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    5 posts, 5 voices, 999 views, started Feb 23, 2008

    Posted on Saturday, February 23, 2008 by Sherri Tozzi


    • Amethyst

      Collecting “stuff” for scrapbooking is half the fun, is it not? However, it can quickly turn any room into a disaster area. I enjoy organizing as much as I do scrapbooking (okay not really) and realize the importance of knowing where things are. Here are a few tips I have found work for me:

      I believe there are a few things you should consider before heading out to the store to buy organizational supplies. These steps will help you know what you need before you begin.

      Categorize what you have and what is needed to scrapbook.

        Scrapbooking, while there is a great deal of fun stuff to create with, when you break down the general categories, it makes it seem less overwhelming.

      This is the one item a scrapbooker can't live without. I personally have a true paper problem. (The problem is, I can never have enough!) You may also have a growing collection.  Here's a little advice:

      Plan for growth, not for what you have in stock today!
      Do you want to store your paper horizontally or vertically? I have tried both methods through the years and found that storing my cardstock and patterned papers vertically makes it easier to pull paper out as I need it. It also helps easily locate the colors that I want. I have each cardstock color divided by plastic holders (offered by Cropper Hopper). Each cardstock color that I purchase comes in packs of 24 sheets, which happens to fit perfectly in these plastic holders. Labeling them by color name aids in locating the color I need quickly.
      Another piece of advice that I have is to consider the different paper that you have. Do you have Scrapbooking Kits yet to be made? What about pages in progress?  Specialty papers? These items, while they fall into the "paper" category, still need to be easily distinguishable from the other papers, or you can forget what you have.  

      I have been incorporating stamping in with my Scrapbooking now for ten years and, when I began, I stored my wood mounted stamp collection on display shelves that I had mounted on my walls. Now, instead of bulky wood-mounted stamp sets, I have a collection of acrylic stamps. Each stamp set comes already packaged in a 6 1/2×6 1/2 plastic snap shut envelope making them super easy to store. The boxes that store them each hold 15 stamp sets. The beauty of the My Acrylix boxes are that they fit most standard book shelves. The shelf that I had made using Closets By Design, were measured specifically to accommodate 3 boxes wide by 2 boxes deep on each shelf. A quick glance at my shelf and you would never guess that that small area can house 450 stamp sets! The Close To My Heart acrylic stamps also come color coded by theme. In each theme, I  store them alphabetically by stamp set name, and knowing what is in each box is pretty easy. I have used my labeler to identify quickly what theme each box holds, so grabbing what I need is always an easy task.  

      I keep my ink pads stacked up on my shelf next to my stamp sets. As a proven time-saver, they are divided into color groups that have been predetermined to be ones that coordinate with one another. Instead of keeping them in color groupings (all the reds being together, and all the greens being together, etc...,) I have put all of the warm tones in one stack, all the spring colors together, summer colors together, so I know which colors go with which when it comes time to use them. Close To My Heart has already divided them up into these seasonal color groupings.  


      If you have a number of ink pads and want to store them in this user friendly way, however, there are several different means to go about this. One, you can go to your local home improvement center (paint department) and pick up color swatches or color wheels.  Another quick and easy way is to look at seasonal candies (i.e. skittles, m+m's, and the like) and see the different colors that have been grouped together in those packs.  These colors have been selected to be eye appealing so it can be used to offer help if needed. Behind the stacks of ink pads, I have organizational totes that our company offers, and they hold a complete ink pad set of 12.  This is great for taking the ink pads on the go.

      When I'm busy creating a layout, it becomes easy to mix up the different color groups.  Come cleanup time, organization is key, and I've found a color-coded system that helps keep the different color groupings together.  Using color dot stickers (they can be found at any office supply store), I'm able to label the different ink pads that go together. With spring tones, for instance, a yellow sticker can be placed on the bottom of each ink pad to make restacking them a breeze.  In using the stickers, I have the freedom to pick and choose any color mixture, knowing that each grouping can be easily put back using this color coded system.  

      Consider the dimensions of your room-
      Carefully look at the wall space in your room and consider the items above that you will need to craft to your hearts content.  Doing so will help tremendously in designing your room. My scraproom is a modest 12'x 20' (240 square feet) but its odd shape made me have to consider the space carefully in order for it to work for my growing needs.  Four areas in this room have sliding glass doors.  Knowing the dimensions of the organizer boxes and the products you have help you in knowing what size shelves and how many of them will fit on your walls.  

      The cost factor -
      My scraproom started out as being a collection of miscellaneous furniture (drawers, shelves, etc...) that I had to use to store all of my scrapbooking supplies, while my king-sized bed served as the table.  Often times this is how our rooms begin.  If this sounds like you, my advice would be that it's vital to measure the interior space of the miscellaneous furniture in your room and cross-reference those measurements to the categories of products you have in order to maximize your working environment.  This will considerably cut down on clutter.  If you're getting your own space for the first time and you're looking to build it out, take the time to write out what you want in the room as well as measurements, and consider that into the space that you have available.  This could include shelving, boxes with drawers, containers, and whatever other items you may be looking at to further accommodate your needs.    

      You can view my scraproom though a slideshow on my website Just click on the My Art link and you will find it there.


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          Angie08 wrote Feb 23, 2008
        • Thanks for the tips- i literally have to be in a room where there is a ton of space so i can spread out all of my materials... but breaking it down into smaller portions may just help. Im going to try it soon. Hopefully within the next 2 weeks I will make some time..perhaps my husband will help me as well.

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          Cocofix41 wrote May 28, 2010
        • Id love to scrapbook my boys’ things that Ive collected over the years I just get so overwhelmed when i open their bins up and look at everything in front of me and then i just get overwhelmed and dont know where to start.
          I know ill get to it just have to dedicate myself to it.

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          Anne E wrote May 28, 2010
        • good advice  i’ve got lots to scrapbook- i need to get organized

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          Kyah wrote May 28, 2010
        • I have a large rubber stamp collection, of sets and of designs I made myself. There used to be a company called Inkadinkado that would transform a design into a rubber stamp and as a cartoonist, I went wild and crazy. They‘re still in business but no longer do the custom rubber stamps. There’s another company called Silver Crow that has a lot of ‘strange’ stamps, which has also been getting a lot of my money. I use them to decorate different things like postcards, envelopes and letters.

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