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  • Three Steps to Optimum Sports Performance

    2 posts, 2 voices, 961 views, started Apr 7, 2010

    Posted on Wednesday, April 7, 2010 by Trudy S

    • This is wonderful information for anyone who wants to be in the healthiest and strongest they can be!

      April 2, 2010 by Isagenix Nutritional Sciences  

      Isagenix products help athletes cross finish lines with winning nutritional advantages.

      When winning is on the line, make sure nutrition is on your side. Athletes faced with the pressure of regular workouts and performance have increased nutritional needs, especially when it comes to protein.  

      With Isagenix products, athletes can gain an edge. These step-by-step guidelines are full-proof for helping strength and endurance athletes meet performance goals.

      Step 1:  Get enough protein daily with help from high-protein IsaLean® Shakes, Bars and Soups

      Protein is major in sports performance. Without enough protein intake, athletic potential can be seriously hampered. This is because the body doesn't store protein well. Continual replenishment is needed for repairing muscle breakdown and building new muscle tissue.

      The average adult needs about 0.6-0.8 grams protein per kilogram (about 2.2 pounds) daily. Active adults should keep protein up to about 0.8 grams per kilogram daily. How much do athletes need? It can depend on exercise intensity and type of training. Studies on endurance athletes and strength training athletes suggest they can gain most from intake of 1.4 grams to 1.8 grams per kilogram daily, respectively.  

      Athletes can make sure they're getting enough protein daily with IsaLean Shakes, Bars and Soups. These meal-replacements are high in protein and are balanced with healthy amounts of carbs and fats as well as a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals.

      Step 2:  Maximize muscle gains by drinking IsaLean® Shake in the morning and spacing protein intake throughout the day  

      Protein intake daily is less important than time of intake. Studies show the biggest muscle gains come from regular protein intake throughout the day. Consistent increases in plasma levels of amino acids support muscle recovery and growth.

      Athletes on a typical Western-style diet may find their protein intake varies too much throughout the day. An athlete needing 90 grams of protein intake daily, for example, may eat breakfast of just an egg, toast and coffee (approximately 10 grams of protein), then a chicken sandwich for lunch (approximately 20 grams of protein), and, to make up the difference, steak for dinner (approximately 60 grams of protein).

      Best advice for these athletes to make the biggest impact on muscle gains is to switch to a diet that provides quality sources of protein throughout the day. Athletes needing 90 grams of protein per day should have the same level of protein at breakfast, lunch and dinner at approximately 30 grams (see graph below). To help cover protein requirements in the morning, athletes should drink an IsaLean Shake for breakfast or with breakfast.  

      Plus, the combination of proteins in the shake can make a profound difference. Dairy whey is quickly absorbed protein giving athletes a large increase in amino acids. Casein is more slowly absorbed providing a sustained increase in plasma amino acids.

      Step 3:  Never end workouts without IsaPro® whey protein mixed into a IsaLean Shake  

      The one- to two-hour period right after a workout is prime time for muscle anabolism. It's this time when you need protein most. The body is craving nutrients for muscle recovery and protein is highest on the list, especially if the protein is high in branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs).

      Whey protein is rich in all the BCAAs: leucine, isoleucine, valine. Research studies show that extra fast-absorbing whey protein after workouts boosts muscle growth in active adults and athletes.

      Enter IsaPro® unflavored whey protein: one scoop of IsaPro to one and a half scoops of IsaLean Shake provides a whopping 35 grams of protein per serving. The extra protein along with the extra nutrients from the shake makes for best muscle recovery.

      And don't think it wrong to add in some fruit to your ultra-high protein shake after exercise. Studies show that some sugar during and after workouts induces an insulin response that helps drive protein synthesis along with helping to replenish muscle glycogen (carbs stored in your muscle for quick energy).

      Other Isagenix products for athletes?  

      •Athletes can take advantage of Ionix Supreme® for its content of "adaptogens" for powering performance while under stress.

      •Workouts are always easier with Want More Energy?® to replenish carbs and B vitamins that are depleted during exercise.

      •Never eat another one of your meals without Multi-Enzyme Complex. The digestive enzymes supplement boosts break down of protein and increases absorption of amino acids. It can also help endurance athletes gain lasting energy by helping to break down complex carbs.  

      •Everyone knows they should be on fish oil for cardiovascular health, but what athletes may not know is that fish oil reduces inflammation supporting joint health too. IsaOmega Supreme™ is best suited for athletes because of high potency and because its purity is guaranteed.

      •With exercise comes increased oxidative stress from free radicals, which makes antioxidants more important than ever for the body. Athletes can be sure they're getting a broad variety of antioxidants with plenty of fruits and vegetables in their diet along with supplements such as Cleanse for Life™, Antioxidants™, IsaFruits® and IsaDelight™.  

      •Lastly, there's no body function possible without adequate amounts of water. Athletes can be sure they're getting the best water for their body with IsaWater™ Alkalized Concentrate, which delivers a high negative Oxidation Reduction Potential to neutralize free radicals in water.
      Success Comes with Consistency

      Staying on top of nutrition, particularly protein intake, isn't always easy. Athletes should be sure to have plenty of Isagenix products on hand for when they're needed most. IsaLean Shake, IsaLean Soups and IsaPro should always be available in easy reach at home and at the office. IsaLean Bars are travel-friendly for those on-the-go athletes. Consistency brings consistent recovery and consistent muscle gains, which leads to top-level form performance.

      Here’s to your health!!

      Nutritional Cleansing Consultant and Coach


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