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  • Thank you Lord, for all you've done for me

    11 posts, 10 voices, 2107 views, started Nov 26, 2008

    Posted on Wednesday, November 26, 2008


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      This is one of my favorite songs and I wanted to share the lyrics with you all.  

      Blessings and Happy Thanksgiving


      Tragedies are common place
      all kinds of diseases
      people are slipping away
      economy's down
      people can't get enough pay
      as for me, all I can say is
      Thank you Lord, for all you done for me

      Folks without homes
      out In the streets
      and the drug habit some say
      they just can't beat
      muggers And robbers
      no place seems to be safe
      but you’ve been my protection
      every step of the way
      I want to say, thank you Lord for all you done for me

      It could have been me outdoors
      With no food, no clothes
      Or just alone, without a friend

      Just another number, with a tragic end
      You didn't see fit
      To let none of these things be

      Everyday by you Father
      You keep on keeping me

      Thank you lord, for all you've done for me

      I want to thank you for your love
      Thank you for your power
      Thank you for protection
      Every hour

      Thank you for mercy
      Thank you for so much grace
      Thank you for loving me Lord

      Thank you lord, for all you've done for me

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          Sweetdarcy wrote Nov 26, 2008
        • I just watched ‘Pursuit of Happyness’ the other night and was reminded once again that I am SOOOO blessed!  I have never had to sleep in the street, never wondered where my next meal will come from, and never wondered how I was going to pay my rent!!  God is good to me!

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          Linni wrote Nov 26, 2008
        • yes He is! all the time, right ON TIME!

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          Almostfive0 wrote Nov 26, 2008
        • Thank you Jackie for your post.

          I am very thankful and grateful everyday for all that I have been blessed with in my life.
          To see the sunrise in the morning and set at night is a wonder to behold.
          To be awakened every morning and rocked gently to sleep at night by the sounds of nature and know that I am a part of this beautiful mystery is reason enough to give thanks for all of the wonders of the universe.

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          Vikki Hall wrote Nov 26, 2008
        • Jackie...
          Thank you for your post. That was wonderful and reminds me of all things I am grateful for.....including you. I am going to share this with my daughters.

          Thank You!

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          Jenz ~ wrote Nov 26, 2008
        • Here is another very beautiful song (lyrics) to add while we‘re in this spritual moment. :)
          (Charlotte & Josh sing this together in rounds.)

          The Prayer Lyrics by Charlotte Church & Josh Groban

          I pray you’ll be our eyes
          And watch us where we go
          And help us to be wise
          In times when we don’t know

          Let this be our prayer
          As we go our way
          Lead us to a place
          Guide us with your Grace
          To a place where we’ll be safe

          La luce che to dai
          I pray we’ll find your light
          Nel cuore resterò
          And hold it in our hearts
          A ricordarchi che
          When stars go out each night
          L‘eterna stella sei
          Nella mia preghiera
          Let this be our prayer
          Quanta fede c‘è
          When shadows fill our day
          Lead us to a place
          Guide us with your grace

          Give us faith so we’ll be safe.
          Sognamo un mondo senza più violenza
          Un mondo di giustizia e di speranza
          Ognuno dia la mano al suo vicino
          Simbolo di pace e di fraternità

          La forza che ci dai
          We ask that life be kind
          E‘il desiderio che
          And watch us from above
          Ognuno trovi amore
          We hope each soul will find
          Intorno e dentro a sé
          Another soul to love

          Let this be our prayer
          Just like every child
          Just like every child

          Needs to find a place,
          Guide us with your grace
          Give us faith so we’ll be safe
          E la fede che
          Hai acceso in noi
          Sento che ci salverà


          The light that you give us

          Will stay in our hearts

          Reminding us

          That in my prayer
          You are an everlasting star

          There’s so much faith

          We dream of a world with no more violence
          A world of justice and hope
          Grasp your neighbors hand
          As a symbol of peace and brotherhood.

          The strength that you give us

          Is the wish

          That everyone may find love

          In and around himself

          And the faith that
          You’ve lit inside us
          I feel will save us  


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          Jenz ~ wrote Nov 26, 2008
        • Jackie, those lyrics are very realistic & moving. Songs like that really make us think about the important things, as we should, always.
          Thank you for sharing that.
          Where can i find it to listen to?

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          Coachmombabe wrote Nov 26, 2008
        • Thank you, girls, for posting those. I feel so blessed that it almost hurts my heart!  

          Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving!

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          Maria Louise Van Deuson wrote Nov 26, 2008
        • Your post made me think of a diary entry that I made earlier this year.

          MY TOP FIVE REASONS TO BE GRATEFUL (make that 6)
          1. I am grateful for my faith in God and all that is good in the world.
          2. I am grateful for my mental and physical health (knowing that it could be worse).
          3. I am grateful for the lessons learned from many difficult life experiences that have made me wise.
          4. I am grateful for the passion of my inner child (she's 10) who has suffered a life that has known too much darkness.
          5. I am grateful for finding my soul mate, best friend, and finding true love late in life.
          6. I am grateful for sites like this that are a source of support and nurturing.

          I BELIEVE
          -I believe that good can (and should) triumph over evil, but often doesn't.
          -I believe that love can (and should) triumph over hate, but often doesn't.
          -I believe that being aware of ones "issues" is half the battle in working towards making things better.
          -I believe that anything is possible, with faith, hard work, and LOTS of luck.
          -I believe that the world would be a better place if we practiced more acts of kindness and respect.
          -I believe that the cup is half full, not half empty.
          -I believe that a smile can make a huge difference in a person’s day.

          I believe that all human beings are equal. The universal truth is that all human beings are more alike than not. Regardless of ones culture, we all evolved from the first humans on earth. Everything about our inner physiology makes us universally compatible. Why can't the same be applied to what we see with our eye when we see each other?

          I believe that everyone should be color blind, gender blind and non-judgmental. I was raised color blind, and my son carries that same belief into his future with one additional factor. He is also gender blind and non-judgmental which has changed the way that I see the world.

          I believe that someday there will be peace among all people regardless of race, creed or national origin. My son is an example of our positive future leaders; to be caring and supportive of others.

          Ultimately, I'm only human just like everyone else with ups and downs, fears and joys. I just try to smile through the pain more than some...

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