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  • Questions for Chapters 1 and 2

    18 posts, 7 voices, 640 views, started Nov 17, 2008

    Posted on Monday, November 17, 2008 by Fab40


    • Amethyst

      1. What do you think Cisco decided to live in the mountains

         alone after she lost her eyesight rather than hire    


      2. What are your thoughts about the “triplets“? Which is    

         your favorite?

      3. How does Jonathans behavior toward his mother and  

         children strike you?

      4. Do you think Jonathan considered his childrens’  

         feelings prior to changing the apartment in NYC? and  

         why didn’t he change Cisco’s room?

      5. What are your thoughts about “Lexy“? Do you think  

         the “triplets” assement of her is fair or too harsh?

      I will post my answers later.  I want to let all of you start the flow of our discussion.


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          Lisa Middlesworth wrote Nov 17, 2008
        • 1. She’s one tough lady! I’m pretty sure she didn’t want her son to know that she need help for fear that he would put her in a home.

          2. The Trips pretty much know that their dad is not himself and will do whatever it takes to care for Cisco.
          I would have to say that Sara and Hanna so far are my favorite. Sam is just sort of there.

          3. I believe that Lexy has some kind of grip on him. I really don’t think he is acting this way by choice. Lexy is playing him!

          4. I’m not sure why he didn’t change Cisco’s room. I believe Lexy manipulated somehow. She probably knew she would be pushing her luck with the trips if she changed Cisco’s room. Or maybe Johnathan put his foot down about it.

          5. I think they are right on the money about not trusting her. They know that dad has been known for his arm charms, but this one has some kind of grip on him.

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          Jean Walter wrote Nov 17, 2008
        • 1. I feel as though Cisco doesn’t want to lose her independence and be a burden to her son and grandchildren. With my own mother turning 79 today and still living by herself, I know this extremely important to her.

          2. The trips come across to me as partners in crime.. which is usually the case with multiples. There is a bond there that no one can break through. At this point I don’t have a favorite yet.

          3. I think Jonathan’s behavior is very controlling without being sympathetic to his mother’s needs. I realize he wants the best care for his mother but I feel he could have tried to compromise with her instead of throwing her in to assisted living.  

          4. As far as his children are concerned I feel as though Jonathan is thinking more of himself and making a new start then how it will affect his children. I think he didn’t change Cisco’s room because he still doesn’t want to let go of all the memories and probably out of respect for his mother.

          5.The trips assessment of Lexy seems normal to a little immature to me. I can understand their resentment because of all the major changes that were made to their rooms with out their imput but they should respect their father enough to give her a chance and get to know her better.

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          Darla5 wrote Nov 17, 2008
        • My Diva,

          I have not talked to you in a couple of days. Miss ya! I just got my book in the mail today ... Yeah!!! Now, I got to kick it in and start reading. I will catch up and then I can answer your questions.

          Hope all of you gals are loving the book. It is what I will be reading tonight.... Bye for now!!!

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          Scootergirl1 wrote Nov 18, 2008
        • 1.  I think that Cisco knew and loved the mountains so well that she did not need her eyes. (besides, she did have her dog) Having another person (other than family) in her home would have seemed like she was giving up her independence.

          2.  I like the Trips as a group.  

          3.  I think Jonathan is going through a midlife crisis.  He thinks his mother is old and no longer of value.  He does not respect her.  As for the Trips, he still thinks of them as little children.

          4. I don’t think he considered their feelings.  Maybe he thought the’d just go with the flow.  The truth be known, he did‘nt like the apartment.
          He was still a little afraid of the mother that Cisco once was.  I think he thought he’d be in trouble if he changed her room.

          5.  Lexy the gold digger.  Fair assessment.

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          Scootergirl1 wrote Nov 18, 2008
        • Good choice of books.

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          Scootergirl1 wrote Nov 19, 2008
        • oops.  Didn’t see the rest of the questions.

          6.  I think the trips were justifiably reckless.

          7.  Lexy should have woken Jonathan. She was being sly. She does not want any kind of bond(s) between Jonathan and his family.  If Lexy can alienate him, she can control him and then his money.

          8.  Lexy is a professional. It was her goal to get him to believe.  He did.

          9.  The situation as Lexy or Jonathan?
          As Jonathan,Lexy would have understood that I am always available to my children/mother.
          As Lexy, I would have posted bail personally. (Brownie points from Jonathan. The Trips would have seen through my motives though.)

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