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  • Sisters and Brothers

    4 posts, 4 voices, 728 views, started Oct 1, 2008

    Posted on Wednesday, October 1, 2008 by Cheryl Phillips


    • I have one sister (47) and one brother (49). Both very successful and with no money worries. I’ve worked hard all my life but chose to live a “real” life instead of one full of possessions, expensive cars and lavish vacations. My kids play musical instruments and love art. They don’t take Russian lessons, invest in the stock market or go to $15K a year private schools. My sister and brother are always “busy“. My brother has 2 grown girls (17, 19), my sister has one daughter (12). Both have partners and huge homes. I have 5 kids, my parents are deceased and I’ve fought for child support and worked all my life up until my auto accident last year. I have the happiest kids around...they love life, are happy and never seem to fret because they have a simple life.

      Where the hell were my brother and sister when I was recovering from two major surgeries? No where. Oh, that’s right. My sister took me shopping once and rolled her eyes when I needed a wheel chair. I embarrassed her. My brother came by once with bagels and a coffee. I loved that...but if he knew me at all, he’d know I’ve never had coffee. But no one saw me cry, no one saw me struggle to learn to walk again, no one picked up the pieces around me. Wait, my kids did. They held my hand, helped me and hugged me. That’s what kids are for and I appreciate them every day.

      But...the rich and famous sister and brother? They expect me to hop when they need something....but are too busy when I need just a hug.

      Enjoy your money and pretentious doesn’t keep me warm at night! :)


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          Feathermaye wrote Oct 1, 2008
        • Good think-piece here for me.

          I have one brother, 3 1/2 years younger than I am. He lives in Michigan, near my father, with his wife and two gorgeous daughters.

          As kids, friends of our parents and other adults who witnessed the interactions between me and my brother would always comment on how well we got along. We even played it up after a while, having gotten so used to hearing it, to the point where we had a little routine. Someone would inevitable say the ‘they get along so well’ line in the presence of both of us, and my brother would shoot me a (feigned) puzzled look:

          Bro: What did she say?

          Me: She said we get along really well. ‘Cause we don’t fight and stuff.

          Bro: We fight all the time!

          Me: We do not!

          Bro: Oh yes, we do! And stop arguing with me...

          Typically, at this point, the adults are rolling with laughter and we have forever sealed our fates as ‘precocious’ kids. We also just became closer as we got older, still sharing that bond that baffled so many adults.

          Just under 2 years ago, however, we had a falling out that, although we’ve resumed communication, forever changed how I feel when I talk to him. My brother is a moderately successful computer whiz, working from home and supporting his family while his wife pursues her Masters degree.

          We determined that we have some very different approaches to some things, which I could have lived with. What I took exception to was the judgments I received based on how I chose to handle things.

          I didn’t then, and still don’t know, think it was fair of him (and his wife) to say some of the things they said to me. While I don’t need their approval to live my life, I certainly didn’t like hearing their distaste of my choices.

          As such, I no longer consider my brother close. It still saddens me, but it is what it is.

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          Cheryl Phillips wrote Oct 1, 2008
        • Yup...we can’t predict what happens as siblings....we were all close growing up but we all grow to have our own style. So be it

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          Yolanda Harris wrote Oct 1, 2008
        • Sisters and Brothers are born from our parents because of coitus. They were to be the definition of siblings; We make our Sisters and Brothers through our livelihood from our associations of people extended beyond the internal nuclear family.  

          Gooey phony pretentious siblings.

          We have our children and we attempt to raise them with the value to cling to one another and be there as a unit but somewhere in the world they or we if we are the culprits here get TWISTED

          So, we make NEW Sisters & Brothers

          So look back at our parents, see where did they miss the boat on the emphasis that when we are hurt out Siblings are to pick us up like they did when we were young and fell down and had a boo-boo...Where did the love go ?

            I stick mines in a chair together when they fight and let them know if they separate and act pretentious and outcast the other I will am still Mama and will get a chair and sit them down in it together, again....


          “I want for my sister what I want for myself.”

          So if your sister or brother learns this motto and treat you badly or else wise then that’s what they want for them selves.....?????

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