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  • New self is mad at old self

    4 posts, 4 voices, 995 views, started May 2, 2011

    Posted on Monday, May 2, 2011 by Cheekymonkey

    • although the title says it pretty clear I’ll have to say it again... New me is mad at old me

      I always thought I was a pretty organized person, on top of things in my life. Had my agenda ( which I still am never without ) , had my calendar of the weeks events on fridge and updated every Sunday, files for things, in/out box for mail, place to hang keys ect. Ect.
      Wow the old me sounds together. It’s a sham! Lol
      Since the new me is now running the show and tring very hard to figure out my place I’ve realized I was never organized! I was a control freak! There is a huge difference. Because if I truely was organized I’d still be....but I’m not。
      Since. I really feel not in controlof alot of things at this stage my organization has gone to pot!!! Piles of mail. Keys on counters ( including found on bathroom counter ) adgenda skipped days because big zero to do, go or pay!!!
      This might not seem like a big deal and easily corrected to some but please trust me when I say it’s a huge huge deal to me.
      Organization to me ment I was on top of everything, that I had it all under control ... See there’s that word again

      Tring to work out where you are in life and having clutter mind, house and yes, car doesn’t go together. But , I did it when I was so freaked outabout being laid off I startedto redo, reorganize the entire house and garage! AT THE SAME TIME!!

      Stupidest well ok one of the stupidest things I’ve done in along long time!
      But now I’m all out of control, dis organized and off track! This really bites!!!
      So, I’ve learned I’m a total control freak with nothing to control. This should be fun.
      Maybe I’m just pissed because they rescheduled my surgery from the 5th to tomorrow due to the results and again no control over something I want control over
      Think I’m really mad at both old and new self.
      Hmmm 

      Well, that’s just a thought that’s going on up there.
      Can’t beleve how everyone saw me as so organized only to realize I truly wasn’t I just wanted to control it.

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          UK Girl wrote May 2, 2011
        • honey just go with it .......stop fretting about the mess unless your in danger of drowning under your mess then we will call in the hoarders team .....

          Be safe tomorrow and keep us post on how your feel - good luck honey heartheart

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          Jean1011 wrote Jun 5, 2011
        • Chris there must have been a reason why you were so much
          in control at the time and what ever it was, has been resolved.
          There is no need now for the action.
          I would turn this around for myself and say that the old me is
          mad at the the new me for letting herself go,
          and to be honest my old self would not have friends
          like my new self, they would depress her.
          We all change as we get older and have to find some way to
          bring the old self and the new together as friends rather than
          as enemies.

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