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  • The Voice of Knowledge

    2 posts, 2 voices, 724 views, started Aug 23, 2009

    Posted on Sunday, August 23, 2009 by Marilyn09


    • Garnett

      I have been studying alot and I just came across this and I loved it and I really wanted to share it with you all.

      The Voice of Knowledge by Don Miguel Ruiz- I edited it a little bit because this is just an excerpt and I wanted you to get it.

        The story of Adam and Eve explains how humanity fell from the dream of heaven into the dream of hell; It tells us how we became the way we are right now. The story says that we took just one bite of the forbidden fruit, but this cannot be true. I think we ate all of the fruit of that tree, and we became sick from being so full of lies (nonsense) and emotional poison (drama). We ate every concept, every opinion, and every story the parasite that lived in the forbidden fruit told us, even though it was not the truth.

        In that moment, our spiritual eyes closed, and we could no longer see the world with the eyes of truth. We began to perceive the world in a completely different way, and everything changed for us. With the Tree of Knowledge (the forbidden fruit) in our head, we could now perceive knowledge (theories), making it harder to perceive lies (nonsense). We no longer lived in heaven because lies have no place in heaven. This is how we lost Paradise: We "dream" believing that nonsense is fact. We create the whole "dream" of humanity individually and collectively, based on our belief in those nonsense and lies.
      (to "dream" is our own individual virtual reality- theories that are believed by one that may not be believed by another; that make us who we are and how we perceive life individually)

        Before we ate the forbidden fruit (or believed in lies), we lived in truth. We spoke only truths. We loved, we were joyful, authentic, we did not judge anyone or anything.  We lived in love without any fear. After we ate the forbidden fruit is when we felt guilt and shame. We judged ourselves as no longer good enough, and of course, we judged others the same way. With our judging came separation and the need to punish and be punished. We were no longer kind to one another; we no longer respected and loved all of God's creation. (For the first time) we suffered and we began to blame ourselves and we blamed other people, and we even blamed God. We no longer believed that God was loving and just; we believed that God would punish us and hurt us. It was a lie. It was not the truth, but we believed it so we separated from God.

        How many lies or how much nonsense do you hear in your head? Who is judging? Who is talking? Who is the one with all the opinions? If you don't love, it's because that forbidden voice does not let you love. If you don't enjoy your life, it's because that forbidden voice does not let you enjoy your life.

        And not only that – the liar (the parasite from the fruit) in our head has a great need to express all those lies, to tell its story. We share the forbidden fruit of our Tree with others, and because others have the same forbidden parasite from their fruit; together our lies/theories become more powerful.
      Now we can hate more.
      Now we can hurt more.
      Now we can defend our lies/theories and become fanatics following our lies/ theories. We even destroy one another in the name of these lies.  

      Who is living our life?
      Who is making these choices?

        Now we know what is going on in our head.
      The forbidden storyteller is there; it is that voice in our head. The voice is talking and talking and talking, and we are listening and listening and believing every word.

        That voice never stops judging. It judges whatever we do, whatever we don't do, whatever we feel, whatever we don't feel. (And whatever everybody else does or feel).

        Heaven belongs to us because we are children of heaven. The voice in our head does not belong to us. When we are born, we do not have that voice. The voice in our head comes after we learn. First, we learned the language, then, we learned the different points of view, then, we learned that we are judged, then, we learn how to judge. Then the big forbidden parasite/storyteller takes over our life.

        Who makes your choices? Who makes you feel bad about what you chose?  

        Why are you beating yourself up?  

        You know, it was true what God told us; If we eat the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, we may die.

        We did eat it, and we are dead. We are dead because our authentic self is no longer alive and well.  

        The one that is living our life is the forbidden fruit, the big liar, the Prince of Lies, that voice in your head.

      You call it thinking. I call it the voice of knowledge.

      This is my belief..
      God is the same as Love
      Jesus is the same as Forgiveness
      You must practice love and forgiveness.
      It is our authentic self.


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