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  • Sick And Tired Of Poor Health?

    1 posts, 1 voices, 366 views, started Sep 15, 2008

    Posted on Monday, September 15, 2008 by Trudy S


    • Are you sick and tired of poor health? If so, let me show you the secrets to optimizing your health! Each and every single day, our minds are flooded with headlines, advertisements, and educational materials focusing on the concept of "good" health. This is a topic that simply cannot be ignored! To ensure that we know the importance of proper health and establishing homeostasis in the body, we must first take a glance at what poor health may do to us. Next, it is crucial to understand the core essentials to optimizing the body in order to maximize health. These essentials include diet, exercise, proper supplementation and, of course, cleansing, specifically, Nutritional Cleansing, to develop overall health.

      h3.*The Consequences of Poor Health*

      There are many potential consequences when it comes to poor health. When we fail to include a proper diet, exercise regime, nutritional supplementation, and cleansing as part of our health regime; we are increasing our risks in developing serious health complications. In addition to this, a general sense of poor health can also result in reducing our overall lifespan. In order to obtain a steady homeostasis, or "balance" in the body, you must engage in healthy activities. If you elect not to, the consequences may be as follows:

      1. Falling victim to various types of diseases.

      2. Developing certain types of potentially life threatening cancers.

      3. Deterioration of the bones in the body.

      4. Weakness and the break down of important muscles in the body.

      5. Mental illness and other types of complications that affect the mind may be experienced.

      Wow, I don’t know about you but this list makes me want to do all that I can to ensure that I do not allow my body to become susceptible to these potential health complications. Are you with me? Well, let me share with you some examples of the many ways that we can optimize and maintain a high level of health.

      The Healthy Diet*

      Controversy is often very common when it comes to determining the healthy diet. There are many different opinions when it comes to choosing the foods and ingredients that can compliment your health. In recent years, the concept of "cleansing" has opened our eyes to the fact that many of the foods and other ingredients that we consume on a daily basis are actually quite toxic when it comes to the body. Medical professionals and researchers everywhere are promoting foods that are whole, organic, and even raw in order to bypass the complications that can arise from foods that are processed and cultivated with pesticides, herbicides, and similar chemicals.

      The following is a list of the types of foods that can assist in the functioning and maintenance of the body, as well as the overall cleansing of the body from dangerous chemicals and similar types of substances that can have a negative impact on health:

      1. Various Type of Fruits (organic)

      2. Vegetables (organic)

      3. Breads (especially whole grain)

      4. Dairy Foods and Beverages (but I recommend whole milk and certified raw if possible)

      5. Lean Meats (organic - or at least hormone-free)

      6. Fish (you need to be a little picky here, too)

      As you work to optimize your health, it is necessary to ensure that a good exercise regime is put into place. This can mean something as simple as a walk every day all the way up to working out at a gym with a personal trainer or even participating in a triathalon or riding a bike across the country. Below are examples of particular benefits that this type of physical activity can assist with when it comes to the natural homeostasis of the body:

      1. This type of activity has been found to have a positive impact on the "moods" that we experience.

      2. By finding a physical activity to do that you enjoy, you are taking a vital role in the process of combating those extra pounds.

      3. It helps to combat the development of chronic disease. If you already have a chronic disease, it can help the body in fighting the progression of that sickness.

      4. Exercise as been found to strengthen the bones, muscles, lungs, and heart in many different ways.

      5. Physical activity can be very productive in assisting in complications that affect the metabolism, circulation, and the ability to sleep appropriately.

      6. Mild exercise has been shown to assist the body in moving the toxins through the lymphatic system to be eliminated through the urine and bowels.


      Supplementation is a very important component to our overall health. While many would argue that most people can get the right amount of nutrients in their diet, this is not always true. The average person has been found to be lacking in acquiring of most of the substances that are necessary for the functioning, balancing, and cleansing of the body. So sad - but, so true. Supplements can assist in delivering various types of vitamins, minerals, and other types of nutrients to the body quickly and effectively. Often supplementation can “fill in the gaps” in our nutrient intake. And with proper formulations many key elements to absorbsion and utilization in the body are present, making the nutrients more usable and effective. Then, these substances will focus on maintaining the organs, tissues, bones, and other critical aspects of the body. In addition to this, these substances can assist in the overall cleansing function of the body.


      As mentioned previously, most of the foods and other ingredients that we consume on a daily basis leave behind a toxic trail that can put a real damper on the overall health of an individual. In addition to the foods and ingredients that we consume, there are other ways that toxins may enter the body. These culprits include pollution in the environment, exposure to various types of chemicals, as well as medications. The elimination of dangerous substances in the body is left to some of the major organs in the body. These organs include that of the liver, the skin, kidneys, lungs, and especially the colon. In many instances, one of these functional organs may become obstructed.

      This will place an unfair weight on the other organs in the body. The homeostasis or "balance" of the body is then completely interrupted. This is why many recognize the process of cleansing as an appropriate means to achieving optimal health and maintaining steady and productive functioning within the body. The following represents some common situations in which high body toxicity levels contribute to:

      1. Pain in and around the joints of the body is common with high levels of toxins.

      2. Many individuals may experience headaches and other pain in the body.

      3. A number of people may find that they cannot maintain a stable mood emotionally.

      4. Rashes and other types of irritation on the skin may occur.

      5. Becoming prone to feeling a general level of malaise may also be a result of toxicity.

      By engaging in a cleansing program, an individual is performing a type of "flush" of all the organs in the body. This process works to get to the very bottom of toxin buildup so that it may prepare this buildup for successful elimination. The following is a list of advantages that are often associated with the complete body cleansing we see with Nutritonal Cleansing:

      1. Reducing toxins in the body can increase the overall effectiveness of the immune system.

      2. The blood in the body will experience a type of purification.

      3. It can help in the strengthening of the cells in the body so that new, healthy cells may be developed.

      4. It can assist in the area of eliminating additional weight in the body.

      5. It assists in ensuring that there is a healthy balance in the body as a whole.


      Now that you can see the importance of diet, exercise, supplementation, and cleansing to overall health, it is time to take the step. By focusing on these core essentials of optimal health, you are taking a step in the right direction. Cleanse, and restore your body! It deserves special care! Never, above all, under estimate the importance of a healthy diet, consistent exercise, good quality supplementation, and especially the extra step of Nutritional Cleansing to overall health!


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