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  • Understanding Moon Phases

    11 posts, 6 voices, 1856 views, started Jan 20, 2009

    Posted on Tuesday, January 20, 2009 by Rena Bennefield


    • Garnett

      Every month the Moon appears to grow from a tiny sliver of light to a bright silver globe. As it waxes and wanes, so dose its magical power.

      The magical properties of Moonlight are extremely powerful, but they change throughout the month. The Moon is most powerful when it is full: this is a perfect time to charge crystals and charms, pick magical herbs, and start new ventures.

      Waxing and Waning:
      There are four main phases of the Moon: the new Moon, when only a tiny sliver can be seen; the waxing Moon when the crescent increases; the full Moon, when the whole circle is visible; and the waning Moon, when it diminishes again. There is also a fifth phase – dark Moon, which refers to the brief period when the Moon cannot be seen at all. Each aspect governs a different kind of magic and influences the spells that should be performed during that period.

      Note: Synchronize your magic to the phases of the Moon to harness or strengthen its magical energies.

      Gods and Goddesses of the Moon

      Diana: Roman goddess of the crescent Moon. Wash your hair in the light of the waxing Moon and Diana will grant you lustrous locks.

      Freyja: Norse Moon goddess of prophecy. Pray to Freyja before you sleep and you will dream of the future.

      Hecate: Queen of the dark Moon ancient Greece. If you give to charity during the waning Moon, Hecate will make you wise.

      Isis: Egyptian goddess queen. Moon phases are depicted on her headdress.

      Khensu: Egyptian god of the Moon, he ruled the tides of the River Nile.

      Luna: Roman goddess of the Moon.

      Selene: Greek diva goddess of the full Moon who enchanted men. Hang a white, red or silver dress outside in the Moonlight, and wear it to be irresistible.

      Yemanja:  Brazilian goddess. When Venus appears beside her crescent, it is time for romance.

      Guide to Moon Phases

      The Moon continually waxes and wanes throughout the year, and its magical powers change accordingly. Time your magic to the Moon's phases.

      Once In A Blue Moon:  The complete sequence of Moon phases from New to full takes a little over 29 days, so there are 12 full Moons in some years, and 13 in others. Approximately once every two and a half years, two full Moons will fall within a single calendar month; the second is known as a Blue Moon, and magic preformed under it is twice as strong as normal.

      1 NEW MOON:  When the crescent Moon is visible (horns facing left) it is time to begin new ventures and start projects.  (1) Trim your hair now and it will grow stronger. (2) Light a white candle and make a wish for the month. (3)  Move to a new house, start a new job or begin a relationship. (4) Begin an exercise regime or healthy eating plan now.  

      2 WAXING MOON: Focus on creative magic during the waxing Moon. Perform spells for health, wealth, or love.  (1) Think positively during this phase and your confidence will grow with the Moon. Affirmations will encourage a positive attitude. (2) Stand in front of a mirror every morning and say, "I am a creative and confident person" you may feel silly but it will work.

      3 FULL MOON: When full, the Moon is at the height of its energy and power. This is the phase most associated with magic. (1) Concentrate on magic, spells and abundance, such as taking exams or completing a task. (2) This is an excellent time to perform love spells. (3) Spells for success are also best cast under a full Moon.

      4 WANING MOON: As the Moon decreases; it is the ideal time to focus on what you would like to disappear from your life. (1) Perform magic to diminish your debts, lessen your anxiety, to make an illness shrink away or to put off a unwanted admirer. (2) Visualize all your problems gradually decreasing. (3) It is good fortune to give to others during this phase.

      DARK MOON: As the Moon shrinks to nothing and turns ots face away from the world, you will be wise to follow its example. (1) Replenish your inner resources by withdrawing and looking inward. (2) Practice yoga or meditation rather than acts of magic at this time. (3) Evaluate what you want, but take no action until the next New Moon.

      You're Moon Charms: You can imbue a charm, crystal or even herbs with the power of the full Moon.

      1 Place your chosen object in the Moonlight and let it absorb the mystical rays. (2) To charge the object for the first time, bury it on the night of a full Moon and wait for a month. (3) During its waning phase the Moon will cleanse the buried charm. (4) During the waxing phase, the Moon will bless the charm with lunar energy. (5) Collect the charm on the next full Moon and bow three times in thanks. (6) Wash the charm in Moon-water, made by leaving a glass of water in the Moonlight.  

      NOTE: Silver charms such as coins, and clear crystals are best charged by the light of the Moon.  


