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  • Walk it off Wednesday!

    Love it
    13 posts, 10 voices, 1348 views, started May 4, 2011

    Posted on Wednesday, May 4, 2011


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      Good morning! It’s raining and yucky today.

      Whenever one of my kids falls and complains I say; “Walk it off!” ...and they get up and start walking and it is usually better in seconds.

      I woke up gloomy because of the weather so I’m just going to walk it off.

      Whatever is on your mind today, just walk it off! Either physically or mentally, let’s shed anything negative so we can have a really positive day.  

      Have an awesome time today!!


      Love it


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          Max0125 wrote May 4, 2011
        • Good Morning Ladies,

          Great idea Annie! I did the same thing this morning when I walked my dogs. I feel so much better. I love that you are teaching your kids to walk it off.

          Hope everyone has a wonderful day!


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          Marya1961 wrote May 4, 2011
        • Good Morning Annie & Fab Sisters,

               I am hoping my day gets better, but woke up with a HUGE, ugly sore on my lip and that means the Herpes virus has hold of me, so needless to say, nothing will help me today..not to mention a dr. appt. later...but I wish everyone a truly wonderful day!!estatic

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          Vikki Hall wrote May 4, 2011
        • Good Morning!

          I always say shake it off... So today I am shaking off that I slept too long and too hard.

          I have been catching up on some of the different news items online. I’ve decided PEOPLE are just plain crazy!!!!!

          Eva and Annie I hope your internal sunshine kicks in and gets rid of the gloomies.

          Mary (Max) Since you‘re already ahead of me Have a GREAT day!

          Mary I hope today passes with speed and lots of healing heart

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          Denise Richardson wrote May 4, 2011
        • Good Morning ladies, Annie I love the title lol. Well I thought I was going to get my morning walk in today but thats not going to happen its too chilly out for me so I'll be here for the duration of the day finishing my cleaning still have to get to bathroom (soap scrum)  yuck!tongue out and I need to mop both bath/kitchen floors. I may try later to go out and get may nails done but if not I'll try for tomorrow should be a better weather day well ladies enjoy our day in all you do!happyheart

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          Marya1961 wrote May 4, 2011
        • Thanks Annie!  Thanks Vikki!

          Neicy, I really need a manicure.tongue out

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          Angelcart wrote May 4, 2011
        • Good morning all.  Mary, I hope your cold sore go’s away fast.  My first husband used to get them really bad and he asked me to go to the drugstore to buy him a product for cold sores called “Herpes Away“.  I couldn’t help but laugh out loud and make him sweat it a bit!  I feel for ya.  My gf get’s them quite a bit.heart

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          Cathie Beck wrote May 5, 2011
        • Mary, I’m a day late but not too late to tell you that a tincture of an antiviral herb that you can get at a health food/herb store will knock that cold sore out quick. Thyme tincture. 1 drop on your finger tip gently touched to the cold sore as often as the cold sore does its
          tingling, itching sensation. I don’t use products with a petroleum base, or any oils for that matter.  

          Hope this is helpful!  


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          Mary Clark wrote May 5, 2011
        • Good morning everyone!!  

          Mary...I’ve heard that applying a Vitamin C tablet to the cold sore will help it go away.  My sister gets them a good bit.  Thank God I’ve never had one...(knock on wood).

          I woke up this morning with a stiff neck....(I’ve got to get to the chiropractor)..and it was also a little cooler outside this morning.  I’m glad because I can turn that air conditioning back off.  

          So far today it’s been a good day at work.  We are not busy which is nice to have once in a while.  I’m working on my coupons...cutting them out and organizing them while I’m not busy.  I’m not into extreme couponing but I’m trying to be...LOL.  My goal is to be able to stock pile enough stuff to be able to supply those in my community that I hear about that are struggling financially.  Also at Christmas my plan is to make up bags with items that I get hardly for nothing or FREE for handicapp adults who are in personal care homes.  So I’m working on the stockpile.  happy

          I hope each and everyone of you have a wonderful blessed day today!!

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