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  • Some People Just Never Learn

    Love it
    5 posts, 4 voices, 1494 views, started Jul 21, 2011

    Posted on Thursday, July 21, 2011 by Denise Richardson


    • Diamond

      Earlier today while getting ready for my appointment my sister who lives in Georgia called me chat a bit, she told me she had just dropped our aunt off at the air port to return to Detroit from her visit there with her. Now this is our only living sibling left on my moms side of the family she is the baby girl and is 72 years old, and oldest you would think to know better with some of the things she says and does.  

      Ok so I truly had forgotten she was going to visit with my sister and when I tried to call her yesterday she was out so I guess out showing my aunt around the town, well after hearing the horror stories from my sister this morning lol, ole auntie won't be welcomed back to her home anytime soon. Now here's the deal my aunt is again 72 yrs. old and in her eyes is the finest thing to walk the face of the earth and she thinks she can out dress any top model in the country. She was always told by her peers she was fine and they labled her "Mz. Fine"  

      Ok well she does have a flare for fashion and she does have good taste in home decor so I will give her that, but the old saying comes to mind when I think of her and her (2) daughters and how they live, “you can take the person out the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out the person” they are soooooooooo ghetto and so uncooth till it makes no sense, now she is down there visiting with my sister getting all drunk and stuff running over to my sister’s neighbors house just because the people were out in their yards enjoying themselves with a few drinks and a BBQ she invites herself over WOW! Now mind you my sister is just cordial with all her neighbors she doesn’t frolick with them in that way nor is she much of a drinker.

      Ok so of course the southeners welcome her and all, but then she goes and start telling my sisters business about her being divorced and living in that big house all alone and about how she treats her dogs like little kids, I was floored when my sister was telling me this today and my aunt better be glad it wasn’t me there or all hell would’ve broke loose. She then tries to build herself and her sorry kids up by making up lies about their lives ohhhhhhhh boy! I had to stop my sister and ask her how could she even invite herself to people’s homes she don’t even know, but then I forgot we‘re talking about a ghetto person here lol.

      Ok so it gets better we also have a lesbian cousin eho lives in ATL that I haven’t seen since we were arond the age of 12 maybe and she got in touch with my sister and my sister invited her and her lady friend over, so they get there and again my aunt goes off on the deep end talking about family member to her trying to put everybody in the family down but her own sorry kids, my sister intervene and told her not to talk about her sisters and that all my mother’s kids were very successful which we are, and that she need not call me or any of my other sisters “fat!” Now mind you if I were present she wouldn’t dare say a thing like that because they know I would set them straight.

      So my aunt goes on to telling my cousin Rhonda about me living where I live and how she had a nice time at my birthday celebration, but looked at all of my sisters and me and said we‘re all too fat! WTH? I told my sister, at least we‘re not crack-heads or sorry drunk low life women like her daughters and that we‘re holding our own and our kids. Man was I getting heated by the minute lol. Well she said she was trying to hold her composure because she was a guest in her home, well guest or no guest, aunt or no aunt i would have put her in her place pronto! But we all know why she does what she does she has always been jealous of my mom and all of my moms kids, her kids are lazy do nothing females who date sorry men just like she did and always end up with dead beats that live off them like they are currently.

      I remember my mom saying his about certain people “the apple don’t fall far from the tree” and my cousins are just like their mom, lay up with different men and keep nasty hoes yeah they may have nice pieces in their homes but they are not clean people. I remember my aunt Wila Mae calling them buzzards, I never knew what it meant when I was young but as I got older I got the meaning and the understanding.
      Ok so now my aunt has contacted some cousins of theirs on my moms side of the family who live there and asked my sister to take her over to see them well she did and lo’ and behold it was in a ghetto part of ATL, lol my sister was like I’m not getting out of the car so my aunt says to her well I‘am, so she goes to knock on the door,

      No one was there but the home owners son was sitting outside next door and asked her who was she looking for and she said the name and he said oh my dad is over here, so the guys comes out and greets my aunt and they begin to chat and all trying to get my sister out the car, well she did get out and stood in front of the house, she was too afraid to go inside fearing the worse was just as bad as the outside of the house and that her wheels might get jacked from her truck lol. Ok so she gave my aunt about an half hour withthe people and then she told her they had to go, my aunt wanted to stay longer, but my sister insisted they leave then and they did.

      Ok so now they get back to the house my aunt drinks more ofthe liquor she had bought herself and got even drunker and fell off to sleep the next day my sister had to take one of her fur babies to the vet for his eye and my aunt claimed she couldn’t go because she was sick and had a stomach ache so my sister said “ok, well I’ll leave Joey here with you her Maltese fur baby. Now mind you she wasn’t gone that long and my aunt claimed she was sick and was going to stay in the bed, do you know when my sister got back which she said was only like maybe 45 minutes at the most my aunt was fully dressed and outside with her dog at the neighbors house again?

      Now these people doen't even know my sister like that and she has never even been to these people hosue she just speaks ot them from across the lawn, and my aunt is over their lounging in the backyard with a drink in her hand "TALK ABOUT GHETTO!" I think they only put up with her was because they like my sister evne though they don't know alot about her but how she carries herself speaks volumes. WOW! I was peed at the thought of her being over there again and to say she wassick, but you got out of bed to run over for drinks and frolicking with people you don't even know.tongue out

      Then my aunt has told them some of my sisters business about her home and the dogs and her ex-husband and I told my sister that was grounds to tell her butt off to the max! but its all due to my aunt being very jealous of all of my moms kids we all have soemthing to show for how my mom raised us and if she were here today she would be very proud even of all her grand kids, and she’d be head over hills about her would be oldest great-grand by grand-child Jadyn. Well I told my sister not to fret just know she is the way she is and that she will not change in her old years she is miserable and sad that her own daughters have nothing and never will because they look up a bad example which is her.

      But I told my sister this, I know we were raised to respect out elders and all, but some elders need to be put in their place and if ever she speak out of line in my presence all hell is going to break loose because there will be no holds barred at what I would have to say to her, and her daughters can get some too! She just laughed and said I know you will. And thats the very reason we don’t deal with them because of how jealous and messy they are. I leave the ghetto and its kind to themselves. Nuff said!happy

      Love it


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