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  • Supporting you in Turning your Divorce into a Celebration of Life!

    8 posts, 6 voices, 1726 views, started Sep 6, 2008

    Posted on Saturday, September 6, 2008 by Yolanda Harris


    • Aquamarine

      I am going to have a ” Celibacy & Dedication Celebration.” ceremony for my children and self in Feb 2009 when the finalization is done.  

      I got a book called : eat pray love; Elizabeth Gilbert
      ISBN: 978-0-14-303841-2

      Tell the truth, tell the truth, tell the truth....: Sheryl Louise Moller
      I wondered why she said this? I have the perception it was repeated to hear ourselves tell the truth to ourselves.  

      About our personal DIVORCE . . . .  

      Do the celebration ceremony for yourself....

      DO you have any ideals ?

      What will the celebration be for ?

      Why should you celebrate ?

      Okay ladies, let’s start talking....I’m ready....and I will keep you abreast of my progress through my divorce and the planning of the celebration.


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          Martha60 wrote Sep 8, 2008
        • Good for you. I will be having a new life celebration in the end of September. It has been bittersweet. My 24 year old step daughter I helped raise doesn’t want me to contact her anymore. My soon to be ex is civil.Overall, I want to celebrate more and cry less.Martha Wells

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          Yolanda Harris wrote Sep 10, 2008
        • Understand your pains

          I got a book called : eat pray love; Elizabeth Gilbert
          ISBN: 978-0-14-303841-2

          Go to Borders - sit and start reading this book; LAUGH OUT LOUD ! First chapter will make you LAUGH !

          Where are you located;  if you want to invite me to your celebration send me a message.  

          I lost and am losing three wonderful step-daughters

          Beautiful young ladies but they are pulled with loyalty between DAD and I.  

          So even though they do not want contact now, send them an beautiful invitation, and the ex- spouse.

          No, this is not out of spite but to say
          ” Divorce effects us all and we all need to recognize a celebration of the end could be a new beginning.”

          Cry, cry a lot it cleanses.  

          We women lean on one another

          Watch some of my videos

          If I am close enough to your city I will be there....What do you plan to do? Share your I plan mines I will share.
          The YOGI

          Go do it at a poolside and enjoy the weather before it gets cold.....Do IT !
          NIKE has the right ideal as their logo

          DO IT !

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          Ladybug wrote Sep 10, 2008
        • Wow, you have to be strong to do this. Children, Step children....they all go through the same emotion. The early 20’s must be difficult as they try to become themselves and step away from Mom and Dad’s pain and issues. Mine are 20, 22, and 24 years. I left their Dad 17 years ago. I thik it’s his pain and not letting go that does not afford them the ability to move on as they should.

          17 years ago, living in a motel at the beach 700 miles away from their father, I bought a birthday cake. The kids asked who’s birthday is it? I told them it’s Jesus’ birthday, it’s Christmas in July! And the party was on...
          I didn’t know what I was doing then but it was great and they still remember that party. Go ahead ladies and take it to the next level! (invitation to the have strength!)

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          Talkytina wrote Sep 10, 2008
        • CONGRATS!  Not to say that divorce is a great thing in any way.  Everyone suffers in some form or another but your attitude is great.

          I wish you all the best.  You already know you have a great support system here.

          Again, Yana’s insights on this forum must have been heaven sent.

          Hugs and Kisses to your little girl from a virtual friend.

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          Martha60 wrote Sep 10, 2008
        • I plan on having a fall party. I have registered at a retail store,just like a bride. I picked out 11 pages of items that I could use. Some are don’t have to haves,but that’s what made it so fun. My chosen sister Kristy and her mom are doing the party for me and I have invited a mix of girlfriends. We are in Knoxville,Tennessee and it will be on the 27th of September. My apartment is a wreck trying to fit a house into a 1 bedroom apt, We were going to have it there,but I still have a ways to go before a housewarming party there.Looking forward to it.Just us girls.Martha60

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          Yolanda Harris wrote Sep 10, 2008
        • Knoxville, TN will never be the same after your party. I am studying Women in US. History and our suffrage. We are still the same women, literacy experts, domestic genius, on how to fit a Large into a small.... :) I mean our household :) Smile here - I don't care who you are that was FUNNY....

          I would love to be at that celebration. Give us all the juicy details afterward.  

          I have written vows for the children as they have written vows for me. My father will give me away to myself. My children will be by my side. I will have supportive friends and families participate. We all will party like it is 1999.

          I love PRINCE, by the way.

          I will find loyalty within me from this celebration and dedication to the children so they know that they are an important instrument and person in the new lifestyles we are going to be living.  

          I will be at school but on that day I will set my alarm to remind me as if the church bells are ringing and the limo just drove by saying:

          **JUST DIVORCED !!!**

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