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  • Revenge of the rollercoaster

    Love it
    4 posts, 4 voices, 1897 views, started Apr 28, 2011

    Posted on Thursday, April 28, 2011 by Cheekymonkey

    • hearttongue out well, about 18 months or so ago my family went to Knotts Berry Farm , an amusement park. We did all the shows Mark and Mellisa did the really fast , big, fast , big rollercoasters. Id go on the log ride , big footrapids... Ones that had A LOT of space because I was very fat. I didn’t know how or when I got that way but I did and now I was a size 34 sometimes 36 I said very heavy.
      Half way thru the day they want to go on this rollercoaster called Ghost Rider. It’s like the carts in an old mine and it jiggles you like a bumpy old cart and it’s not as high or fast as most.
      My family talked me into going too. Got to the seats and I thought I can fit I’m not THAT big. So, in I go S q u e e z e into the seat but the buckle won’t go around without me making a production of it and everyone starring at the fat lady so I got out claiming I was scared of rollercoasters and I’d wait for them.
      Truth is I couldn’t ride the ride due to my weight ( ass to big lol)
      As I waited I cried and swore I was going to lose weight and never feel that shame again!!! EVER!

      I never even told my husband about how I felt and why I was losing weight until about 6 months ago. When it wasn’t so humiliating.
      Well, after losing 91 lbs I this past Monday went back to knotts berry farm and headed straight to that blasted ghost rider rollercoaster!!!
      It was going to be rode by me!!! Waited....waited.... Got really hot waiting but finally we were up next!!!! Yippee.
      At that moment my husband turns and states you shouldn’t ride this ride!! It shakes you around to much and your kidney! Oh heck no I’m doing it!!!! This is a moment and I will ride this ride!!!
      We got in and the belt EASYLY snapped around me without and adjustments and no squeezing into the seat!!!! Woo hoo what an on top of the world feeling!!!
      Then it started moving.... Up, up , up omg I remembered I really hate rollercoasters because the drops scare the hell out of me.... White knuckle time throat gets dry and both my daughter and hubby are staring at me! Both of their eyes were dancing with laughter...hey people this wasn’t funny!! And down we dropped I let out a scream I think china heard and all I could do wS scream and yell no,no ,no!!!
      Mark turned around and his eyes got huge I mean really really huge... I looked down my face froze in horror the bumping and juggling and shaking and I was wearing the wring type of bra and top one more bump, jiggle or shake and the gals would be completely out taking in the sites!!! And I mean completely!!!
      So I’m grabbing my shirt and yanking it up to my chin all the time going up real high and dropped then fast around curves ect ect still screaming no no no!!!
      When the ride ended which I’m sure was 2 to 3 HOURS it seemed I was shaking colour drained, top up to chin, and legs wobbly!
      But I fit!!!
      Never again for rollercoasters but again Ghost Rider had the last say due to the picture of my boobs starting to pop out, mouth hung open screaming and both daughter and hubby laughing at me!!! Said I was funny scared!!
      But I FIT!!!! To fit my gals could have saluted the flag as long as I fit in that rollercoaster!!!!
      Of course I would have died of embarrassment but better that way due to big boobs than big butt!!!
      I fit!!! Never again to go on a rollercoaster I’m back to my log ride and slower larger rides but not because of the size of my pants , which is now a 16.
      So, that was my inspiration this week!

      Love it

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