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  • The Message and the Messenger‏

    2 posts, 2 voices, 530 views, started Feb 2, 2009

    Posted on Monday, February 2, 2009 by Psalmist


    • Garnett

      by A Gospel Preacha (

      "Truly, anyone who welcomes my messenger is welcoming me, and anyone who welcomes me is welcoming the Father who sent me." - John 13:20 (NLT)  

      Progression in your walk with Christ will mature you to over time focus more on the message than the messenger.  The contrast between the vessel’s contents and the vessel itself is extremely timely because as a fellow Gospel co-laborer so eloquently put it, “We‘re living in the day of the Superstar Pastor“.  The question then becomes “But shouldn’t leaders set a good example?  Shouldn’t they be called to a higher standard?”  Unequivocally, Yes!  “The hand,” says Gregory, “that means to make another clean, must not itself be dirty.” Those entrusted with great responsibility experience greater correction (see James 3:1).  We often forget, however, that correcting is ultimately God’s responsibility, not ours.

      Though King Saul repeatedly tried to kill him, David realized God had chosen Saul.  During what appeared to be a golden opportunity to take Saul’s life, David said, “But the LORD forbid that I should kill the one he has anointed!” (1 Samuel 26:11).  This may come as a surprise to you, but God has no perfect messengers.  Your pastor or favorite Bible teacher is a broken being in need of restoration, just as you are.  And all messengers struggle in certain areas.  God is not looking for great people, but for people who will dare to prove the greatness of their God.  What that means for us is that even while they‘re delivering the message God wants us to hear, they‘re being developed accordingly.

      A perfect word from imperfect lips, that’s how God does it.  Samuel led Israel for 40 years, and even though he anointed David to be King (see I Samuel 16:1-23), David’s sons would years later go astray.  David, whom God called a man after His own heart (see Acts 13:22), committed adultery and covered his tracks with murder (see II Samuel 11-12) .  Yet, the Bible says David served the purpose of God in his own generation (see Acts 13:36).  Even one of Jesus’ closest disciples, Peter, experienced a dark chapter of denial.  This didn’t prevent him from winning multitudes to Christ though.  So, when a leader’s inadequacies surface, how should you respond?  

      1. Learn from his/her mistakes.  Anyone can learn from his or her own mistakes, but wise is the person that can learn from the mistakes of others.  Many times, God will use the experiences of other men to train us.  

      2. Judge righteously.  In our culture, Matthew 7:1-7 is often cited as the biblical basis for not judging others.  However, there is a distinct difference between judging and righteous judgment.  Judging seeks to wound others with unfair criticism and fault-finding without offering any positive encouragement.  Righteous judgment seeks to penetrate to the heart of the matter, in an effort to see the motivation, desire and true intentions.  Righteous judgment is born out of a discerning heart to see the messenger for all that he/she really is beyond the surface.

      3.  Pray.  The body of Christ is notoriously guilty for killing off our own wounded.  Nothing lies beyond the reach of prayer except those things outside the will of God.  We often forget that our response to being prayerful people is not dependent upon the righteousness of those we pray for.  Prayer is often seen a band-aid or a safety net and not a lifestyle.  If people can’t find mercy in the House of God where are they going to find it?  Let’s be proactive.  Pray for the messengers now!

      “Spiritual leaders agree that the life of Christians is either the greatest asset or the greatest obstacle in the winning of souls for Christ.” – Andrew Murray


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