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  • Righto - something edgy to start some debate...

    Love it
    6 posts, 4 voices, 881 views, started Jul 24, 2009

    Posted on Friday, July 24, 2009 by Bozz


    • Amethyst

      Here’s a link to an article written about a music video - yeah we all know that music industry is full of only sexualised women yet a long line up of all sorts of men (don’t know how I’d get a record contract even if I had something ASTOUNDING to say...because I’m not mesmerisingly beautiful...THE only thing acceptable in female musicians) - with my comments below. I’d interested to hear how you all feel about it.

      [Link Removed]

      What I said:

      I think the saying "sex sells" or the term "pornography" should be redefined. To say that "sex" sells implies that all sex sells, if so, I'd expect to see something for ME - naked hot men with perhaps a woman I can relate to as me. However, all we ever see when something is described as "sex sells" are sexualised WOMEN. On the same line, "pornography" is defined as explicit "sex", but for what I've seen, 99.9% of it is naked WOMEN again, so nothing in it for the women. Videos like this one do make me uncomfortable, but I also can see that it's male sexuality and we have to undersatnd that. What I DON'T like is fact that this is not made clear, it is implied that THIS is "sex" (therefore if we are not comfortable with it there's something WRONG with us). It's not "sex", it MALE sex. When people discuss whether pornography is acceptable or not, I'm tired of hearing the idea that the argument is whether you agree with explicit SEX or not. I don't mind explicit sex, but pornography makes me uncomfortable, NOT because I'm a PRUDE but because it's not my sexuality. I don't get turned on by women, and especially not by the sometimes UNATTRACTIVE men that get to star in those film (and music videos) that presumably make the average man feel good about themselves and that even they can get the "hot babe". What I expect to see is sex aimed at ME too, so that men get the point that THEIR sexuality ie. a man surrounded by fantasy "tits and arse" is NOT all there is to sex.

      He said "I want women to feel special when they watch the visual and say 'I wish that was me". He shouldn't kid himself. If he expects women to wish they were in the video then he shouldn't unsult OUR sexuality by having not-particularly attractive men fully dressed in baggy clothes surrounded by ONLY super-attractive women. What's in that formula that would make us wish we were one of those women??? Would HE wish he was surrounded by super-sexy men and not particularly attractive women? Um, I DON'T think so.

      Bozz, Your links have been removed, please consider upgrading to premium membership.

      Love it


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          Bozz wrote Jul 24, 2009
        • o( I’ll send u the link...wait a sec...

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          Tuliplady wrote Jul 29, 2009
        • I didn’t watch the video (video tends to really bog down my ancient computer)  but I agreed one hundred percent with everything you said bozz!

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          Bozz wrote Jul 29, 2009
        • Cool, thanks for that Tuliplady!

          Hi everyone.

          You know what gets me the most, is not when things are openly aimed at men eg. a shaving commercial, power tools, a ‘masculine’ sportscar, a men’s magazine - of course if it’s aimed at men, we all know there might be hot chicks in it. What I hate is when they insinuate, either actually or by not clarifying who their audience is, that it is EVERYONE’s sexuality, and that that’s what the world should be like.

          I am a heterosexual woman, I’m attracted to nice looking men, but I’ve grown up believing ‘sexy’ equals an attractive woman in a bikini looking seductively at me no matter how unattractive the man next to her might be. I’ve learned to see my world and worse, myself, through this ‘male lens‘. That’s what I object to. If it’s aimed at men, fine, but they should SAY SO so people become aware that the gorgeous woman/ordinary man formula is not HOW THINGS ARE, that it’s a male fantasy there because the product is for men.

          Only men have the power to feel good in that fantasy. I don’t want them to put only that formula into things that are used by the general public or even worse, things specifically aimed at women as well because it makes me feel totally inadequate.

          I’m not against ads, images, movies, messages that are designed to make men feel good about themselves, I’m just sick of SO MANY things (marketed as unisex) designed to make men feel good about themselves, while there are so few things designed to make women feel good about themselves.

          We don’t need more ads with stunning women or more ads with ordinary men - we have ENOUGH of both

          We DON‘T need more shows showing pathetically unhappy women being ‘helped’ to feel beautiful by giving them a makeover sometimes involving surgery. I find those shows sick. They‘re still reinforcing the message that our only role IS too look beautiful and sexy, and “here’s how we’ll help you fulfil your role as a woman“.

          We need to fully champion the ‘real’ woman image (not ridiculous opinions like “Jennifer Anniston is an example of an ordinary woman“. No she’s not!! She’s still young, attractive, fit and ‘sexy‘, Jennifer is only ‘ordinary’ when compared to supernaturally attractive women in Hollywood. In terms of ‘sexy‘, we need to support the formula of ordinary woman with attractive men.

          We need far more images of ORDINARY women out there portrayed as funny; loveable; popular; successful; attractive, just as men have done for ages to stand up for the ordinary or anti-hero man. Perhaps teamed up with some attractive men around them.

          Where is the ‘anti-hero’ woman? Nowhere to be seen I would argue.

          Lets bring her out in all her LOVELINESS :o)

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