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  • Questions for Chapters 3 & 4

    5 posts, 5 voices, 427 views, started Nov 24, 2008

    Posted on Monday, November 24, 2008 by Fab40


    • Amethyst

      1. What did you think about the promise list?  

      2. Do you think Jonathan forgot about the promise list or  

         just simply ignored it?

      3. When Jonathan was thinking about Margie, he started  

         to soften, can you envision the kind of man he    

         was when Margie was still alive?  What    

         thoughts crossed your mind as you read that section of  

         the book?                

      4. Tell about a part of the book that really touched you.  

         For me it was when Cisco gave her scarf to Freddie at  

         the hospital.  As a pet lover that is something I    

         would have done in a heartbeat.  

      5. When Lexie stopped Jonathan from going to check on  

         his mother, why do you think he agreed with her?

      6. Cisco’s trip to the hospital was beneficial in  

         many ways.  What do you think was more theraputic  

         for her, the medical attention or the attention from  

         the triplets?  Why?

      7. Predictions on Hannah and the handsome Dr. Kelly?


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          Lorilyn wrote Nov 29, 2008
        • 1)I thought the promise list was idealistic for a family that had just gone through tragedy and expected to stay connected,no matter what.
          2)I think he may have remembered the list,but that it became part of his past with the triplets.
          3)I think he was a kind person and her death hardened his heart.he seems to keep busy and not get really emotionally tied to women
          4)One part that touched me was when they made the promises then put their hands on top of each other,a special bond was there and it showed how much they cared and their strength as a family.
          5)I think he agreed with Lexie because she said all the ‘right’ things to sway him,and acted like she cared.
          It was easier than actually caring and taking time from his schedule to take care of things.
          6)seeing the triplets was very beneficial for her. she seemed more hopeful with them around,and a little mischievious
          7)sounds like they’ve hit it off and may be seeing more of each other,much more

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          Scootergirl1 wrote Nov 30, 2008
        • I’m still here. My memory is fading a little.  I read the entire book when I got it.  (Is that like cheating?)

          1. I thought the promise list was a good idea.  It made the Trips feel safe.  I bet it felt to them that their dad was promising not to die.

          2.  I think Jonathan forgot.

          3.  Jonathan was a good husband and father.  Margie saw to that.  He loved her and was happy.  The effect trickled doen to the Trips.

          4. Thinking (and the book isn’t at my side)

          5. The power of an evil woman.  He probably did‘nt want to deal with Lexie nagging, and just dealing with his mothers situation. He knew he was wrong for taking her out of her hom.

          6.  The combination is what worked.

          7.  I’d best not answer that one.

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          Stephanie Wolf wrote Nov 30, 2008
        • Sorry, things got a little hectic with the holidays.  But I too read the entire book, it was just so good I couldn’t put it down.

          l.  I liked the idea of a promise list.  It’s so easy to forget the simple things in life.

          2.  I think both that Jonathan forgot and also decided to ignore it, especially based on where his thoughts were with his new girlfriend.

          3.  Margie was the sort of person we all would like to be - see the best in everyone, try to help everyone, understand that everyone has flaws but love them for the person they are anyway.

          4.  I agree with you, giving your scarf to your best friend, especially an animal that does not understand what is happening touches your heart.

          5.  Again, I think Jonathan was just so caught up in his new girlfriend, he would have done anything she wanted.  After not having your wife/companion around for so long, it’s hard to remember what your values are.

          6.  Tough to decide, both were so beneficial to her, but I would have to go with the medical care, as it was something she could not have gone on without.  The trips will always come for her, good times or bad.

          7.  Even though I finished the book, I think they would make a cute couple.

          Can’t wait for the next sessio!

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