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  • What is a Kitchen Witch?

    Love it
    9 posts, 8 voices, 1597 views, started Sep 8, 2009

    Posted on Tuesday, September 8, 2009


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      In the Q & A, someone was asking if there were Kitchen Witches here and others wanted to know what a Kitchen Witch was, so I wrote the following to help answer the question:  

      A Kitchen Witch is someone who uses basic kitchen utensils and cooking as part of a religious and spiritual practice based on the pre-Christian folk religions of Europe. It’s a very basic and natural type of witchcraft.  

      For those who have been told a bunch of lies about witchcraft, let me say witchcraft is NOT evil and has NOTHING to do with devil worship and never did. Witchcraft is a nature-based folk religion that existed throughout Europe, and other places, in various forms, before Christianity. The devil is a concept of the Abrahamic religions and since the folk religions existed before those religions, witchcraft doesn’t have a devil. When Christianity came to the areas now known as Europe, Scandinavia, and so on, the religions of the people who didn’t want to convert were vilified. In many areas, people were polytheistic, they worshipped more than one deity, so they added Jesus along with all the other deities they worshipped, but the Church didn’t like them doing that so it spread lies and said bad things about the old religions in order to try to get people to completely discard the old ways. It didn’t work because people just kept the old traditions going in secret. The Church tried to paint the pre-Christian religions as evil and that’s why there are negative connotations today. However, more and more people are discovering the truth and many are returning to the pre-Christian religions of their ancestors or are combining the ancient beliefs with Christianity as was done centuries ago.  

      The truth is that witchcraft is part of various very ancient spiritual and religious practices. These practices are based on the seasons and cycles of nature. In these religions, men and women are equal and there are Gods as well as Goddesses. Some practitioners don’t believe in a deity but they venerate (not worship) their ancestors or the spirits of the land. Sometimes these earth spirits are personified as gods or goddesses, other times they aren’t. The focus is on living in harmony, peace and respect with all of Nature - other people, animals, plants, and the Earth itself.  

      Kitchen witches do their spells while they are cooking. A spell is really just a type of prayer that uses something to focus on, the way Buddhists or Catholics and others use prayer beads.  

      Anyone of any religion, or no religion, could do this. They’d simply adapt it to their particular beliefs.  

      For example, if someone in the family is ill, a kitchen witch would make a medicinal herb tea and while she or he is adding the herbs to the pot and boiling the water, they would pray (to whatever Gods, Goddesses, spirits or ancestors they believe in) and maybe chant to focus on the person recovering from the illness. This is one of the first and most ancient forms of magick (with a ‘k’ to distinguish it from the card trick sort of magic illusionist magicians do.) After they make the tea they might chant and pray over it some more. Before doing all this they might cast a circle, which means they envision a circle of good protective energy around the area so when they make the tea, negative or harmful energies are kept out. Instead of just making tea to help someone feel better, a kitchen witch makes a ceremony out of it. This helps put the focus on creating an environment conducive to healing. “Magick” or a “spell” is actually just  focused prayer and meditation.  

      A kitchen witch uses the act of cooking or baking to help focus on the prayers and meditations.  

      If you are a Kitchen Witch, please feel free to share your own experiences in this thread. If you‘re not a Kitchen Witch, please feel free to ask questions.

      Love it


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