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  • Some People Are So Predictable

    3 posts, 3 voices, 2236 views, started Mar 2, 2011

    Posted on Wednesday, March 2, 2011 by Denise Richardson


    • Diamond

      I have an associate whom I’ve known for at least 30 years and she and I kinda have this sisterhood relationship where we share all our secrets with and the likes. Well she knew about me getting this antique furniture I purchased a few months ago and she inquired about my other set stating that she was in need of a bedroom set. So I told her just for her I would sell the (5) pieces for $150.00 which is a steal because it is still in excellent condition and that when I deliver it she will need to have some guys there to get it off the truck for her, she said not a problem. Ok so she tells me that she would be ready for it on the 1st of the month (March).  

      Ok so here we are in the second day of March, she calls me yesterday while I was still at work asking me how we were going to do the exchange for the furniture I told her I was going to be off today and this was the best time for me to do it seeing I was going to get the other furniture out of storage today anyhow, she says ok well let me make a few calls and I’ll call you back.

      Here's the deal: Her and her family are always trying to wheel and deal and they do with crack heads paying them next to nothing for their sevices and they have the mindset that they can do it to everyone, her thoughts were that we* (my hubby and I) were going to deliver and remove the furniture off the truck for her, *NOT!!! only I was making the trip and I told my hubby to stay behind just because of this very reason, It's bad enough I was going to be traveling from the suburbs to the deep east side of the city of Detroit to get it to her, plus you're getting it dirt cheap and then to think we were going to get it off the truck and into your house too!? Oh not so boo-boo lol.

      So she copped an atitude and told me she’d call me back. I said ok fine not that it matters if I sold it or not because I didn’t need to but she was in need and I wanted to help her out but not get played too! So after waiting for a few hours of not hearing back from her I called her back to see what the final state was going to be, she gives me this story that she had no one to help her get the pieces off the truck, ok now mind you she has a 28 yr. old nephew that lives in their basement, as well as her son who is always in their neighborhood selling his drugs, and then there are the low lifes they use in and around the neighborhood for everything else they need to get done, but this time around she has no one to help her? LOL ok, the games people play,

       but the real just of this matter is this my hubby and I knew this was going to happen, I knew one because by her living at home with her mom, she is so envious of her and can’t stand seeing her get anything for herself, I figured she’d talk her out it, or she’d come up with an excuse that she had to use the money for something else thinking I’d hold it for her, but whatever the case may be I knew she’d end up not getting it and I was prepared for the stories lol. She and her family are very predictable people. So I will keep my furniture as I said, its her loss.


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