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  • The Color of Your Panties Means Something

    Love it
    23 posts, 14 voices, 43263 views, started Jan 10, 2009

    Posted on Saturday, January 10, 2009 by Daphne


    • Carnelian

      I stumbled across this piece today and thought i'd share...  

      What do you think the panties you wear tell men?  Men see panties a lot different than woman.  They are not just accessories.  It tells a story.  Panties convey a message. Am I in the mood?  Am I feeling sexy?  Do I want you to come and get me?  Am I thinking about grocery shopping tomorrow at Sam's Club?  Do I just want to go to sleep?

      All these questions. And what panties can do is give your man that answer.

      Here are some scenarios.

      First, do you wear the white satin panties or black satin panties to bed.

      You wear white white panties to bed.  This is telling your lover several things.  The white conveys the innocent look.  In our culture that color subconsciously stands for good, pure, or innocent.  So while you are sexy you are wearing an article that makes you very feminine and "princess" like.  So its up to him to pursue you.  The white says innocent but the satin says "come and take it."  Its very sexy for men to see.    The man gets to be the prince sweeping you off your feet while at the same time you get to maintain your innocent fairy princess look while at the same time saying "I feel sexy" and "make your move."

      On the other hand you can wear the black satin panties.  They will convey something a little different.  The black panties are going to tell your man "I want you" yet "I'm in charge."  When you wear black you are the aggressor.  The situation has more of a "I'm going to take you" feel to it.  Very different yet very sexy nonetheless.  You become, for lack of better words, Madonna.  Or the his mistress.  You are more in control when you wear black.

      Red panties are fairly straightforward.  They imply you are feeling very sexy and in the mood.  There should be no mistake there.  If your man sees you in red satin panties walking around the house and keeps watching his football game then its time to go see a marriage counselor.

      Pink is not quite the same as red.  Its more flirty.  It should mean that he's going to have to work for it.  Maybe a massage.  Maybe him trying to do something romatic.  It won't be a for sure thing but if he plays his cards right you are certainly in the right frame of mind.

      Here is what Kathryn M. D'Imperios said:

      Black: Sexiness, Seduction, Secretive or just plain "I want to get some tonight, baby!"

      Red: Passionate, Romantic, Erotic... "I want to be romanced tonight...take my breath away, lover..."

      Pink: Delicate, Flirty, Youthful... "You might get some, you might not... but I am yours tonight!"

      White: Innocent, Virginal, Pure... "Be gentle with me, and I may have some fun with you!"

      Blue: Bold, Strong, Mischievous? ?I?m in control tonight, sexy? wink

      Purple: Mysterious... "I like to keep you guessing?I?ll spring you when you least expect it!?

      Orange: Playful... "Let's have some fun tonight!"

      Green: Anything Goes... "No location is too risky for me!"

      Leopard Print: "Rwar, I'm an animal, baby. Let's get wild!"


      While we don't agree with all she said it certainly is interesting to think about the next time you are picking out a color for your satin panties.  The do convey a message, both to yourself and your partner.

      Love it


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