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  • What would you do, if

    11 posts, 7 voices, 826 views, started Jan 13, 2009

    Posted on Tuesday, January 13, 2009


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      the economy crashed and we fell into the throws of another great depression?  What are your skills?  How would you manage?

      For me, I am so thankful that my grandfather and father taught me how to raise a garden.  We grow something, even if it is container gardens each year.  Presently my parents garden could feed a small army, so ours would be wasted.

      Equally so, I am thankful that my grandmother and mother taught me how to sew and knit.  I don’t do either of those two things often, just enough to keep the skill.

      I listened intently to my greatgrandmother in law, who lived to be 99 years old, about how she survived the depression as a single mother with 3 kids.  They actually lived in downtown Chattanooga in a tent for a time.  She was one of the most driven, intelligent, self-sufficient women I have ever had the great pleasure of knowing.  

      Now don’t get me wrong, she was a BIIIIAAATCH even at 99, she’d just tell you what she thought and if you couldn’t deal, your problem.  But I respected her, ya gotta, somebody who can survive that and go on to raise 3 very successful kids, own her own home and live by her own rules her entire life.

      SO, I digress...what would you do to provide for your family?


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          Cynthia Schmidt wrote Jan 13, 2009
        • This is such a great subject, Lori. My husband and I were just thinking the same thing last night.

          First and foremost we don’t live above our means. When people have the biggest and best of everything and they’ve used credit for it all, they have a much harder fall when the economy goes south. The idea of every dime of payments going to interest that never declines - no wonder people walk away from their homes.

          We pay cash for our cars. We don’t have huge credit card debt. We save money like mad and spend much less than our income allows us to.

          We both worry about the youth of today. They are a different bunch. He works with kids, 420 of them, and he says it would be a huge culture shock for them if they actually had to go out and work to help their families survive.

          He and I, we would sweep floors if we had to just to put food on the table.

          And, like you, I love to have a garden. I’d eat beans and greens if I needed to.

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          Denise Richardson wrote Jan 13, 2009
        • Well currently my hubby and I were laid off from our jobs in the community, word has it he will be called back to his job soon, praise God, but we still have our own home improvement business running (slowly) but GOD is providing. He as well is a master mechanic and doing that too on the side when time allows or someone request his services I offer cooking services for some, home interior decorating currently as well as technical stuff for those who are not as computer literate as myself so where there is a will there is a way thanking God for the many talents.

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          Vikki Hall wrote Jan 13, 2009
        • I havent done much gardening but plan on making one this spring with beans, tomatoes and onions.
          We also live below our means and i would talk up sewing if I needed too.
          i also would work whatever job (within moral limits) to help provide for my family

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          Cynthia Schmidt wrote Jan 13, 2009
        • My husband’s been talking to people over here who are in the financial world. He runs a non profit, it’s a college prep school. They’ve already lost a lot of their investment portfolio but he keeps a tight budget and they don’t borrow money even though they have access to it.

          He keeps a surplus always for emergencies and for families who need extra financial aid. It’s all about balance. He says that if he gets his annual raise this year he’s going to give it back to the school’s financial aid fund.

          We live in a home provided for us by the school.I have a large garden area that’s been neglected. I’m planning to rally the kids and start a community garden that will provide for the cafeteria and maybe some left over for sale at our annual craft fair.

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          Tuliplady wrote Jan 13, 2009
        • I’ve always had a garden and grow as much of my own food as I can.  I work odd jobs here and there, so don’t depend on any single income source.  My husband’s job is pretty secure.  Unless farmers quit farming, he’s going to be employed, and if worse came to worst, I’d go to work for his company.  

          I know people who are hurting with the economy as it is now, but economy would have to really, really be bad before we’d be affected much.  The only thing that puts us in a crunch is when fuel prices go way up.

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          Anne Lyken-Garner wrote Jun 5, 2009
        • I think the main thing is not to live above your means. Sure the economy is shrinking, but thank God, we’ve not been directly affected.

          We keep credit card spending to a minumum, we shop sensibly, our mortgage is below where we could afford and we’ve got savings.  

          Prices are rising and so we have to spend more, but if we were stretched to begin with, we wouldn’t have been able to cope. Our cars were bought outright, but they are not expensive, brand new.

          If the worse comes to the worse, I’d do anything. I grew up in poverty and managed. My kids have everything, but they were raised to appreciate what they have and share the work around the house. I can sew, am a great cook, a fine decorator, and will do these or anything else to make sure my family stays afloat.

          The title of this topic reminds me of this article.
          It’s also called, ‘What would you do if...’
          [Link Removed]

          Anne, Your links have been removed, please consider upgrading to premium membership.

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