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    3 posts, 3 voices, 567 views, started Dec 18, 2008

    Posted on Thursday, December 18, 2008 by Dana Arcuri


    • Whether you are a makeup junkie, like me, with a wide variety of beauty products flowing out of your cosmetic bags, or you have just a few beauty favorites, it is beneficial to keep your beauty routine simple. To achieve a simple beauty routine, you first will need to organize your skin care and cosmetics.  

      Listed below are helpful beauty tips and organizational idea’s for your beauty products. My suggestion is that you first focus on organizing your beauty products. Then if you feel organizationally challenged when it comes to creating your own beauty routine, here are my own little tricks that have helped me along the way:

      1. If you have just a few favorite skin care products, place them in the bathroom closet, shelf or drawer. Keep EVERYTHING together in the exact same place. This way, you will know where all your skin care products are and you will not misplace them.

      2. For the Diva who owns far more skin care products than your bathroom drawer or closet could hold, lets get organized! (If this does not apply to you, go to step #3.)

      A.) Literally go through every single product and check the expiration date. Do yourself a favor and pitch everything that is outdated. BEAUTY TIP: If you do not know the expiration date, but the product either changed color, smells gross or it just doesn’t look quite right, THROW IT AWAY!

      B.) To get organized, you will need either several large cosmetic bags, baskets or some plastic zip lock storage bags. The freezer bags are fine to use, too.

      C.) Find a large place to lay out ALL of your skin care products. To get organized, you will need to have two large ziplock or cosmetic bags. If you want to be extra organized, get a sharpie marker and label your bags. (EXAMPLE: BASIC SKIN CARE PRODUCTS is bag #1. BEAUTY TREATMENTS is bag #2.)

      D.) Place all of your basic skin care products into bag #1: CLEANSERS, TONERS, EYE CREAM, SERUMS AND MOISTURIZERS. (If you have too many products, you will need two bags to divide them up.)

      E.) Place all of your skin care treatment products into bag #2: FACIAL SCRUBS, MASKS AND ANY OTHER TREATMENTS. (These are products that you normally do not use on a daily basis.)

      F.) From now on, keep these skin care bags in the same location at all times so you will always know where they are when you need them. Keep them in a convenient location, whether it is in a bathroom drawer, closet or on a shelf.

      3. To keep your beauty routine simple, remember that LESS IS BEST!

      4. Each morning, whether at the sink or in the shower, cleanse your skin. The next step is to apply a toner, which not all individuals choose to do. Regardless of skin type, always apply an eye cream and a facial moisturizer for hydration in the morning. (Repeat the cleansing, toning & moisturizing steps at night to promote healthy, vibrant skin.)

      5. Get your cosmetics organized by throwing out any outdated makeup. BEAUTY TIP: If your mascara is older than three months, throw it away!

      Follow this simple step to get your cosmetics organized:

      A.) Depending on how much makeup you have will depend on how many baskets, cosmetic bags or freezer bags that you will need. Choose to organize your cosmetics by using baskets, cosmetic bags or freezer bags. If you want to stay very organized, consider labeling each bag with a sharpie marker.

      B.) Divide your makeup by what you use EVERY SINGLE DAY versus RARELY used makeup.
      In one cosmetic bag, freezer bag or basket, place all the cosmetics that you use every single day.
      EXAMPLE: In my large cosmetic bag for daily use, I placed my foundation, my eyebrow powder, my eye shadow, liner and mascara.

      C.) If you own over one dozen lip glosses or lipsticks, get organized by placing them in one large basket or bag. EXAMPLE: I am a lip gloss/lipstick lover! I own every color and brand that you can imagine! NO JOKE! Therefore, I have two different bags where I keep my lip glosses and lipsticks. Bag #1 is my favorite lip glosses/lipsticks. Bag #2 contains the colors that I do not wear as much. (Hey, you can NEVER have too many lip glosses!)

      D.) If you own over one dozen eye shadows, get organized by dividing up your eye shadows.
      EXAMPLE: Warm and Cool colors are divided up into two separate bags. This way, if you are in the mood to wear pink, purple or blue eye shadow they will all be located in one bag for COOL TONES. All the warm colors, such as brown, gold, bronze, olive green, beige, peach and champagne colored eye shadow will be located in a separate bag for easy access.

      E.) The more cosmetics that you own, the more you will have to organize them. The less you have, the more simple the organization will become! Remember to keep your cosmetic bags or baskets in a convenient location, depending on where you actually apply your makeup. GIRLY GIRLS BEAUTY ADVICE: For all the cosmetics and beauty products that you NEVER use, how about giving them away or throw them away? (eye shadow, blush, foundation, but never share liner or mascara!)

      6. Once moisturizer is absorbed into your skin, apply your foundation. Blending is essential and the key to achieving a flawless complexion. If you have area’s that are blotchy, red, blemished or your under eye area is too dark with shadows, use a concealer for these little area’s. BEAUTY TIP: Use your ring finger to apply concealer under your eye. This is your weakest finger and there will be less stretching or pulling. Use your ring finger to simply PAT gently, instead of rubbing.

      7. If your skin is extremely oily, combination or even a bit shiny, set your makeup with an oil-free powder. (Dry skin may not need this step.) You could use loose powder, a compact powder or mineral makeup powder to set your makeup. BEAUTY TIP: For a flawless application, use a clean kabuki brush or a large fluffy powder brush to apply your powder. Remember to ALWAYS TAP OFF THE EXCESS POWDER before applying it onto your face. Around the eye area, use a MINIMAL amount of powder so you do not accentuate lines around your eyes.

      8. Whether you have light or dark skin, blush will give you some color to your skin for a healthy complexion. Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks. BEAUTY TIP: The apples of your cheeks are easier to locate by smiling. It is the area that is fuller when you smile! NOTE: Not all females prefer to wear blush. Another option is to simply apply a natural warm bronzer on your cheek area and/or a little bit of bronzer on your forehead, cheeks and nose for added warmth to your skin.

      9. GIRLY GIRLS BEAUTY SECRET: If you ever apply TOO MUCH blush or bronzer, take your powder brush or kabuki brush with a tiny bit of powder to apply over the cheeks to reduce the amount of color. This trick helps make your blush appear more natural.

      10. For individuals that prefer to keep their beauty routine extremely simple, you can apply just mascara and lip gloss/lipstick to end your beauty routine for the day. If you are interested in adding color to your eyes, move on to the next step.

      11. Apply eyeshadow, liner and mascara to your eyes. BEAUTY TIP: Always keep Q-tips close by for easy clean up!

      12. Apply lip liner, gloss and/or lipstick. NOTE: Not everyone lines their lips, but if you prefer to do this make sure that your liner is sharpened for the best application!

      Depending on your flexibility, time, energy and interest, you can use minimal makeup to have a natural look or you can go all out and jazz up your eyes and face to look simply stunning! Possibly you will want to save the extra glamour and sparkle for special occasions, such as Christmas and New Years Eve. Whatever you choose, the most important aspect is to have your beauty products in the SAME location at all times. This will promote a more efficient, organized method of taking care of your beauty needs and spending less time looking your very best!