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  • Resale and Vintage Shops

    5 posts, 4 voices, 546 views, started Sep 10, 2008

    Posted on Wednesday, September 10, 2008 by Cheryl Phillips


    • I’ve never been a fan of resale shops unless it was for the one thing that I love to collect...great pitchers. Yes, pitchers :)  I love any type of hand painted pitcher and have a small collection. It started with my father’s “chicken” pitcher that I loved and still cherish!!

      Well, one day my son, almost 13, asked if we could go look for vintage jeans. What? haha. Don’t they already LOOK vintage at the regular store? No...he wanted to go to a place called “SAVERS” that his friend told him about. So, off we went. My younger two were excited to go to this gigantic store with all sorts of “stuff“. If you’ve never heard of it, read here: [Link Removed]

      I was overwhelmed. It was like a giant yard sale but the size of a department store and really well organized. After 30 minutes, I was addicted. I’ve never bought a piece of clothing that doesn’t come in a pretty bag wrapped in tissue.....but I’m a stay at home Mom now with a budget that’s so tight my circulation is starting to suffer. :)

      Lo and behold...a cashmere sweater, with TAGS...never worn......from Nordstrom’s. The price on the ticket? $6. That’s not the end of it...when I got to the register, she said “Oh, this is a blue ticket, today is blue ticket day...that’s $3 today” Yikes. I was in cashmere heaven!!!! :)

      We searched around and talked to people who looked like pros. They said once a week, a color tag is picked for 4 days. Anything that color is 50% off. The following Monday, all the items with that color tag are .99 cents. OK? Wow.

      My finds? Well, besides the sweater (can’t wait for a cool night!!), we didn’t find jeans for Zachary. But he did find an LL Bean chamois shirt that was either dry cleaned or never worn in his favorite color red for $1. We looked it up at home and it was $32 online. I found three gorgeous Abercrombie and Fitch for Kids sweaters for my youngest with tags, two so perfect I can’t tell if they were worn. Total on those three? $5.

      We’ve gone back a few times. I bought a completely sealed game of LIFE for $1.99 as well as a few other games for our Sunday nites when the weather is bad. I bought a beautiful Ralph Lauren sweater for $4.

      I’ll be honest here...I will never buy shoes there (sort of makes me a little icky) or linens, sheets, etc. No way. It takes TIME to look through because of course there is junk. But spending 30 min every so often to find a new cashmere sweater is almost more satisying than sneaking ice cream.

      I never knew I had it in me to shop like it’s like a treasure hunt!!

      Cherylphillips, Your links have been removed, please consider upgrading to premium membership.


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          Stacy Gandy wrote Sep 14, 2008
        • I love Savers!  I shop Thriftko, Goodwill, Salvation Army and a host of other local thrift stores.

          I will never purchase used shoes - at times, Goodwill has new shoes that are purchased from Target.  They buy pallets of things that are discontinued or some are return items.  I bought my daughter a Nikon camera which regularly is priced $499 for $35.  It was a return item to Target because of a spec on the lense.  However, my daughter took the lense apart, blew really hard into it and, no spec!

          I’ve been going to thrift stores as soon as I could walk.  My grandmother loved them and frequented them.  She was crafty and would buy items and repurpose them.  I guess that’s where I get it from.

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          Stacy Gandy wrote Sep 14, 2008
        • ...oh, by the way, I love to collect vintage cookware (Fire King, Federal Glass, Pyrex) and butterflies (anything with butterflies)!

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          Cheryl Phillips wrote Sep 16, 2008
        • It is so much well as the amazement in finding such great deals. I also love vintage cookware! I have a few pieces of Fire King.  

          To me, doing this sort of bargain hunting is stress isn’t going to break the bank and often you can find something spectacular.

          That camera was a DEAL!!

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          Chrissyandcoco wrote Sep 17, 2008
        • Hi girls,    

          I’m trying to stay away from thrift stores.  I’m running out of storage space. I have had to have yard sales to get rid of the thrift items!  My girl friend and I temporarily rented a place to unload some of our finds. People wanted us to become a permanent thing. It is too confining to run a store when you want to go thrift shopping! What’s wrong with me?  

           I like to buy head boards,old furniture, and make it look funky! Re-purpose or make it shabby chic...And I love,love glassware. My husband is upset because he says,“the garage is for two cars not collectible junk“. “It’s not junk“, I say! Even if nothing is of REAL value. And it is well organized on steel racks so I can LOOK at it.  And I can tell you what a great deal it was and hope to GOD that I will find a use or purpose for it some day!(I usually do... eventually)  I need to become a minimalist! SERIOUSLY! Thank God our daughter’s wedding is over because I had been saving and planning for that since she was born 24 years ago. Now that stuff needs to GO! I’m working on it. OHHHHHH and I paint so I collect old frames and new ones and they are waiting for me to use them( bet I have more than 200 in my art room, some are tiny. None of them were costly and most were nearly free. I promise that after I return next week I will get busy! I promise! OHHHH and I collect 100% wool clothing and items so that someday I may decide to make a wool rug or do some more wool felting. WHEN?
          In Nashville(90 miles from me), I shop the “Thrift Store” I think it is, (they know me there..they email me about sale and etc.) and on 8th Avenue there are fun shops to stop into. When I ask to take my husband’s truck... he knows my gig! PLEASE keep me out of the Thrift Stores.  I need to resale what I have! My problem is crafts.

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