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    1 posts, 1 voices, 816 views, started Apr 7, 2009

    Posted on Tuesday, April 7, 2009 by Trudy S


    • What is Isagenix?

      Isagenix is a complete approach to nutritional cleansing that includes “cleanse days,” periods of low-calorie intake, and “shake days,” where one or two meals are replaced with nutrient-rich drinks.  

      The “nutritional cleansing” line provides vitamins, minerals and herbs that accelerate the removal of toxins and impurities from the body. Products include shakes, soups and bars designed to help burn fat and maximize nutrient intake, as well as supplements designed to control hunger, boost energy and improve muscle tone. Supplements are available in 9-day or 30-day systems to facilitate a complete approach to nutritional cleansing.  

      Founded in 2002, Isagenix embraces a two-fold mission of impacting world health and providing people with the opportunity to obtain financial freedom. Isagenix manufactures and markets products designed to address health challenges such as obesity, nutritional depletion, stress and environmental toxicity. Our product lines include nutritional cleansing, supplements and skin care.  

      Isagenix’s nutritional supplements are designed to replace the nutrients that are missing from the typical Western diet and to help cleanse impurities from the body. They contain nutrients that enhance the absorption of other health-delivering ingredients. The supplement line includes antioxidants to help neutralize free radicals; a woman’s formula that promotes bone health, luminous skin and hair, and relief from pre-menstrual symptoms; energy-boosting drinks to replenish nutrients lost during exercise; a supplement providing the equivalent of 30 fruits, and others.  

      Isagenix also offers IsaDermix skincare products developed to clean and replenish skin the same way the company’s nutritional products cleanse and replenish the body. IsaDermix products combine natural ingredients with advanced technologies to create a specialized line of products that promote optimum skin health. IsaDermix skin care offers a complete line of facial and body products, including cleansers, anti-aging toners, moisture-rich creams, eye creams and body washes.  

      Five Reasons Why It's So Easy to Start an Isagenix® Business  

      Think back to when you first said "yes" to Isagenix®. Sure, you may have been skeptical if the products would really work. Then you took the leap, tried the products and now you love them.

      So have you taken the next step and started your own Isagenix business yet? If you're worried that it may take too much time or cost too much, you're not alone. We spoke with some of our new business builders who were in the same place as you not long ago to find out why they decided to start their own Isagenix businesses.

      Find out how Isagenix makes it so easy to take your success story with the products and turn it into residual income with your own business. Hundreds of thousands before you have taken the leap and many are now enjoying the financial freedom they've only dreamed of, so what do you have to lose?

      Here are five reasons why it's so easy to start your own Isagenix business:  

         1. You Can Get Started Right Now.  

            Everything you need to get started is ready and waiting for you! Unlike starting a small business anywhere else, your marketing materials and very own state-of-the-art Web site are just a click away. Plus, your customers can literally visit your Web site today and start ordering products right away. It's that easy and that fast.

         2. It's a Minimal Investment For a Maximum Return.  

            Most people think starting their own business is a huge investment. In fact, the average new small business costs upwards of $250,000! But starting your Isagenix business is definitely not like that. For only a $39 annual enrollment fee, you already have your own professional business. And, since Isagenix is your food, you can consume the products you order and even save on your normal grocery bill. You may also enjoy several tax benefits simply by having your own home-based business.

         3. You Don't Have to Hire Staff or Manage Stock.

            Unlike other companies, with Isagenix you don't have to buy a bunch of products, keep a stock in your garage or even ship the products to your customers. We take care of the shipping for you. Plus, you're not hiring workers: you're building a team! By creating a dynamic team of people, you'll work and succeed together.

         4. You Don't Need a Sales Background.  

            You don't have to be an expert in network marketing or in sales to succeed in Isagenix. If you have the passion to help people get healthy and create financial freedom, then you're hired. You'll have your personal sponsor and your team to help provide mentoring and coaching. Plus, your Back Office is available 24/7 and provides tons of training and resources to help you succeed. Also, remember that your biggest sales tool is sharing your story- you're living proof that our revolutionary products are transforming lives.

       *  5. Your Time is Your Own.*  

            Unlike a typical 9-to-5 job, you decide what your hours are, how much time you want to devote to your business and ultimately, how much money you want to make. Plus, even if you go on vacation or have to take a break for a bit, you don’t ever stop earning. Your checks will keep coming in because it's a residual income—how often does that happen when you own a small business?

      If you are an Associate, you already have your very own Isagenix business with everything you need to pave your way to greater wealth—check out our top resources and get started on your business today!

          "I once tried network marketing with another company, but you had to buy all kinds of stuff in order to get your business moving. But, with Isagenix, it's ridiculously easy and so inexpensive to get your business going."

          - Ann Mansfeld, Connecticut, 1 Star Silver Circle and 100-Pound Club Member  

          "I'm putting in less than part-time hours and making more than a part-time job* - we can put in a few hours and still reap the benefits."

          - Paula & Karl Keltner, Missouri, Consultants  

          "It's so incredibly easy and inexpensive to start your Isagenix business. I run five health clubs and am busy seven days a week, but it's a great way to take my mind off of my main job and have a little fun when I have a few free moments."

          - Jonathan Epstein, Massachusetts, Consultant  

      *Earning levels and ranks for Isagenix® Independent Associates should not be construed as representative of fixed or typical income earned with an Isagenix business, nor are they intended to represent that other Associates will eventually achieve the same level of income or rank. Income level achievements are dependent upon individual business skills, personal ambition, timing, commitment, activity and demographic factors.  

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      Isagenixbeliever, Your links have been removed, please consider upgrading to premium membership.


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