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  • Toxins Part 2: What Are We Breathing and Absorbing?

    1 posts, 1 voices, 1223 views, started May 5, 2010

    Posted on Wednesday, May 5, 2010 by Trudy S

    • There are many environmental toxins we breathe and absorb through our skin that may negatively impact our overall health. Environmental toxins are created by the carelessness of people in the world, as well as by various types of business and industry. Traces of various types of toxins have been discovered in our air, the foods that we consume, as well as the water that we drink.  

      While we generally cannot observe the toxins that we breathe and absorb through our skin, we will all eventually fall to the effects of these potentially dangerous substances. Here, you will learn about the environmental toxins we breathe and absorb through our skin.

      Types of Environmental Toxins  

      There are several different types of environmental toxins. Listed below are some of the most common toxins that the average person is subjected to on a daily basis:

                   Pesticides: These chemicals are used as a standard in farming, commercial, and residential environments to eliminate pests that can be potentially harmful to crops, foods, and those that are nuisances.  

                   Fungal and Mold Substances:  In products such as buildings that are old and not properly cared for, as well as food products like wheat and corn, it is quite common to find toxins that are fungal and mold based.  

                   Metals: There are many different metals that can prove to be toxic to humans. These metals can be found in basic drinking water, various types of vaccines, products like antiperspirant, and even building materials.  

                   Chlorine:  This is a product that is often found in common cleaners that are used in commercial businesses and residential homes. This toxic substance may also be found in basic drinking water as it is used as a purifying agent, and may be found in the air near industrial plants.  

                   Dioxins:  This chemical is located in many different areas and in several products. One of the most common methods of exposure is when an individual consumes animal fats. However, it is also common to find traces of dioxins near industrial plants that focus on burning certain woods and oils in order to power the machinery that creates their products.  

      This is a relatively small list of the many different types of environmental toxins that we may be exposed to on a regular basis. However, these toxins are among the most common of all substances.

      Potential Health Complications  

      There are many different potential health complications that may occur when we inhale and/or absorb these substances through the skin. Here, you will be introduced to the situations that have been contributed to environmental toxins:

      1 - One of the most common health hazards that may be posed by the toxins previously mentioned is the development of neurological disorders and diseases. Examples include Parkinson’s disease, and even nerve damage throughout the body.

      2 - Psychological and Psychiatric conditions may also occur. It is not uncommon to see an individual experience mild to moderate depression, schizophrenia, multiple personality disorder, and similar conditions.

      3 - The basic immune system may become compromised, which can lead to an individual developing various types of sicknesses and diseases.

      4 - Complications with the hormone productivity in the body may arise.

      5 - Many may experience problems with the reproductive system.

      Once again, this is a very small list of potential health hazards, but this represents common complications.

      What Can We Do?  

      Environmental toxins that we breathe and absorb through the skin are all around us. It is important that we are all aware of the dangers that pose a threat to our health. We can and should try to avoid these as best we can but we may not always be able to prevent our exposure to these substances. There are some things that we can do in order to prevent health complications arising from breathing and absorbing these toxins. Products that work to eliminate the toxins from the body, such as nutritional cleansing products and those that work to promote healthy forms of the bacteria that help keep your body functioning at an optimal level are the most effective preventive measures from the environmental toxins that we breathe and absorb through our skin.

      Yours in health,

      Nutritional Cleansing Consultant and Coach


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