOD!  

          Ok, now that I got that off my chest.... hmmmmm...  

          3. The rising cost of gas, food, housing, and basically everything as our salaries refuse to keep up!

          Whew! I feel much better!
          ;) Thanks for asking!

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          Dana Hall wrote Apr 14, 2008
        • Too funny, Yana! I agree. Oprah told us to throw away our “Mom” jeans, and now look what we’ve got to deal with! (I admit, I kept a couple pairs of levi’s for working around the house, yard. I don’t wanna flash that stuff at my neighbors!)

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          Amy L. Harden wrote Apr 20, 2008
        • You are too funny, Dana...I have done the same thing also.

          The other day I went into The Limited and my gal-pals that work there rushed up to me telling me about their new jeans that were supposed to be higher than all the others that they have in their stock.  They were so excited about telling me this cause they thought finally they would shut the old lady that comes in and complains about her muffin top and low-rise jeans.  I quickly grabbed a pair and rushed in to the dressing room to try them on...thinking the whole time, "Finally, I'll be able to buy a pair of jeans that will hold the muffin in!"  I quickly pulled them on and lo' and behold their it was...a cut in half muffin top...not so much hanging over the top..just sort of cinched in...YUCK!  I sadly took them off and handed the jeans back to the salesgirl saying "Back to the drawing board...increasing the waist band by less than a half a centimeter does not wrangle a mid-life woman's muffin top problem...I want it hit just below my belly button, hold me in and don't increase the thighs to do it.  If the designers would get this one right and put a reasonable price on it...they would sell a million of 'em"

          Sadly, I am wearing my low-risers with a a pair of “Spanx“...God forbid, if my shirt rises up for all to see what I doing to keep the muffin tamed.  LOL



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          Loretta wrote Apr 30, 2008
        • 1. People who can’t follow instructions. They hold up the rest of us who actually do pay attention.

          2. When I can’t do something at my own speed. (I see a pattern here).

          3. When people want something for nothing.

          I agree on the tattoos and piercings. Although my husband has tattoos, which we’ve spent several thousand on trying to remove. I could never put something on my body that I couldn’t wash off...that would drive me crazy. Plus, what is it going to look like when you‘re 80...ewww.

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