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  • Loving Yourself

    4 posts, 4 voices, 1106 views, started Jan 26, 2009

    Posted on Monday, January 26, 2009 by Ms-kay


    • Carnelian

      Everyone wants to love and be loved. Love is Power. Self-Love is the power to accept yourself exactly as you are at this moment and the confidence to allow grace, meaning and focus to flow into your life.

      When you love yourself, you honor your essence, your unique and eternal Spirit, which changes the way you perceive yourself and the world around you and, ultimately, how you are perceived by others’ changes.

      Remember how you felt about yourself as a small child? You were fascinated with yourself, spending endless hours in adoring contemplation of your body, eagerly exploring yourself and your world. You expected to be well cared for; to be unconditionally loved. You reveled in your newness, in your Being and you celebrated each moment. You lived in Joy.

      Have you ever felt you believed you were not good enough, not deserving of the best this life has to offer?

      You had parents, teachers, adults in your life who, with the best intentions and thinking that they were preparing you for the world, focused on telling you what they thought was wrong.  

      Maybe, almost all the attention paid to you was when you were being told “No,” “Don’t,” “Bad,” and in your childish mind that’s who you were - you perceived that you were being judged and found wanting.

      And now, you are programmed to hear the voices of the Judge, the Parasite, the Saboteur and the Victim in your heads telling you that you are not good enough or brave enough, that what happens to you is out of your control, that you are a victim of the whims and domination of others. You are conditioned to give credence to these voices.

      “So,” you ask, “what can I do to change things if that’s how I am conditioned to think and feel?”

      Tell yourself, gently and lovingly, that you are not these voices; you are a powerful and loving being, a unique, wise and joyous Spirit.

      Know, that your Spirit is waiting for you to acknowledge it - waiting to break free of the fetters in which it is imprisoned by your pain - waiting, patiently, to show you the road to Freedom, to Love, to Power. Your Spirit is knocking on the door of your unconscious; and when you open that door, even a crack, you find that your life is full of the magic, wonder and intense joy that comes from loving who you are and living in the present moment.

      Recognize that 95% of what you do is Right; pay attention to your successes rather than the 5% that is not going the way you think it should. Take responsibility for what is Right in your life and for your actions and your consciousness. Believe that no matter what challenge you are faced with, you will successfully navigate through it, emerging stronger and better able to handle whatever life plops on your plate.

      When you look at yourself in the mirror, see your beauty, not your flaws. When you talk about yourself, speak kind and loving words - speak about what is going Right for you - speak of your successes; ignore your perceived failures. And when you act, Act as if you are the Beautiful, Successful, Abundant and Joyful Spirit that you truly are. Let Well-Being illuminate every thought. Feel Good about you.

      Cherish your Spirit and respect the Spirit and choices of those around you. And, above all, listen to your Heart, your Intuition, to the voice of your Spirit, whispering softly in your ear.

      Savor each opportunity presented to you. Know that each moment you are alive is a precious gift. If this moment is wasted, it will never come again.

      Take each day as it comes, using whatever you have or are given, at this moment, and allow your life to unfold before you like the petals of a flower opening to reveal unimaginable beauty, and a strength and courage you did not know you possessed.

      When you deliberately focus on loving yourself and realize that you are adored by your Divine Source, that you are deserving of everything that you desire, you open the door to your Heart and you journey into the Great Unknown, a place where Magic, Mystery and Divine Love live inside you.


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          Maria68 wrote Jan 27, 2009
        • Hi ms.kay,

          Thank you so much for these precious words, they come at a very pivotal time in my life. Thank you very much.

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          Coachmombabe wrote Jan 27, 2009
        • msKay, you would make an awesome Transformational Life Coaching Coach! If you ever think about relocating and want a job that doesn’t pay anything except in blessings, you let me know, okay? ;o)

          It took me soooo long to learn these things myself. It is truly powerful and liberating.

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