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  • Weekend Cleansing Diet

    5 posts, 5 voices, 4725 views, started Nov 26, 2008

    Posted on Wednesday, November 26, 2008 by Rena Bennefield


    • Garnett

      This is a simple Diet without a lot of added expense..Most of the items you will use /or have used in your day to day cooking.. Also if you are like me I can't stand drinking plain water..So I add a slice of Lemon, Orange or Strawberry slices to mine for taste.

      A Cleansing Diet will help you get your Energy and Vigor back...

      Cleanse your body with diet plan that cuts out all processed, packaged and even cooked food. Such a drastic change to your eating habits can be a shock to your system...So it's best to start slow. A two day weekend cleansing will provide a good introduction.
      Ease yourself in gently. The more healthily you eat the less often you need to cleanse. Since most of us prefer chocolate or potato chips to a carrot, short diet programs every now and again are probably our most realistic option.  Try to last the weekend avoiding "TRIGGER" foods like sugars and meats refined, processed and junk food; alcohol and caffeine. If you stick to these simple guidelines you'll soon see your energy levels increase. All Ways Check With Your Family Doctor To See If your body can handle this diet.

      Welcome To The Weekend

      There is no denying that cleansing is a case of "No Pain, - No Gain" in order to give your body a rest, you're denying yourself the things you usually enjoy.

      EVENING:  Rather than heading for a Friday night out on the town, put yourself in the right frame of mind by pampering yourself with a cleansing shower.

      WINDING DOWN:  Run the water as hot as you can stand it. Add a few drops of Lavender oil to the bath and listen to a CD of relaxing music or nature sounds example: Rain, Ocean, Thunderstorm... Avoid chemical products such as Bubble Bath and Shower Gels..Use only natural soap. Scrub yourself with a loofa to rid your body of the dead skin cells and toxins that the hot water has sweated out of you. Rub yourself vigorously with a dry cotton towel, to rid your body of the left over surface toxins. Remember to: DRINK PLENTAY OF WATER to flush out any remaining toxins.

      The Beginning:  Saturday Breakfast... Make a point get up bright and early – Help to cleanse your liver with a drink made of freshly squeezed juice of several oranges or grapefruit, sweetened with lemon juice. Follow that with a fresh morning walk...or equivalent time on a tread mill or walking in place in the house...

      Saturday Lunch: Bell Pepper Salad:
      1 Head Romaine Lettuce
      Chopped Cherry Tomatoes
      1 large Bell Pepper
      1 Avocado
      Fresh Garlic Juice Dressing

      Saturday Mid-Afternoon Snack: Snack on Raw Veggies and Fresh Fruit. To keep your hunger at bay until Dinner. You can also blend these together to make a smoothie. These will keep your energy levels up
      Saturday Dinner (Early Evening) : Enjoy a Large bowl of fruit salad.  Sweeten with lemon.

      SUNDAY BREAKFAST:  Start off with A Cup of Herbal Tea. A cup of Chamomile tea will stimulate your liver... Then a bowl of fresh grapefruit sprinkled with lemon juice...

      2 Cups Alfalfa Sprouts
      1 Avocado
      1 Tsp. of Fresh Garlic Juice
      ¾ Cup of Natural Sauerkraut
      1 Tsp. of Seaweed Flakes
      ¼ Cup Natural Low- Fat  

      SUNDAY Mid – Afternoon Snack... Have a piece of fresh fruit...This should hold you over till Dinner

      SUNDAY DINNER: A Large Bowl of green leaves dressed in lemon juice and fresh pressed garlic, onions and spices for flavoring ...A nice Way To End Your First Cleansing Weekend...  

       Note: I am not a Dietician or Health Care Professional...I make no promise or claim of results. I am not responsible for any Harm or Negative results that this diet may produce. I do suggest you speak to a Health Care Professional before starting this diet to see if you're healthy enough.


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          Felicia Lewis wrote Nov 29, 2008
        • Thanks, I’m going to give it a try. I will let you know.

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          Rena Bennefield wrote Dec 1, 2008
        • Please do let me know... I am going to try it my self...  =)

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          Dee Dee Shaw wrote Dec 31, 2008
        • I think I could fast easier. :) Another way to cleanse is to drink Lemon ‘tea’ every morning 30 mins before eating.
          Squeeze 1/2 fresh lemon (organic preferably)
          Add 1-2tsp of Real Maple Syrup or Raw Honey
          Add 1 dash of cayenne pepper (it actually tastes better with than without this!)
          Fill mug the rest of the way with hot purified water (not tap water unless you have a well.)
          Do this at least one week per month. For deeper cleansing, drink a mug 3 times per day - at least 30 mins before your meal.
          Avoiding processed foods and sugar/high fructose corn syrup and food dyes is always a good thing. I have eliminated one offender at a time so that we don’t eat:
          any artificial sweeteners
          high fructose corn syrup
          hydrogenated oils
          food dyes
          sodium benzoate
          Or at least we don’t eat them in our house. I am more lax when visiting others, or on the rare occasion that we eat out.
          Detoxing and cleansing can actually make you feel sluggish before you feel better. Drink LOTS of purified water when you implement any kind of detox.

          ps I am not a doctor either and base my recommendations on the research I have done for my own family and in pursuit of personal health. I am certified in weight management and have credits in nutional counseling. It is always wise to consult your doctor before starting anything new.

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