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          Linni wrote Jan 20, 2009
        • hmmmmmmmmm

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          Rena Bennefield wrote Jan 21, 2009
        • Thank You Bernadette..Yes I have read that as well about the Maiden, Mother, Crone..I am glad you liked the post. I felt it was informative and the research I did seem to be correct. I have other things I have researched I will post them as well...It is sad that some people can't get past the stereotyping and look into the real benefits. I have mixed herbs and oils together and used them on me and my fiancé for various ailments..And with success I might add. He gets really bad leg cramps so I looked for different oils and herbs and helped him. I am also putting together a book it is in the works. I am just now buying my oils and herbs and other items I need. One part of the book will have the necessary items for those just starting out. Once I have it organized I will post it if you approve... Let me know... Your Friend Kat..By the way my name Kataramoon means cursed moon. My nickname has been Moon for like 30 yrs. The other name was given to me by a friend.  =)P.S. I have other pics I think you would like as well...

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          Rena Bennefield wrote Jan 22, 2009
        • I had to laugh when I found out what it meant..Mostly because I have always had bad luck and my life has always been a chaotic rollercoaster ride..That's why I have the Chaos symbol tattooed on my neck... Well I only asked about the posting thing cuz I was not sure of the direction of the group. Some people have boundaries and I didn't want to take the group in the wrong direction.. I ran across some interesting things last night I will get the information together and post it kk.. As for the gardening I love to garden. We usually grow Tomatoes Cucumbers Green Peppers and for herbs the only one I grew last year was Lavender..Oh it smells sooo nice...I grew it in my kitchen window. I am always gone in the summer time so that's why I grew it indoors...I could tend to it while I am right there doing dishes or cooking. I used a long narrow planter. It worked great. So this year I am gonna try growing other stuff in there with the Lavender.  That might be a good idea for you as well..So you don't get burned outside..=)

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          Lilli925 wrote Jan 26, 2009
        • I thought I would check in and see how everyone has been doing, and I find something new here all the time, as for the gardening, I have never had any real success. But then I usually only work with my tropicals in doors, everything else seems to die out, I have a small wall garden out in front of my house the only thing that manages to grow there are the plants that were here when I moved in... I would like to try something new this year, lavender is one of my all time favorites can you give me any others I might start in doors and replant later once I clear the other out, I am in need of some real changes this year and I am working extra hard to bring this about, any and all suggestions are welcome. On another note I have never seen a copy of the witch's almanac, where would be a good place to look... No offense to anyone but I live in a very narrow minded community and it is very hard to find books or anything else that I might need to futher my endeavors, for peace and tranquility...
          Much Love To All

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          Marie Hempsey wrote Jan 26, 2009
        • I believe in the powr of the moon. I had all 5 of my children with a full moon. I also used to be an avid gardener and always planted with the moon. It works! When we started remodeling our home about 6 years ago, i stopped gardening but really want to try and get backto it again this year. I too burn horribly and do not tolerate heat well. I did most of my gardening early morning and in the evening hours before it got too dark. I had beautiful vegetable and flower gardens...I really must make that a priority again.
          Thanks for all this info Kat! I have always been intriued by the moon.

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          Rena Bennefield wrote Jan 26, 2009
        • Bernadette...That's an awesome idea about getting a garden group together. I am going to the herb garden again I did last year ...I am a sun tan crazy being out in the sun is fine with me. I did learn that most of the herbs I did plant did better in my window box which I sat on the inside of my kitchen window. I would put it in there when I got up in the mornings and sat it on the counter at night. I will research some ideas and post them as soon as I get them..This could be fun..we could take pics of our plants, small gardens, garden boxes..and post them as the Spring and Summer months go along...... Sweet!!!

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          Rena Bennefield wrote Jan 26, 2009
        • Lilli..Another great place to look is E-Bay...They have a lot of informational books on just about any topic.

          Irishree I will have to look into the planting with the moon..Sounds interesting and I am gonna see what the Moon was on my B-Day and my children also.Thanks

          I also believe that the Moon has a powerful energy...I have always been fascinated with the Moon since I was just learning to walk and talk..My Mom told me I would just sit and stare at it and get really excited to see the Moon....Hence the nickname Moon..Another thing that has always been part of my life is that no matter how late I sleep in I am not a day person..I cannot get a day job and I had to take night classes in school..I cannot meld in with the "Day" people..But at about 5pm it's like an adrenalin rush I feel like I am alive and by the time that Moon is high in the night sky I am ready to roll..So I have always been a night person..I can still sit for hours just looking at the Moon and night's like magic..

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