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  • Respectful question: Have you experienced negative feedback for being in a non-traditional religion?

    Love it
    12 posts, 8 voices, 1087 views, started May 15, 2010

    Posted on Saturday, May 15, 2010

    • inactive

      I’d like to know if anyone in the group has ever experienced any negative feedback for practicing a non-traditional religion. For example, I was watching a documentary on Witchcraft recently and I wondered if anyone has ever had any bad experiences for being a practicing witch and being “out of the broom closet“.  

      I’d like to think that in this day and time people have enough humanity not to judge someone harshly for believing what they feel in their heart.  

      I ask respectfully, because I believe that however someone experiences the universe and whatever they believe is up to them and not for me to judge. I have had several people make what I thought were rather rude comments on my particular kind of faith.

      Thanks for listening and talking about your experiences.


      Love it

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          Veggie wrote May 19, 2010
        • No but my beliefs are kept personal (because they are) and could care less what anyone else thinks anyway.

          I respect others choices and if they don’t respect mine, well, get away from me.  If someone chooses to ‘try’ to disrespect me, I won’t take it sitting down - that’s for sure.

          Also, I don’t take very kindly to someone trying to shove something down my throat.  Again, get away from me.  I don’t live in a cave and if there is something ‘I’ find interesting, I will investigate it.

          My beliefs are toward traditional ones, but I don’t believe I need to go to church every week.  I can be personal with my God in my home, on the bus and yes, even on the toilet estatic.  I do believe that each and every one of us has a Higher.. whatever (and I’m not it), within and it up to us, individually if we choose, to tap into that.

          In my book, whatever leads one to good... whatever works.

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          (華娃娃) ChinaDoll wrote May 19, 2010
        • If I reject or disrespect to anyone because of our differences, then what kind of a religion I am in? Vice verse.  

          Religion is to enhance one’s spiritually to be a better being.  A true spiritual inclined and practiced one should not judge any others.

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          (華娃娃) ChinaDoll wrote May 19, 2010
        • I am sorry Marie.  Mother Teresa once said “if you are a Catholic, be a good Catholic; if you are a Mormon, be a good Mormon; if you are an atheist, be a good one; etc. etc... then we will have peace in the world.”  

          Please forgive those who offend you... you are better than them in body, mind and spirit.  Your action will speak louder than your words.

          Take care, my friend.

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          Dydan Dellafata wrote May 25, 2010
        • Have I?  Oh yes.  

          I was once fired from a job for refusing to remove my Pagan jewelry.  I was young at the time and not really aware of what my legal options were.  I raised a stink, but not to the right people and in the end it just wasnt worth fighting over.  

          When I was married and raising my Ex’s kids, I had CPS come a‘knockin at my door to question me because the kids had told teachers at school we were Pagan.  The Social Worker assigned to investigate was actually very cool and quite educated on Paganism, but the fact that a teacher had to turn it into some insidious “omg the childrens” issue really made me mad.  What a waste of taxpayer money!

          I have seen friends go through very nasty divorces where custody was lost because the other parent made an issue of religion and convinced the judge to agree.

          I have seen friends lose their homes, driven out of their neighborhoods - all because of their religion.

          I have seen good, hardworking people prevented from operating their occult stores.  

          I have seen hospitals refuse to accommodate Pagan patients when they requested a Minister.  

          I am downright militant these days when it comes to my religious rights.  I understand the need some have to remain closeted, but more and more I feel the closeted folk hurt us more than help.  I just cant get past the notion that if I am closeted, it somehow implies shame.  I am not ashamed of my faith, nor should I have to slink around in the shadows in order to practice it.  For me, being closeted is dealing from a place of weakness based in fear.  I’d rather claim my power and live it openly.  I’m better these days about knowing which battles to fight and which to walk away from, but I will NEVER hide who or what I am again.

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          Trudy S wrote May 25, 2010
        • Surprised?  No.  Look at how we speak to each other when we don’t agree on things in general...relgion, politics, sahm/not. (the list goes on)

          This country and this world has lost the ability to speak civily to each other on topics on which we don’t agree.

          Rather than screaming at each other an pointing accusing fingers of ‘wrongness’ we need to discuss out differences with compassion and an open mind.  We don’t have to agree but we need to be tolerant.

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