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  • Wednesday July 20 - Gratitude Diary

    Love it
    12 posts, 12 voices, 660 views, started Jul 20, 2011

    Posted on Wednesday, July 20, 2011 by Mary Clark

    • It’s Wednesday, July 20, 2011.  Today is going to be a wonderful day...I just feel it!

      In my neck of the woods, it’s very humid, but the sun is shining and I get to enjoy it!

      This morning I’m grateful for the following:

      1.  The sunshine
      2. My sister who walks with me every morning
      3. That today is a half day of work for me.
      4. That my youngest son got a great position with the South Carolina Electric & Gas
      5.  My vacuum cleaner (petty I know but it’s important...LOL)

      Hope you all have an awesome day do one thing for someone today that you had not planned to do!!

      Love it

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          Denise Richardson wrote Jul 20, 2011
        • Good Morning Mary and Ladies, today I’m grateful for:

          1. Having the money to do my laundry.
          2. A beautiful day.
          3. My quiet time.
          4. The ability to write.
          5. The wisdom God has given me.

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          UK Girl wrote Jul 20, 2011
        • Afternoon ladies
          Today I’m grateful for:

          1- waking up to another day.
          2- having a sense of purpose and something I enjoy to fill my day.
          3- being able to fill my day with things I like.
          4- being surrounded by wonderful people

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          Vikki Hall wrote Jul 20, 2011
        • Today is Wednesday?

          My gratitude knows no limits but here is my top 5 for today:

          1. MC for being an early bird and starting this
          2. Annie for keeping it real and fair
          3. Cris for keeping our hearts brimming with love and laughter
          4. Eva for always having a good story to share
          4. The rest of the Fab ladies for refreshing me when my spirit and body is running on empty!


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          Tuliplady wrote Jul 20, 2011
        • Today I am grateful for

          1. enough garden hose to reach my baby trees to water them

          2. a breeze while I worked

          3. my day off

          4. my adorable husband

          5. I’m so grateful to live where I do, where nobody cares that I’m mowing my lawn at 6 am.

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          Msj wrote Jul 20, 2011
        • 1. My son is still alive!

          2. Phil has a mini job.

          3. I am making progress with my book.

          4. My bunnies are healthy.

          5. My car is still running (and stopping)

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          Cheekymonkey wrote Jul 20, 2011
        • heartheart today I am grateful for

          1. The energy to get out of bed ( sorta been pushing myself )

          2. That my husband is finally going out with his friends and being part of his life again!!!

          3. That my son cleaned the bathroom all of them  

          4. That I’m still going to renew our wedding vows

          5. For every breathe I take

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          Frannie1964 wrote Jul 20, 2011
        • Today I am grateful for:

          1. 7-11 (cause it’s on the way home and I was

          2. haagen-Daz Ice cream

          3. Fab40

          4. Facebook (to keep in touch with family)

          5. The employees at the local post office mail box.

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          Sandils1962 wrote Jul 20, 2011
        • It’s Wednesday and I am grateful for this group.
          I am grateful for my day off
          My 2 beautiful grand sons
          My wonderful friends
          and My wonderful family.

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