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  • The presence of the Divine in the mundane world

    2 posts, 2 voices, 469 views, started Jul 12, 2008

    Posted on Saturday, July 12, 2008 by Dydan Dellafata


    • Amethyst

      This morning I read a blog entry about someone who was having trouble working a pair of hair clippers.  He said a prayer over them and after that they worked marvelously.  There was a bit of discussion mocking this person for expecting a Deity to intercede over something so trivial.  Sadly, the mob mentality took over and the poor poster’s beautiful message was lost amid jokes of asking God to do a tune up on his car.

      And I thought to myself...“why not?”  Why is it so hard to think that the Divine can and will intercede in mundane matters?  I think when it comes down to it, most of us pray for little things rather than world peace or an end to hunger.  We all want a new job, a raise, a passing grade on our math tests, our aging car to run better, good weather on the day of our outdoor name it.  

      Every religion - at least the ones I’ve researched - speak of a Deity who loves us very much.  So it seems natural to ask the one who loves you for simple things.  Simple things tend to clutter our minds more readily than the Big Burning Issues of our time.  

      In the past I’ve often measured the presence of the Goddess in my life by the little things that have produced a sense of wonderment for me.  I really do believe there are no coincidences and that everything happens for a reason.  And when something happens that makes me take notice, especially something I have asked for?  I cant help but believe its because the Goddess heard my prayers and answered them.  

      I’m not saying that there havent been HUGE spiritually moving moments in my life.  There certainly has!  But I think that the Divine would much rather we find their presence and meaning in the smaller acts.  It shouldnt take a miracle to prove God is real.


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          Doreend wrote Sep 3, 2008
        • You know, I think you are right. It only takes a trickle of water running over a stone thru time to crack that stone or to change it forever. The little things matter a lot and I think that god is in the little things many times without us knowing it or seeing it. Part of the mystery and love:)

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