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  • Power Plates

    3 posts, 3 voices, 635 views, started Feb 7, 2010

    Posted on Sunday, February 7, 2010 by UK Girl


    • Diamond

      Okay let's just state right up front I'm not a spun dry gym bunny and I would say for the last 40 years I have skilfully avoided exercise.  

      I have joined gyms and found it a daunting, scary place filled with beautiful folk in taut Lycra clinging to their perfect honed bodies – plus there was the whole performance of remembering what machine or piece of equipment did what and what weights went with each piece so I took the sofa option and read magazines on exercising ....

      So seeing all the hype and PR in magazines about Power Plates – I thought this sounds excellent I just stand on a machine and wobble the fat off and hey presto I have the body of a supermodel .....Or Kylie /Madonna/ Gwyneth.
      Okay you do stand with your knees bent but you work out for a good twenty five minutes and it's every part of your body.
      At Powertone Studios you get a 25 minute total body workout and will have used most of the major muscle groups in the body by the end of the session: quads (legs), biceps and triceps (the dreaded bingo wings), core muscles; abs, glutes and lower back.  But it's amazing and also your just working with one machine and you don't have to memorise what each piece of equipment is doing you just concentrate on working the various parts of your body.

      The sessions always starts with a warm up on the plate to wake up the muscles and get you used to the vibration level you will be working with (always the lowest setting for beginners slowly progressing up with time and ability).  Exercises differ in every session but you are always guaranteed a total body workout in just 25 minutes.  

      You might find yourself doing squats, lunges, press ups, tricep dips, abdominal crunches, glute holds, boxing or a combination of these with various different pieces of equipment to enhance the effects of the exercise and to keep your workout varied. At the studio we used medicine balls, dumb bells, Swiss balls, Pilate's rings, boxing gloves, dyna bands and more to ensure you get as much out of the 25 minutes as possible.  

      The sessions always finish with a stretch on the Power Plate (proven to improve our stretch reflex) and then a massage on the legs both back and front plus back. A very welcome way to end a session as not only is it relaxing but you are also getting the benefit of the higher vibration setting to increase lymphatic drainage and circulation after a workout and we have many members who have seen an improvement in the appearance of their cellulite and varicose veins.

      Power Plate training is a form of strength training which is important for everyone to include in their fitness training but especially important for women. There are many myths about strength training amongst women, mainly the fear that any form of resistance exercise will make them bulk up. This is a misconception - the vast majority of women cannot build large muscles because we are genetically incapable of doing so; we just don’t have that amount of testosterone to build bulky muscles so it would take an incredible effort and possibly steroid abuse to get anywhere near to looking like Arnie!  

      Did you know you lose half a kilo of muscle per year after the age of 35? The benefits of strength training for women are:
      •Prevents and reduced back pain by building strong core and lumbar muscles
      •Prevents osteoporosis as bones and connective tissue (ligaments and tendons) are strengthened and bone density increased
      •Your resting metabolic rate is increased and so you burn more body fat
      •Muscle fibre size is increased: muscles consume more energy than fat and so our metabolism is further boosted
      •You feel and look stronger - reducing your risk of injury later in life
      •Muscle tone enhances your appearance
      Am I addicted yes – did I suffer afterwards – yes but not that "John Wayne walk" I could feel that I had worked out but one key thing for me – I didn't suffer any adverse back pain the next day was okay and it was day three when I had a wince sitting down as my thighs felt like I had run a marathon.  

      I am going to Powertone Studios in Battersea and I love Nadyne as she has a great technique – she showed me how to do each exercise , she then was on the next Power Plate actually doing the exercise so I could see her in action and best of all each exercise only lasts a short period. I don't know if she saw the fear in my eyes after she explained I wouldn't be just stood wobbling but actually working out but she made exercise fun .......... yes me saying that.

      You can also just try out one session for £20( which for me made all the difference as I was able to just turn up try out a session and didn't have to take out an expensive gym membership.

      As someone who always has an outfit to suit every occasion another plus is you can just rock up in comfortable clothes which have room for movement.


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          Vikki Hall wrote Feb 7, 2010
        • This sounds really interesting Vicki. I know as I have aged my balance is NOT what it used to be....or could it be because I’m not wearing heels like I used to so my balance is thrown out of wack....either way I have to work on my balance...this sounds like it may help!

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          UK Girl wrote Feb 8, 2010
        • Vikki - I just love this as I’m really exercising and also it’s 30 minutes and I come away buzzing - plus I like the non gym atmosphere ...

          You can hire them for home monthly but we live in an apartment with no lift and wooden floors so not ideal but one friend has one in her garage and does her 30 mins a day there

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